Tuesday, 23 January 2018

I Will Unite Nigerians If Elected President In 2019 - Sule Lamido

Ex-governor of Jigawa state Sule Lamido says he will unite Nigerians as well as secure the country if he wins the 2019 presidential race. Lamido is among candidates reported to be interested in winning the Peoples Democratic Party’s slot for presidency.

And speaking on Monday in Abakaliki, Lamido said that he was more interested in the party reclaiming the seat of power than becoming its candidate. He said: "I will administer a new direction for Nigeria if nominated because I aspire to unite Nigerians and make the country prosperous and secure.

"I believe that I am qualified to win the party’s nomination because I am a party man by history and character with the party giving me everything I am in life" Lamido also added that:“The party discovered me from my obscure village in Jigawa, made me its state chairman and after I lost initial bids to become the state governor, made me Nigeria’s foreign affairs minister during a period of its pariah status.

"The party further made me the state governor and I want to presently pay it and the country back with selfless service that would unite, reconcile and prosper the citizens,” he said.“We are around nine aspirants jostling for the position presently but the emphasis should be on the nomination of the best man that would be seen as the country’s torch bearer.”

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