Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Senate Orders Police IG To Restore Obiano's Security Aides

The senate has asked Ibrahim Idris, inspector-general of police (IGP), to restore the security aides attached to Willie Obiano, governor of Anambra state. On Tuesday, Obiano raised the alarm about the withdrawal of his security aides, describing it as a “sign of what will come in the coming day”.
But the IGP said the withdrawal was based on the previous experience whereby the military caught an ADC to an unnamed governor escorting a vehicle loaded with arms on election day. “We do not mean anything bad to Anambra governor on this action; his ADC will be returned to him early Sunday morning after the governorship election on Saturday November 18,” Idris had said.
The resolution of senate asking the IGP to return the governor’s security aide was sequel to a motion sponsored by Biodun Olujimi, senator representing Ekiti south. While moving the motion, Olujimi said the IGP’s action is “a very bad thing” for the country’s democracy. She said the development meant that in 2019 the president, senate president or speaker may lose their aides.
“As a sitting governor, every governor regardless of their political party are entitled to security. It is unimaginable for the IGP to say because he wants to provide a level playing field because there is an election; he would now withdraw his aides so that he go without the retinue of aides,” the senator said.
“2019 is close by. We are approaching election, this is an ominous stand of what is to come after now. It means that in 2019 that most people including the senate president, and the speaker of the house of representatives including the president of the nation would have all their aides withdrawn and very one would open to the vagaries of whatever happens to them.
“It calls to the fact that someone is not in charge because as every time people should be able to check mate certain heads and excesses of people in position of authority. The IGP has messed it up right. We need to tell him he has not done well. The aides must be returned to the governor.The aides must be returned. Nothing like this should never happen again.”
On his part, Senate President Bukola Saraki said the IGP needs to “do the right thing” to protect the country’s democracy “What is wrong is wrong and should not be misinterpreted that whatever actions of the IG of the police was a directive of the government. The IG needs to do the right thing to protect this democracy,” he said. The senate further directed its committee on police affairs to ensure that Obiano’s aides are restored by Thursday.

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