Friday, 14 March 2014

There Is No Going Back On Gay Law..Nigeria Tells UN

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Aminu Wali, has told the United Nations that Nigeria will not repeal the law banning same-sex relationship and marriage.
He urged the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms. Navi Pillay, who paid him a courtesy visit on Thursday in Abuja, to accept Nigeria’s position on same-sex marriage.
According to him, same-sex marriage is against the way of life of Nigerians who have expressed support for the government on the anti-gay law.
He said 99 per cent of Nigerians supported the anti-gay law.
Wali said based on the culture and tradition of the Nigerian people, they would never accept same-sex marriage and relationship.
“With time, things may improve, but Nigeria is fundamentally a very religious society and our people cannot understand same-sex relationship.
“Personally too, I do not accept same-sex marriage even though it conflicts with international norms on human rights,” he said.
The minister chided some members of the international community for making “a lot of noise” after President Goodluck Jonathan approved the law.
He said that Nigeria had always operated a legal system that did not recognise same-sex marriage. The minister cited the country’s common, Sharia and customary laws as examples of the nation’s laws that prohibited homosexuality.
He assured the UN chief that the law prohibiting same-sex marriage in Nigeria would not allow unnecessary prosecution of people.
The minister said that Nigeria had respect for freedom of speech and human rights, adding that “we have always had good records in all aspects of human rights.”
On the Boko Haram insurgency, Wali said that the Federal Government had consistently protected the rights of insurgents captured during military operations, even when they did not deserve such protection.
Wali said there was no credible case of “extra-judicial killings or summary executions” of insurgents captured during military operations.
He said that the captured insurgents were in various jails in the country, while some had been subjected to prosecution.
Wali pledged Nigeria’s support for the UN Human Rights Council resolution to end attacks, harassment and reprisals against human rights defenders.
The resolution was adopted in September 2013 by the UNHRC.
Earlier, Pillay had said that the anti-gay law “is a violation of the human rights enshrined in the international covenant of civil and political rights. It contravenes Africa’s charter and the Nigerian constitution itself.”
She added that the UN was concerned with the negative consequences the law would have on some people.
Pillay argued that it might deter the affected persons from taking up HIV education, treatment and care facilities and also hindered government and the civil society groups.
“I am seeking your good office to see some kind of moratorium on prosecution at this moment. We can do much more work to have all Nigerians respect the human rights of all people, to respect diversity, to promote values of tolerance, acceptance with targeted training for law enforcement and other things.”
Pillay, who noted that Nigeria had improved on human rights protection, pointed out that the country was still lagging behind in some of the human rights reports.
“Nigeria is behind in many of its reports and I am here to see how best we can support you in catching up with those reports,” she said.
Citing the resolution adopted by the UN Council on Human Rights in March 2013, she argued that the use and abuse of national law to impair and criminalise the work of human right defenders was “a contravention of international law and must end

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  1. Are we still in this matter for heaven sake....? oga minister abeg don't answer or respond to any question related to same sex matter. let them send one of there gay to naija so we can explain better wat we mean.

  2. I'm telling my broda let them send one of their gay man then we will explain better for them to know

  3. Honestly the noise this western worlds are making about this issue shows that their is more to this that meets the eye.Probably it is one of the measures they want to use in reducing the world population.Because from my observation all this stupid agitation started at the peak of global econmic crises,and one of the reason giving was increasing world population.Well their plans will not work and they should stop violating our rights as a sovereighn nation that have the exclusive right to enact laws in accordance with its culture and tradition

  4. Dear Pillay, we are not careful to answer you in this matter. BUT, what is the penalty for gay activity in Saudi Arabia? Why have you not visited Saudi Arabia? Is it because you cannot threaten them with sanctions??

    Question 2: Dear Pillay, what did you do about the rights violation in Syria apart from the talks? When are you planning to visit Syria?

    Question 3: Dear Pillay, remember what you said in Zimbabwe? "At the end of her mission she also expressed concern over the country’s legislation on sexual orientation noting that the international principle of non-discrimination is included in the current Zimbabwean Constitution, as well as in international treaties to which the country is party to." Are you really reading these constitutions or are these answers "one-fits all?"
    Where were the UN rights chiefs when Nigeria was under the torture of military dictators? Is it because US officials were enjoying oil deals with the military junta and their cronies??
    Enough of questions. Now can you tell us whose rights are being violated in Nigeria? Did you get the information that 92% of Nigerians were against gay lifestyle and same sex marriage? Should our honorable national assembly defend the rights 8% at the expense of 92? Madam, I had an alpha in O-level government as a student and if I still remember correctly, the minority are allowed to have their say but the majority STILL have their way. Whose rights then are being violated then? Which constitution? Our constitution defends the rights of the majority and that's what the national assembly has done.
    Must we accept LGBTs as normal just because Europe and the Americas say so?
    I even hear those guys giving the excuse of being born with the "defective gay gene" Are they finally admitting that homo lifestyle is defective?
    Won't pedophiles one day discover the "defective pedophile gene" and ask for compensations for ill-treatment?!!! Come on, Pillay and her lies, let's use common sense!!! Homosexuality is abnormal. Period!!!
    Now even if Europe and America considers homo lifestyle as normal, don't we have right to differ and to chart our own course? Enough of this meddling on matters we have resolved to lay to rest!!!