Friday, 8 November 2013

Tinubu Wants Nigerians To Occupy Aso Rock Over ASUU Strike


Former Lagos State Governor Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has said that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is wooing the G7 governors of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to rescue Nigeria from 14 years of the ruling party’s “nothingness”.
He said the party had been touring the country to market it to the G7 governors, who he described as “beautiful brides”.
Besides, the APC leader advised students to march on the Villa, if the lecturers’ strike remains unresolved.
Tinubu, who spoke in Abuja at the dinner of the Progressive Governors’ Forum, said : “We have been going around . We have been talking to our brothers, we have marketed our party, our spirit, our manifesto and determination to rescue Nigeria. We have made proposals to the G7 and beautiful brides and we asked them to put additional powder, support if it is necessary. If we have to give them new shoes, please do so. High heels or low heels, please do so and let us get married to increase our number. With additional seven, eight, nine or 10 states, make it possible, we are very proud of you.”
The former governor said lamentation, envy and sophistry would not help the citizenry to rescue the country from its decline , “but if we are united, if we push the spirit of oneness, unity and determination, we will defeat and stop the drifting of the last 14 years of nothingness of the Peoples Democratic Party.”
According to him, APC’s mission to rescue Nigeria is not because the members are hungry or thirsty for power, but because it is only the result of a free and fair election a democrat should accept.
He urged National Assembly members to weed out obnoxious regulations.
In TInubu’s view, Nigerians should stop the excesses of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) since it would not surrender power on its own.
He condemned the police’s invasion of a meeting of governors in Abuja, saying: “ A DPO going to the governors’ residence to terminate their meeting. It is a shame and we should eradicate it.”
On the prolonged strike of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Tinubu urged Nigerians to stop lamenting and confront the Federal Government on the issue.
He said following his belief in action for positive change, he would insist that the union resumes work Thursday or the students are mobilised to the streets and Aso Villa.
Tinubu said: “It is time Nigerians move away from lamentation and move with the strength of liberation. It is time we did not give excuses for failure, inadequacies and accountability in governance. I am sorry if they don’t resume tomorrow, I order those students to be out on the streets. If our vehicles have no way to pass; if they can move to the Villa and sack the Villa, it is for their future. We should stop lamenting this as a challenge.”
He told the party men that freedom is sweet but it is not easy, adding: “You cannot eat an omelet without breaking eggs.”
The party leader insisted that the last senatorial election in Delta State was a far cry from a free and fair election, stressing that APC must be different from PDP.
He promised the party’s support for its Anambra State governorship candidate, Senator Chris Ngige.
Former Head of State Gen. Muhammadu Buhari noted that Nigeria is witnessing a political earthquake as a result of the great expectation of the citizenry.
“We are witnessing a landslide of a political earthquake. Alliances have been concluded and new alliances are being invoked. Nigerians-old and young, men and women – are working with great expectation that this movement will turn Nigeria around,” Gen. Buhari said.
He spoke of Nigeria’s neighbours anxiously waiting for Nigerians to provide leadership and direction for them to follow.

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  1. No problem....tinubu, buhari and co pls pack your shidren dem and grandshidren and match to aso rock or any wher and protest...fools..dis ppl reli think nigerians are foolish o..tinubu dat is suposed to be in efcc prison now self..mstew

  2. Like my hod ll say well spoken baba Tinubu. Nigerians can c hw APC ll b handln issues relatn 2 youth affairs. Hw old ur tinkn n dat Buhari r, am not surprised. We all saw ur handiwork as a governor of Lagos state 4 8yrs u should in wit efcc enjoyn ur loots. Ngige is about winning Anambra election based on personalty not based on ur so called APC, if u want 2 no hw Nigerians love go back 2 lasgidi n contest 4 senate under ur apc n c who votes 4 u. Its a big mistake 4 apc flauntn u as there leader. Cum 2015 Nigerians ll choose there leaders not party. Smart

  3. Anonymous 7:45,Tinubu has been tried many times by EFCC d errand dogs of d presidency but they could not nap him bcause they don't evidence against him just unfounded rumours,in terms of his performance in Office go to Lagos u will c dat despise d frustrations n intimidations 4rm d OBJ led federal government then,till now Lagos is still working bcause he gave a good legacy n programmes then n later gave Lagosians a good n hard working governor in BRF;what else can u ask of 4rm a great leader n a man blessed by God wit visions,wisdom,generous n kind heart.Go n check Bayelsa despise d crude oil money given then till now n d small size of d state dat suppose to be manageable wit a lot of funds given then,even check d situations in Nigeria now then u shud be able to know who is better btw Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu & ur president GEJ

    1. You have spoken my mind again. I don't have to waste any time commenting, cos you've said it all. God bless you Raphael.

  4. Tinubu regime will be worse dan gudlock if he were in president's shoe. He should tell fasola to bring down lasu sku fees or kip quiet forever. So far, APC contribution to education in their respective states is very worse compared to pdp.

  5. Tinubu is a nitwit. Its crystal clear APC is behind this prolong strike of ASUU all to tarnish GEJ regime and win 2015. Guess they (APC) think Nigerians are fools with all this their antics and oppositions towards anything GEJ does....ur playing childish politics APC, big guns don't rant!

  6. Shut da fuck up Raphael if you don't have anytin reasonable to comment. Guess ur a blind man to av seen wot ur father Tinubu did when he was in power. Maybe the arrogant TOUTS surrounding lagos state he initiated was one tin tremendous he did. If not that BRF is a REAL scholar and a SAN to av initiated so many programmes in Lagos, wot nonsense legacy did Tinubu left for him? ur such a dummy!

  7. He wants 2 impose his stupid hitech construction on all the states as he is already doing in all the ac states,then maybe his groundson maybe party chairman since everything in Nigeria is for him even iya loja,pls all of u should go and sit down,the messiah has not come

  8. Rapheal,God will bless u for me. U av spoken very well, dnt mind dis clueless pple,praise singers of GEJ admn. Till now they r still blind.