Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Area Fada:Charly Boy Writes Buhari

Our dear Presido,

Welcome back home. I was glad because it means you eventually listened to our cries and yearnings. You have returned at a time when our country needs you most to surmount the crucibles battering us as a people and a nation. Though for a very steep price, we never allowed our voices to go unheard and we are glad you ultimately listened to us.

One of the most pernicious threats beleaguering us today is insecurity of lives and properties.

We are constantly being battered and forced to the grim reaper by different monsters in different quarters of the nation. In the north, the Boko Haram sect, Fulani herdsmen, the October 1st Ultimatum and the IPOB agitation still depredating lives and properties. The people in other parts of the country are not safe either. Kidnappers are increasing by the day and hoodlums are flooding the
streets every other day. 

This is the time to deliver on the mandate the Nigerian people gave to you. 

I believe that you will take every necessary step to quickly bring an end to these national threats just as we join you to work assiduously towards exterminating 

the perennial economic hardship besetting the country. We (MumuDonDo) wish you long life and sound health Mr. President. 

Once again, you are welcome.

Areafada (CharlyBoy)
President of all Frustrated Nigerians

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