Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Zimbabwe: Military Takes Over Presidential Seat Of Power, Top Government Officials Arrested As UK, US React

The Zimbabwean army has cordoned off the presidential seat of power and parliament building after the military announced it had taken control of all government institutions.
The Zimbabwe police was not visible in the streets as soldiers controlled traffic movement while unconfirmed reports say a number of cabinet ministers and some top ruling Zanu-PF officials have been arrested.
Soldiers were said to be seen asking for identification from members of the public, although the situation remained peaceful and calm with people going about their daily chores.
Trevor Ncube, a Zimbabwean entrepreneur and newspaper publisher, has said he can confirm the arrests of three major individuals in the country.
Ncube said Albert Ngulube, deputy director Central Intelligence Organisation, Kudzai Chipanga, president of ZanuPF National Youth League, have both been arrested.

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