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Exclusive:Highly Uncharitable..Maimuna's Brother Weds After Losing Sister,4 Kids And Husband Who Came For His Wedding

This odd world! Am sure u've not forgotten Meimuna Anyenne, the lady that lost her precious life with 4 kids, husband, cousin and mother in d ill-fated Dana Air crash last Sunday? Yeah, she actually flew in with her family from Connecticut, U.S purposely for her blood brother's wedding in Nigeria. Today Meimuna's brother, Ndako is going ahead with his wedding with heartthrob, Halima at The Incubator, Lagos less than a week after her death.What do u make of this?..CKN


    • Celestine Okeke What a wicked world
      7 hours ago · 

    • Emmanuel Majebi speechless
      7 hours ago · 

    • Taiye Shittu Dahunsi odd indeed i really hope there is no more to it like he has kerosine flowing in his veins instead of blood
      7 hours ago · 

    • Muyiwa Morin Omotosho Adejayan Can u imagine? So sad!
      7 hours ago · 

    • Korede Sanya Hmmm! Interesting,reason why i have lost faith in human trust.
      7 hours ago · 

    • Ebiere Assoh Ajibola-Bodude Hmmmmmm, words fail me
      7 hours ago · 

    • Kelly Presh SPeechless. But not his fault. But if I were him, I'll postpone d wedding and mourn my family first.
      7 hours ago · 

    • Blessed L. Aigbedion Jesus!!! this world. i wonder what we have running in the nigerian vein. i dont think it is blood. some nigerians actually gathered yesterday to premiere a sickening film. they say it is in memory of ..........
      7 hours ago · 

    • Chinwe Chibaby If this is true then He is heartless and should hang His head in SHAME !
      7 hours ago · 

    • Dada Dupe D guy is wicked!
      7 hours ago · 

    • Gozie Okoye Nnebo our ppl 4 u, who knws were he got such advise from surely not from family members maybe from his church..
      7 hours ago · 

    • Folajimi Ogundele The wedding has to hold, if not the woman's death is in vain. Do not forget his family is Memuna's family and , it will be done with a heavy heart no doubt. It has a dark and painful memory attached to it either postponed or not. It takes a strong mind to do that,
      7 hours ago ·  · 3

    • Bolanle Olatunde Bruce CKN, nooo, mbaaa, ko possible he under a spell? Is the Halima bride so daft that she cannot advise Ndako against this wedding for now? Folks, let's believe it didn't happen! CKN, abeg, cross check again joo!
      7 hours ago ·  · 1

    • Chris Kehinde Nwandu Ckn Bolanle Olatunde Bruce i vehemently pray that the information i got from a very reliable source is wrong..I sincerely pray so..God help us.
      7 hours ago · 

    • Chima Emmanuel Okereke hmmmm, live goes on!!
      7 hours ago · 

    • Ebiere Assoh Ajibola-Bodude But come to think of it wether we like it or not, life goes on. Postponing d wedding wudnt bring dem back and for all u know, maybe its low keyed
      7 hours ago · 

    • Bolanle Olatunde Bruce ‎@Chima, yes! Life goes on but under this present circumstance, Ndako must be sick. Haba! 8 people burnt to death just because of his "wedding" and he was so eager to proceed on honeymoon with his equally sick wife that they both couldn't even respect, mourn and honour the dead? At least allow the burnt bodies be identified and buried? C'mmon, that wedding is doomed from day one I bet!
      7 hours ago · 

    • Chris Kehinde Nwandu Ckn Bolanle Olatunde Bruce its been confirmed,i have the picture now..will soon be on my blog
      7 hours ago · 

    • Oladipo Ajayi There is merit in holding the wedding as scheduled. The dead will be remembered at the wedding. It gives the newly weds a sense of caution and sensible memorial all their lifetime. If they don't hold it now, they would lose a lot of money already committed to wedding plans and may even cancel it altogether. Let's just remember them and the dead in our prayers.
      7 hours ago ·  · 1

    • Ebiere Assoh Ajibola-Bodude CKN abeg post d pix asap
      7 hours ago · 

    • Chima Emmanuel Okereke I don't agree that Ndako is sick, I believe that Nigerians are afraid to die but yet we all going to die someday. Life is a process, we are born to marry and multiply then we die. May the souls of all those the perished due to the crash rest in peace. Make we leave Ndako alone, what if he had already spent so much money, will you guys donate money so that the wedding can be rescheduled? If the answer is no then make all person just focus on their own family simple.
      7 hours ago ·  · 1

    • Chima Emmanuel Okereke Afterall did Nigeria not play a match today against Malawi, we should have cancelled the match due to the nation mourning so how come we still played today? Make we leave God job for Him and Him alone because He is..............
      7 hours ago ·  · 1

    • Oladipo Ajayi Someone said may be he got the advice from his church. The truth is that scripturally they are doing the right thing. As long as everything is done to memorialize the dead, there's no drunkenness, no dancing to music that's dishonoring, they will be good. If I am their pastor, this would have been my advice to them. May God bless all the bereaved families.
      7 hours ago · 

    • Ibiyemi Arinola Olufowobi Life has to go on! Postponing the wedding will not bring the dead to life - the couple will as a matter of fact be sad on what should be their day of joy. Postpone d date and something else happens? Life goes on o!
      6 hours ago ·  · 2

    • QueenUre Okezie I want to believe that the couple (the brother) is grieving more than all of us condemning him. The fact that he went ahead with the wedding to me is not a sign of a heartless man. Some families may decide to cancel it, some may not based on the peculiarities of the situation. There may have been other relatives and friends who equally came in from various parts of the world for the wedding and whoever stands as the head of their family may deem it fit to even use the occasion to "mourn" the death of their sister and family where various friends and family members would be present. The caption of the story could be "Wedding amidst tears" cos obviously that's what it would be. Let's not be too quick to condemn. You may never know the pain the couple is going through knowing that this calamity befell their sister because of them. A good spirit filled preacher will use this wedding to preach a message that will heal the couple of their guilt and bring the family together to comfort one another. If the sister were to speak from the other side she may want her brother to carry on with his life. It may not have been so easy for them to decide to carry on with the wedding. I just flew Aero yesterday, people are still flying, relatives of the deceased are still eating and going to work despite the pain, from the day I heard of the crash, this particular family seemed to touch my heart the most especially this couple whom the whole world would blame. Let's not add to their sorrows, this is a time to love, heal and comfort all those affected. May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace. Amen!
      6 hours ago ·  · 12

    • Johnwayne Best O no matter wat,live must go on,no need postponing this wedding.
      6 hours ago · 

    • Prisca Chinyere Mbanu Is this a wedding picture? wat wat sort of wedding is this. Are they muslem? just asking
      6 hours ago · 

    • Chris Kehinde Nwandu Ckn Prisca Chinyere Mbanu they are moslems..Maimuna was an Hausa married to an Igbo man
      6 hours ago · 

    • Basil Chiji Okafor Thanks Oladipo Ajayi, I share your view. Please, let's not increase this couple's sorrows by ever blaming them.
      5 hours ago · 

    • Prisca Chinyere Mbanu ‎@CKN O.K I can now understand. At this point am not suprise if they carry on with the wedding.
      5 hours ago · 

    • Idris Mamukuyomi queen, u r highly blessed with those words...... you have just helped me relate the message very well
      5 hours ago ·  · 1

    • Chris Kehinde Nwandu Ckn So funny indeed,God forbid,how many of you would have your entire family that came for your wedding wiped out and you ll have the mind to go ahead with it.They also included your own mother..If any of you would,i won't..I was to travel to South Africa to deliver a paper at a University, a week before then,my dad died,i had to cancel it,now we are talking of a family of nine..It truly show how human beings defer on issues..
      5 hours ago ·  · 2

    • Tunde Ajiboye Its not about religion.Its a common belief dat U dont postpone a wedding bkos of sumnone's death,no matter how close.U only mind d nature d event gonna take.As for d lady who is asking tribe or religion,I personally cant remmember how many such cases,cutting across religions,tribes dat I can make mention of.Ur own experience is quite different.If U dont present d paper,sombody else would.Dont compare the two scenarios.Won yato gan!
      4 hours ago ·  · 1

    • Chris Kehinde Nwandu Ckn Tunde let every one answer his fathers name..what I wrote is what I ll do,u have also stated what u ll do in the circumstance..u are entitled to your opinion just as I and every other person here are entitled to theirs,its a free space
      4 hours ago ·  · 2

    • Tunde Ajiboye ‎@Ckn.I never spoke against ur opinion,Sir.I only said ds shuld not b viewed on religious basis.If its wot I wrote dat U shuldnt compare d two instances,I dont mean it d way U are sounding ooo!
      4 hours ago · 

    • Emeka Offor It was a low keyed event. I was told the family decided that the wedding should hold albeit low keyed.
      3 hours ago ·  · 1

    • Promise Omoigui Hello CKN,judging from the link u sent,u can see the man's eyes full of pain! You will definitely know he's grieving if u look @ it carefully. I moarn for this family!!! Its so sad!!
      2 hours ago · 

    • Basil Chiji Okafor Weddings are family issues and if the entire family, in its wisdom, decided to go ahead with the wedding of one of their own, after the deaths of some of their own, I believe its their prerogative, so to do. I mean, we here, couldn't possibly weep more than the bereaved. I personally don't know if I could still go ahead with such wedding, if I were to be in their shoes, family decision, notwithstanding. But that's a personal thing. We should therefore not increase this unfortunate couple's sorrows by being so judgmental. After all, we're not God and have probably done very terrible things in our private lives, before the sight of the Almighty.
      2 hours ago ·  · 1

    • Chris Kehinde Nwandu Ckn Their Invitation card to the wedding read "Please join the us on saturday 9th June as we hold prayers for our family members who have been called back to God. The prayers would hold at the Incubator (near Four Points) Victoria Island, Lagos at 9am. The Fatiha for Halima and Ndako would hold by 11am at Number 10 Mayaki Usman street, off Wole Ariyo street, lekki phase 1 (refreshments would be at the incubator afterwards). May God reward you for your love and support. Thank you"

    • Funmi Ade Even dis invitation specified a prayer session took place bf d wedding.. Where is dat pix?
      9 minutes ago · 
       · 3
    • Kakra Akhazogie Life is a teacher!Yesterday at 11:14am via mobile · Like
      Chibueze Charles Ihejirika I find it hard to beleive what people are saying here on this link. This is a family affair. What if this is what the sisiter would have desired even in death? what if the entire family agrred to go on with the wedding? What if the wedding could not be postponed? people should let this family be. Have they not had enough already?Yesterday at 11:30am · Like
    • Obi Okpala We are Africans , one death perhaps u can go on with the wedding but nine deaths around your blood sisters family is too much. That wedding should have been cancelled bcos I am sure the Sister came from US for the wedding. It's inhuman.
      Yesterday at 11:30am ·  · 1
    • Nuruddeen Tijjani I see nothing wrong with this,if he just did the nikkai with no celebrations , those that are gone will not be back no matter how long they mourn , it is a personal issues and religiously people are encourage to live on! We all pray for God to give him the fortitude to bear it now that God has gave him just that we are complaining! I know the family back way at zaria in the 80s they are muslims from Niger thou maimuna married a christian , their father a professor at ABU please let the family leave in peace it is his decision I could have done the same! And it doesn't mean he is heartless it is we might just have different world and spiritual views on issues
      Yesterday at 11:48am ·  · 1
    • Nnabugwu Chioma To understand this wedding we must understand the cultural and religious imperatives that informed it. It is obvious the lady is a muslim and I suspect too that the man in question is also a muslim. According to muslim religious tradition the dead would have been buried 6 hours after death. And they believe that what has happened has happened and the living must go ahead with their life. So we must understand how the culture treats the dead. Passing judgement on the young man is like condemning the culture where he comes from.
      23 hours ago ·  · 1
    • Vivian Michael What a feeling or should I say....unfeeling. To their belief, it does not matter....God giveth and God taketh! Lord I thank you.23 hours ago · Like
    • Daniel Obiora Nurudeen, more Nigerians are mourning becuase of the loss of a whole family. Maimuna,mother, 2 of her sisters, 4 children with his in law. He went ahead with the wedding because he is expecting insurance fee of $100,000 fir the deaths of his 3 sisters and mother. I have since stop wailing after reading all the post. We are watching. Just stupid
      23 hours ago via mobile ·  · 1
    • Nuruddeen Tijjani ‎@Daniel don't judge him , he is not going to get the insurance he is not the only brother, he might not be the next of kin, its personal decision don't judge him
      23 hours ago ·  · 1
    • Carmen Parker-Townsend It is true that life must go on but what kind of family members would have a heart to organize a wedding after loosing 9members in one day ?? That i don't seem to comprehend!!!
      23 hours ago ·  · 1
    • Chris Kehinde Nwandu Ckn Carmen Parker-Townsend bless you22 hours ago · Like
    • Muka Popoola Hmmm, Olorun ko kowa moose o! This guy is Hausa, a moslem and I heard the wife too is from same. The interesting thing here is that some comentators don't seem to understand that these people have their own belief and orientation, to which even Meimuna was born. My concern is really abt d family of Meimuna's husband who are christians and Igbo. For the Hausa, this is no big deal and ofcourse in Islam, once it has happened this way, and no one or nothing can bring the dead back the living are enjoined to continue life in faith with Allah. That was the religious orientation to which Meimuna was born and I want to even reason that if she had another chance to see today, she probably would have joined his brother at the wedding occasion. People have different cultures and hold dear to it. In some countries the dead are cremated, how many families will think of that in Nigeria? What the Anyene and Mijindadi families need from us now is love and empathy. Let this not remove our sympathy for them, they've suffered too much. God blesss you all as you remain united in sympathy with these families and all others that lost their loved ones in the unfortunate incident.
      22 hours ago ·  · 1
    • Nuruddeen Tijjani ‎@muka you captured it all !
      21 hours ago ·  · 1
    • Carmen Parker-Townsend How do you expect us to mourn them when their immediate family members are celebrating few days after their untimely demise?? For the fact that they died in a plane crash makes it more horrific! But for her brother's wedding, she and her kids would have been Resting in the state and not in the Morgue.
      21 hours ago ·  · 1
    • Dawodu Olanrewaju Funlayo Hmmmmm eni to ku ni tie gbe! Ckn pls tell me im dreamng ND dis is not true. No matter d religion or culture i believe we should ave human feelngs, d whole natn is still mourng especially maimuna's case nd d wedng which she actually Came for still holds inspite of her death nd her entire family i.e children nd husband, even her mother in law nd cousins haba he should at least postpone d wedng till a later date in honour of his sisters entire household. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa dis is inhuman nd wicked. If he can do dis to his sister d newly wedded wife should prepare for d worst.20 hours ago · Like
      Abimbola Kudehinbu What has hausa got to do wit all these now?9 hours ago via mobile · Like
      Ronke Thomas This is height of insensitivity. From my background, this wedding wudnt have taken place, just one week? haha??? Their action of going ahead with the wedding despite their loss means a lot from where i come from. Even after the wedding, the woman will be tagged 'iyawo elese osi' ie a wife that brought misfortune to the family. May the souls of Maimuna and her family rest in peace.3 hours ago · Like
      Carmen Parker-Townsend Why do people want to mistake a healthy analysis with tribalism? Perhaps ogaga has a different dictionary for the meaning of tribalism?2 hours ago · Like
      Ify-asia Chiemeziem It is important to find out if Maimuna's family really supported her marrying a Chirstian in the first place. Maybe this is actually a good riddance to them. The wedding could go on but should have been very low-keyed. bu for me, i would have postponed it, at least to respect Nigerians who are mourning the family.2 hours ago · Like

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  1. Honestly! How dare you? Are we all mourning MORE than Ndako & his family!! The family made a decision & you a NON FACTOR in all of this are trying to put salt in their wound. So because he went through with the wedding he isn't mourning? I guess he should have been more concerned with public opinion rather than his integrity & that of his family! They've been through an unspeakable tragedy & are still going through it. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

  2. WHY R U SOOO EVIL & WICKED. You obviously are jobless and just a spiteful human being to sit down, write this article and post it on the web.
    One question 4 u, WHAT IS UR BUSINESS????
    Leave Ndako and the rest of the family and we the friends to mourn the best way we know how, dont sit down and start putting ideas into pple heads .
    May God 4give you for chastising this young man who is left to pick up the pieces of his once happy life.

  3. Take this article down and ask God for forgiveness. How dare you!!!!!!!!!!!
    It seems like you are just looking for attention for you blog.

  4. HOW DARE YOU tell people how to grieve? You should be ASHAMED to call yourself a blogger or a journalist or whatever you are. Your opinion and those of others who are judging the choices of a family that is grief-stricken is a SICK AND TWISTED opinion.

    Please pray tell, what would your reason be for canceling this wedding if it were you? What would you rather they do? Cancel the wedding? send back all their guests who flew from far and wide to celebrate with them? lock themselves indoors for months while they pound their heads against the wall till people pity them and maybe give them permission to wed? GET OUT OF HERE with that B.S!. I truly hope this is not how you live your life - trying to save face because of what people will say.

    Ndako and his family are a brave and strong unit and they have made a choice to go through with their wedding WHILE ALSO honoring their dead. You don't have to agree with it, but you should respect it and leave well alone. Perhaps if you had not subscribed to gossip, you would have found out that it was the ceremony was understated.

    You are a sorry excuse for a blogger, and I pray to God that you never go through such a tragedy. And God forbid you do, I hope that you allowed to grieve in your own way without being subjected to the court of public opinion.

  5. May you never have peace for trying to bring grief to this family. Please tell me what is the formular for mourning? Thank God the Mijindadi family is a strong faith based family. Thank God they know their hope comes from God not stupid cowardly nigerians looking for cheap publicity.

    Ndako and Halima, your marriage is blessed. You will have many reasons to smile. Your mom and sister would be truly proud of you.

    And for all you tribalists out there talking rubbish, Ndako is half igbo. Yes his mother who died in the plane crash is an igbo woman

  6. It might not look fair but God knows the heart of everyone & let Him be d judge, although life most go on but PERSONALLY a postponement would be understandable. RIP to d departed

  7. This is sad Ǎ̜̣̍Ϟd the couple don't KйơW God owns everything.The wedding should ha̶̲̥̅̊vε̲̣̣̣̥ been stopped as a respect for the deceaseds.This is one of rich Ǎ̜̣̍Ϟd charitable culture of yorubas Ǎ̜̣̍Ϟd they value lives.The couple are fucking northerners ȋ̊ don't expect much from them.

  8. JUDGE NOT. SO YOU SHALL NOT BE JUDGED. Where do we draw the line? This is an abuse of the fundamental right to free press. What did u hope to gain from this? Can u imagine the agony and torment knowing that his sister died because of him. But he pulled himself to do what Needed to be done. Then u, an insignificant not post this, I spit on u.

  9. Olawunmi Olaniyan10/6/12 11:20 am

    At 1st I felt what's the bisness of the blogger?then on the 2nd tut I say ts not fair....... If maimuna can rise from death am sure she ll crash that weddng before thinking about the will of God in this. No matter what that wedding shouldn't v taken place to face of the public. Haba! They cudda done in the most quiet way ever like 2 or 3wks later. You peeps kip blaming the blogger, do u realise pple around them without blogging this will accuse him?even U,U and U wudda done d same. Do u know what agony means? I doubt u do, for his "mother", his sis,4 kids n brother in law to die in that terrible No air frying alive crash trust me good pple if u v got fear of God n concience u won't go ahead on that wedding, dd he thnk about his brother in law's family on this? As yoruba will say "won ni ka se bi eni toku ko wa weni to ma se daro re". Oma se o!

  10. I disagree with those people saying they should not have postpone the wedding even a white man would not go ahead let alone an african whose tragedy happened before the whole world?for peace sake the bodies are yet to be identified.I personally doubt if the Moslem custom supports this and if it does well theirs nothing I can do about it. I don't know the mind of God and how he would react to this but only as human I can say this. As for those who says there's nothing wrong don't worry your still living pray hard cos it could still happen who knows to whose family. However whatever they want in their family supersede my luck to them and GOd bless their marriage.

  11. The girl and her family are wicked to see people die and still go ahead with the wedding?fried brains!the guy is mumu who. Has sold himself for a morsel of bread! Even his mother would not be happy. Is marriage. Their problem? They can do a parlor wedding.that marriage was not low keyed anything cos they eve shared soverniors that came in from Abuja. What a shame i was there but impersonally tot they are heartless. Didt someone in that family loose his lineage? Or who would ever in this world talk of his brothers family tree which has been erased? And please this is not a football team,it's one family loosing 8members!

  12. This is a disrespectful and cruel post - you have no idea what this heartbroken and devastated family, and their friends are going through. You cannot imagine the pain they are going through right now. You have no right to judge their decision or cast aspersions on them. Please show a modicum of respect and humanity... remove this post and give the family privacy and space to grieve.

  13. We nigerians are specialists i̅n̶̲̥̅ judging if we're perfect.

  14. Pls don't add pains to this family, cancelling the wedding wud have made no sense, if I where in there shoes, I Will go ahead to do my wedding, while am still moruning them, we hate reality, I bet all of u that are posting rubbish that u will do a loud wedding, pls. Remove. Thelog of wood in ur eyes before removing another pesons.

  15. Ol ye Judges!!!!!!!! Pls cut d young man some sad and devastating as it sounds,he has d right 2 go ahead with his life!we dnt have d right 2 tell him how and when 2 mourn.. Let's humbly leave this 'delicate' case 2 God almighty 2 judge.. Thank You!

  16. All of you that are making negative comments about this wedding are fools!! It does not concern you nor do we care what you think! Its not your business. Just be a human being and wish them well!! I mean really!! I've been reading all these comments and it doesn't speak well of us as nigerians!! Don't judge others!! Let them be its not your business!! Abi is it ur money they are using for the wedding? You shud all be ashamed of urselves!! Jobless people!!

  17. I'm not going to be subtle in my comment because you weren't subtle in your condemnation:
    1. The title of your post is very insensitive and unprofessional.
    2. You're a true representation of what it means to abuse a privilege. The fact that it's free to set up a blog and you have the luxury of time to manage one doesn't give you the right to be so quick to castigate the newsly weds.
    3. May I ask: Have you ever lost anyone? If you have, you'll probably understand that they'll want you to carry on with your life. Mourning doesn't achieve anything. When the Amelekites ravaged David's family, he tried mourning - him and his man. Then he picked himself up and chased. Job tried to mourn also but he ended up sinning against God. Jesus also wasn't so keen about him being mourned, so I ask, what's the big deal about putting your life on hold for those who you won't see anymore?! I think it's very hypocritical and reeks of eye-service.
    I have a friend who's dad died a week to her wedding. That didn't stop the ceremony. In fact, she danced well on the day. It was the first wedding of their immediate family.
    I'm sure no member of the families of those who died in the crash has gone to join them yonder as a result of grief. They're eating everyday, taking their bath, putting on clothes and some have even resumed at work.
    We owe it to those we lose via death to keep on living rather than sulk and grieve in the name of "honouring the dead". The only honour you can give to them is to make sure no one dies in such a horrific manner. No one has mentioned that there are allegations of negligence and culpability on the path of the regulators and the airline. Instead, we choose to castigate those who picked themselves up and ran after their oppressors rather than sulk in fear.

  18. Judge not so ye too shall not be matter wat, no one can mourn more than the one feels d pain more than the family....pls respect this and leave them alone

  19. CkN Nigeria Entertainment, Fashion, Politics, Breaking News, Gossips etc. That's the name and vision of this blogger. This particular post falls under "GOSSIPS" I guess. Shame on this post and the blogger.

  20. Thank you all for your comments. My name is Meriyam Usman and I am the Sister of both Halima and Ndako. I had written on a US based website that I do not want the memory of our family to be deminished my insults to ignorant people and asked instead for people to educate others in love and respect. Obivously anyone who know the couple or their families would not say many of what is asid above. Let me get to the point: If it is easy to bear the loss of the mother or 1 family member and have the courage to go on, then, please kill your mother or sister and see. I AM NOT GOING TO DIGNIFY IGNORANT USELESS ROUMOURS WITH A RESPONSE. Please feel free to call me if you actually feel like you have something to say to my siblingss or family. 07063113939. Lastly, to those who love Aunt Bilkisu or Maimuna than we do. May you find the peace in your heart as well as that which you wish others. We are happy that our family can once again give a source of livelihood to other as that has always been our legacy. Our late family prayed for both Halima and Ndako to their dying minute so I fear none of your curses will prevail. We thank you for the love you intend to show our family even if it came out in hate. We are all muslims and believers so our intentions and actions can and will only be judged by ALLAH. As such, we choose to celebrate the over 30 years we had with our deceased family rather than the one day of their death as ALLAH dictates life to revolve.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I'm a practicing, forgiven Christian; but if there's one thing I love about Islam, it's the "quickness" with which they get on with their lives and "don't love their lives even unto death" (Rev 12:11). I love the way they don't waste money on coffins and inter their dead in 7 days. Life MUST go on.

    May I ask, CKN, what's the acceptable number of days they should have waited/mourned/grieved/sulked before they went ahead with their lives? Of what use would it have been whether it's 40 days or one?

    Why put your (ticking and counting) life on hold because someone's stopped? I wouldn't want anyone to stop living on my account and anyone who does is outright selfish. No sane culture or religion should be so backward to encourage that the living be still on account of the dead.

    The families of the dead have moved on. They're driving their cars, looking for work, going to work, eating 3 meals a day, perhaps exercising every morning to keep in shape and here you go looking for the living among the dead. It's sooooo Nigerian.

    It would have made more sense had you written about the stories about how both engines managed to pack up on a 60 minute flight when it could make the trip on one(back-up) engine. Or about why the plane took off around 2:20pm, sent out its first distress message at about 2:40pm and crashed an hour later when the entire journey was supposed to be under an hour. Or how a 22 year old aircraft was still flying despite reports in March and April that the regulators had prohibited the use of aircrafts older than 20 yrs old for commercial passenger duties? These questions will raise answers that will be beneficial for the LIVING. "The dead will bury the dead" (Matthew 22:8). Only (spiritually) DEAD people will be overly mindful about the physically dead when the living are available to attend to and protect.

  23. We are always advised to find something positive that can take away sorrow and pain from our hearts. I do not think He has done so wrong, It's just so funny we are used to quick backlash and judging people even when we don't have all the details concerning issues.

  24. I cannot believe human beings have become so stone hearted, so insensitive, so cold.

    Meriyam, how did you and your brother come out so easily and quickly out of this monumental loss to even think of celebrating a wedding(no matter how low keyed)

    I would never have believed this to be possible. So so sad!

  25. This has aroused so much anger in me. What is anyone's business regarding this matter? To think that some of the people commenting said that they won't grieve for the family anymore. What was your grief based on? Compassion? Follow follow? What exactly? If you will stop grieving for Maimuna and her family because her family died, then stuff you, you can go to hell and burn there.
    No-one can grieve for Maimuna like her family. If you look into Ndako's eyes, you will see what he has been going through.
    And to the fool Daniel Obiora that said Ndako wants the monetary compensation, God will punish you for that statement.
    Who are you lot to judge?

    my uncle collapsed after his daughter's friday traditional wedding before the church wedding on saturday. He died that friday night but the last thing he said to the gathered immediate family was "if you don't go on with that wedding tomorrow, you will face my wrath". He died shortly after. That saturday at the wedding, come and see people criticizing them! Talking shit about what really was none of their business.
    Can anyone mourn Maimuna more than Ndako, Aisha and Moh? Nigerians and their stupidity. So he should have frowned throughout the ceremony. With people there telling him, Ndako smile, they would wish you to be happy.
    I lost a sibling and if you had taken pictures of me 24hours after the event, you might have caught me with a smile on my face at several times. Yes I smiled, I cried, I laughed in memory - because I am a human being. Look into Ndako's eyes and see the grief. See his red and puffy eyes and yet some idiots think they are justified to dictate to the family how they should grieve.
    I know Maimuna and if she hadn't died, supposing it was just their mom that died, she would have said Ndako, let's do this wedding and let's honor Mom. That's what they did. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO JUSTIFY IT TO ANYONE. IF THEY DID THE WEDDING, YOU GUYS WILL TALK. IF THEY DIDNT, YOU GUYS WILL TALK.
    It irks me that the guy who blogged this seems to think he possesses some moral superiority. Talking about how he didn't go to present a paper in south africa after his dad died. Who cares? THAT IS YOU, DON'T DICTATE TO OTHER PEOPLE.
    What crap and what a bunch of narrow-minded and unexposed people commenting. Open your mind - there are different types of belief systems, people do things differently. Stop judging and leave Ndako alone!!!!!!! I write this for the sake of posterity - Ndako if you ever come across this post, I'm proud of you. You did what you thought was right. I know how you loved your sister and how she loved you. Treasure her meomory.

  26. Hm! Its really disheartening, buh what Ca̶̲̥̅ŋ they d̶̲̥̅̊o? Life must go on! Į̸̸̨ƭ really takes nerves for them †̥o ђåvε̲ gone ahead with ǎ̜̣̍ wedding which has consumed eight lifes. Look at †ђξ kids! They died simply because †ђξ parent brought them †̥o Nigeria for their Uncles wedding. Well, weather †ђξ guy went ahead with †ђξ wedding or not what difference would Į̸̸̨ƭ ђåvε̲ made? Going ahead with †ђξ wedding wouldn't ♍a̶̲̥̅̊kε̲̣̣ him mourn any less. Į̸̸̨ƭ really took ǎ̜̣̍ lot ø̲̣̣ƒ strength ąπϑ courage for him †̥o ђåvε̲ gone ahead with †ђξ wedding, please let's leave him †̥o mourn his own dead I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ †ђξ only way he alone knows Ħø̲̣̣w.
    For those who said he would ђåvε̲ lost ǎ̜̣̍ lot ø̲̣̣ƒ money if he had postponed †ђξ wedding, ђåvε̲ Ў☺ΰ considered what 15 million tymes 8 equals †̥o?
    Why would ǎ̜̣̍ whole family fly I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ for just one wedding?

  27. If you ask me, Nyako should be celebrated for having the courage to go on rather than put his life on hold, even if temporarily, to "mourn". No amount of postponement or mourning would have brought the dead back to life so why not go on immediately you have the strength to do so. For some it's minutes, for some it's days, others - weeks and for some it could take years.
    I'm yet to find anyone who benefitted from mourning. Every psychologist will advise the grieving to move on. They've managed to do it without the aid of a psychologist. I think that is commendable.
    This is just so mortal of us. Whatever their decision might have been, the sons of Adam would have faulted them so let's go on without OUR OWN LIVES and leave them to theirs. When/if (God Forbid) someone on this time-line loses someone in such gruesome manner, feel free to spend the rest of your life mourning rather than move on and don't condemn those who have picked themselves up in good and commendable time.

  28. It is rather an Appaling situation this bereaved family now has to face the scorn of what I'd term a " class of vengeful mourners" who do not know the family personally but just read newspapers and the have to see this comments. None of you rumour disciples know nothing and best you save your "holier than thou " comments to urself.UTTER RUBBISH...leave the Mijindadis alone

  29. Whoever wrote this article is very insensitive and quite frankly, INTENSELY OBTUSE!!!If i could see you now, i would knock you out!!!You have no Idea what He and his Family have been through...I know because I am a personal friend of the Family and I am still mourning and so are they!!!May God forgive you!!!!

  30. this brings common knowledge to fore:

    1. A lot of humans LOVE to mourn more than the bereaved.
    u read comments like "respect Nigerians who are mourning the family"; "i have stopped wailing" i.e. stopped mourning, etc. Hahahaha - if u aren't a professional mourner you musta missed your calling.
    U looking for things to mourn, you dont have light, water, roads, education, etc. Mourn all that. Put your lives on hold till Jesus comes or whatever your religion/ belief system predicts. . .

    2. Bad news SELLS. It's why CKN and some others would use a blog to spew all this hateful RUBBISH. "smear campaign" like sum1 said.

    3. People do not like to mind their business. All these "if it were me" comments/ thoughts. . .
    Well, it wasn't you. it didn't happen to you so perhaps u should reserve ur opinion. Use that energy to handle the things that ARE happening to you OR wait till this same matter happens to you OR wait till Ndako & family ask your opinion.

    4. Consequently, when jobless people decide to pick on someone else's case to judge, Jokers whose personal lives would make u cringe or shudder or feel ashamed for would take centre stage to run their mouths. Hahahaha. . .

    5. People find it so easy to 'curse' others - they take the place of God to judge others and then, pronounce their curse.
    sorry to burst your bubbles loves.
    "The curse causeless shall not come"
    And thankfully, u do not feature in the scheme of things if/ when/ where sensitive, private, matters are being determined.

  31. He is crazy man...9 lives were altered 4 his crazy wedding ....i am not surprise..he is a Muslim...they do not value life...that is why they Islamic bandits in the north kept bombing churches and killing innocent people

  32. The owner of this blog has nothing better to do than to prey on the sorrow of this young man and his family. You are hoping to get cheap publicity and get followers at the expense of people who are grieving. May you be judged as you have judged this man. Wicked people

  33. When i first read this post i was horrified at the level of stupidity and cruelty of the writer. Let me ask u a question,did u know Maimuna and her family? Do u know Ndako and Halima? Shame on u and all who are running their mouths saying rubbish,may God forgive all u hypocrites.
    I was a friend of Maimuna's and i am proud of Ndako for making her proud and giving her d honor she deserves. That young man has grieved like u wouldnt even begin to know,he has aged in a matter of days and all of u open ur mouths to utter nonsense. How long should he have grieved for to satisfy all u hypocrites?? Mr blogger instead of u to spend ur time addressing pertinent issues, u are here seeking cheap popularity. If Muna could slap u from the grave i can assure u she would slap u deaf for daring to slander the name of a brother that was dear to her. As for all of u judging d young man maybe u should try killing people in ur family so u will know and understand d amount of courage it took that young man to do the right thing.
    Ndako and Halima may God bless ur union,may u always find cause to rejoice and not mourn. To Moh and Aisha i salute ur courage for standing by ur bro. We Muna's friends are with u all d way. Muna we luv u,we were looking forward to hanging out with u yesterday after d wedding but we believe God knows best. As to all u haters,may God forgive u. WICKED AND SHAMELESS PEOPLE.

  34. What an insensitive post. You, stranger that you are, think you love Maimuna and her mother better than her brother/son did/does? Who gives you the right to sit in moral judgement over someone's private life? All those judging and condemning the young couple, where do you get off? What makes any of this your business?
    I wish the couple a life of happiness. May they find consolation for the loss in each other. Amen

  35. What a horrible way to mourn! I did not know Maimuna and her deceased relations including her mother, husband and four children, yet I was deeply deeply shocked, depressed and always soaked myself in my tears. It took me just few days ago to pull myself together. What sort of souls do her living relations have? Does death make any meaning to them? Do they have love in them at all? It's a pity, we are in a wicked world. No love for one another. Good luck to them.

  36. What a horrible way to mourn! I did not know Maimuna and her deceased relations including her mother, husband and four children, yet I was deeply deeply shocked, depressed and always soaked myself in my tears. It took me just few days ago to pull myself together. What sort of souls do her living relations have? Does death make any meaning to them? Do they have love in them at all? It's a pity, we are in a wicked world. No love for one another. Good luck to them.

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  61. pls ignorant people should leave them alone! they are Muslims, and we Muslims grieve differently. we do not stop or postpone such occasions on account of death in the family. take note, believers don't grieve negatively

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