Middle Belt Ready To Send Buhari Packing In 2019 - Ex-Speaker

The Middle Belt will produce Nigeria’s next President in 2019, says former Second Republic Speaker of the Plateau House of Assembly Dakum Shown. According to him, the Middle Belt has worked for the nation’s unity and since the Presidency has been zoned to the North, keeping quiet will not help the people.

"Well, I am glad that most of the political parties are saying that they have zoned the presidential slot to the north and the Middle Belt is in the north and by the grace of God, we will come out with somebody who will contest the presidential position in 2019" Shown told Sun News.”He added that “all Middle Belters will go for one party but any Middle Belter that endorses Buhari for 2019 is making the greatest mistake of his life. We want those people to come home and do that, they should not do that in Abuja.

"The endorsement are just political gimmicks, I have noticed that such declarations are done in Abuja to please Buhari, if they are truthful, let them go to their respective Middle Belt states and endorse him.“I want somebody from the Middle Belt in the All Progressives Congress (APC) to come out and challenge Buhari, we are not second-hand citizens in this country; we have served this country, we have defended the country from disintegration, so why should we now begin to fear, fear who?
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