Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ex NUJ President Challenge David Mark To A Public Debate Over Helipad House

The controversy surrounding the alleged House owned by Senate President ,David Mark in his country home in Oturkpo which had a helipad seems not to go away.
The picture posted by former Nigerian Union of Journalists President ,Comrade Lanre Ogundipe has generated a whole lot of controversies.
The news which CKN Nigeria break based on the post on Comrade Ogundipe’s facebook spread like wild fire.
Based on the publication , the Special Adviser on Media to the Senate President,Kola Ologbondiyan debunked the authenticity of the picture,saying it was not that of his boss.
This was David Mark’s response to the allegation:

“Dear Comrade Lanre Ogundipe, the picture you posted on your facebook wall is not the residence of the President of the Senate, Senator David Mark. It is not it at all. You have misled a whole lot of Nigerians with this photograph of yours. I cannot fathom the reasons behind this your action but whatever they are, they are completely misplaced.
Countless Nigerians that know the residence of Senator Mark in Otukpo consider your action as a huge mischief least expected of the height you attained as my very senior professional colleague.
Among the Yorubas, where you have your origin, elders don't tell lies. But I truly don't know how to describe this your needless act. It is a bogus lie, a well calculated attempt to bring Senator Mark to disrepute and disservice to the very profession in which you made a mark in the past.Facts are sacred, sincere and universal.”
Kola Ologbondiyan  (SA Media, To Senate President , Mark David)
Comrade Ogundipe has replied David Mark and challenges him to a public debate on the house.
Here was his response to David Mark’s Media aide.
“I would not have bothered dignifying Kola Ologbondiyan with a response but for submission that I should prove beyond doubts (the authenticity of the picture).
I will give few points to drum home that I am sure of the point raised. Let me state here that I challenged Kola and his boss-Sen David Mark to an open debate on this social media network or any other medium of his choice to ascertain the facts in respect of this photograph. Let Kola tell the whole world who pilot the chopper in question? Two, he should please tell us who owns the house? I am aware that few of our colleagues have been to the house before which Kola cannot deny. Since he said I lied.....he has to show/tell us who is the owner of the house. He not forget to tell which other means of transport does his principal travel with when his boss visit the village? The playing field of the primary school close to his has often served as hanger point. Ask Kola to controvert all these.”

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  1. Are they saying that David Mark can't legitimately afford that or what?

  2. Dem don bribe una to act as a back up for mark abi? Don't worry God will definatly punish all of una wey d sheild d truth! Bloody fools

  3. Kola oya naa, ansa d question

  4. Journalist should publish issues relating to corruption or misappropriation . You go and snap a picture and say it belongs to some one , what difference does it make ?. Is he not supposed to own a house ?.

  5. Smart David Mark,he build a house with a helipad, positioned a hellecopter for easy takeoff on the day of popular uprising. You can make your plans, but God's plan will prevail.

  6. That is why the country is drifting. Am sure that if we were told the house with helipad belongs to president Jonathan, heaven will be let loose. If senate president is owning that kind of house, is it tru a legitimate income? And is that not. Corruption. Can he boast of that in his many years as army offficer? I pity this country as the opportunists want to milk it dry

  7. Ị̣̣s̶̲̥̅̊ this the prevailing issue we have on ground now in nigeria,boko harams are everywhere killing people and nothing Ị̣̣s̶̲̥̅̊ been done about ɪ̣̝̇τ̲̣̣̥,fuel scarcity Ị̣̣s̶̲̥̅̊ everywhere in the country nobody Ị̣̣s̶̲̥̅̊ doing anything about ɪ̣̝̇τ̲̣̣̥ yet we call ourselve oil producing country,No costant light in the country yet we supply neighbouring countries,students are not getting G̲̣̣̣̥o̲̣̥O̲̣̣̥ƌ̲̣̣̣̥ standard of education in our country which led to them going to places like ghana,south african where are people are been treated like slave,some are even killed without any action taking against the killers,this are issues to be raised publicly with the president and his surbordinates not bringing issues that won't benefit the G̲̣̣̣̥o̲̣̥O̲̣̣̥ƌ̲̣̣̣̥ citizens of nigeria who are walloping in pains for no just reasons,I rest M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ case

  8. It is not a crime to own a good home but the issues are:
    1. If Rt Hon David Mark owns the house why the need to deny ownership?
    2. If Comrade Ogundipe is not sure, he may not be pressurized to reply.
    3. The need of Comrade Ogundipe to reply is based on the fact that a junior colleague was bold enough to label his discovery as "a bogus lie." He needs to correct that.
    4. The onus lies on the Senate President to either own up or refute ownership and let us all know who owns the house (being a house in his village, Oturkpo).

    1. But what do we stand to gain from this ?. It's your house , it's not my house. Then whose house it ? . I think d onions is on Ogundipe to prove his point beyond reasonable doubts. Take another picture view of d house

  9. 80percent of the problems we hv in Nigeria today is caused by journalist.They can easily be used by politicians to fabricate & cause confusion.Soon we wont be relying on them.

  10. This house belong to David Mark , no doubt but it is an eloquent testimony that Jonathan's administration sleeps and din with corruption . So am not suprise . Davis Mark is one of Jonathan's foot soldier , he makes a lots of money from this goverment . Am certain that the imminent rig volition will sweep him and Jonathan away by Gods special grace.

  11. So many of your contributions here are off the mark, Ogundipe as a journalist has said that they have been to the house before to meet with David Mark, for some of you who didn't see this picture and it's controversy on facebook the faithful day the NIS job examination caused number of death and on facebook mr. Ogundipe compares unemployment in nigeria and lawmakers who live at luxury in houses with helipad, if you guys think very well this is insane, how could people live at the expense of the citizen, you can see poverty on the street of the nation, in the face of the common man, no water, no electricity, no housing, no food, no education and endless hope for the common man, if this is allowed to continue, we are made slaves in our land, be wise, be careful and think strategic, the people sitting on top of the destiny of this nation is not more than 3000 and if we can revolt and chase them away or kill them, then the future of our generation will be restored, with these people alive and in this country, Nigeria can never get better, things will keep going worst, think better, think revolution!!!!

  12. Anon 10:06 you are fool . Why didn't Ogundipe get tinubus house and post on the internet. Have you been to babangidas castle ?. If he wants to publish houses he should start from southwest his zone. Get tinubus house, fasholas, obasanjo etc. abi those people no get house ?.

  13. Buzen,u are a fool,go to Tinubu's house on d Island it is not helipad and it is usually open to d masses,so what are u talking about,must we tribalise every issues in dis country and dis criminals keep exploiting us and d masses are suffering seriously despise that we are blessed wit many resources.It is a pity 4 Nigerians

  14. Raphael you are piglet , you have renewed your subscription to start your baseless attacks. All politicians are criminals Tinubu is d biggest of them. I woun't have any problem if he had published 5 houses belonging to different politicians . I am sure he was paid for that publication because it came in sequence d attack on his wife. Why use the death of Nigerian youth to score cheap political points

  15. D problem with nigerians is jealousy n enviness.b hapi wen some one is progressing so that God will bless u too.God is d giver of wealth,power and above all life,we shuld b hapi we're alive and wait 4 our own time. This is d 3rd most influencial person in govt dat we're talking about,he worth n deserve morethan all dis. No one knew how he started n how many ladders he has climb b4 getting there.he shuld b compliment 4 nt building it outside d country or abuja as some leaders do but he chooses his village.we shuld b careful of people lik Lanre ogundipe coz its peopl like him out of jealousy dat sponsors boko haram.everyone has his or her time of breakthrough,wen there's life there's hope,we shuld learn to celebrate success not being enemies of progress!!!

  16. Journslism in Nigeria lacks professionalism.If Ogundipe was not sponsored, why write & snap only alledged David Mark's residence.In Nigeria, we hv serving & former politicians dat are living in affluence than what the snapped house potends.Go to Apo legislative quarters in Abuja & check out the luxury cars in there garages untouched you will marvel. Fellow Nigerians, leave this pple, sort out urself in any legitimate endeavour bcos our pple are neither willing or ready to change. God help us all.

  17. I am surprised at this publication, why should this raise any dust, Sen. David has been using metal Bird for almost 20 yrs, if Government Topolo can buy a Jet, then what are we talking about

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