Thursday, 15 June 2017

Motherland Beckons Unveils Destination AlNejashi/Lalibela

Two Giants of Africa, Nigeria and Ethiopia renewed bond strengths with the synergy shown at the Destination AlNejashi/Lalibela press conference. Nothing like it has surfaced in a long while, which proves to show that the tourism sector is experiencing some grave revival.
The conference, kick-started by the rendition of the national anthem of both nations by splendid performance of Atunda Entertainment at the La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, homed in the naturalistic and picturesque ambience that filled the environment.
In attendance were, the Founder of Motherland Beckons, Otunba (Dr.) Olawanle Akinboboye, the Ethiopian Ambassador to Nigeria, H.E Samia Zekaria Gutu, Chief Dele Ajibade, the country manager of Ethiopian Airlines, Mr Solomon, Travel consultant, Mountain-Ice Consultancy, Travels & Tours Limited, Mrs Olukemi Aribisala, Bodex Media and a host of other media houses and pressmen.
As the Ambassador of Tourism in Africa, Otunba (Dr.) Olawanle Akinboboye opened the grounds for insight by pointing to the need for togetherness and African ingenuity using the battle of Adwa in Ethiopia as an illustration. According to History, Martyrs teamed up not only for Ethiopia but for the continent of Africa and fought in the battle with conviction and determination, exhibiting the African pride, strength and sense of direction.
The battle which took place at the undulating mountains in Adwa signified the undulating strength of the African people. In Aramaic the Ethiopian language, the phrase “Gara-de-Gara” was birthed which can be translated as “mountain-to-mountain”, “togetherness is better” and “Let’s fight, together”.
The main stay of this reflection is to share from the strength, vision and togetherness and ingenuity of the African spirit. Strength alone is not the only result generated from togetherness, but it also gives room for other platforms. These platforms can facilitate the building of bridges to connect nations and guarantee victory over modern-day slavery and to surmount this decadence of civilization; we must create prosperity together for the continent of Africa.
Annually, Africans spend billions of dollars travelling to other countries outside Africa; a percentage of this amount can be channeled to the continent and for this reason, Motherland Beckons  unveiled Destination Al Nejashi/Lalibella aimed at encouraging Africans to create prosperity by exploring the vast tourist attraction sites in Africa and in this case Ethiopia. Destination Al Nejashi has been unveiled as an adventure, entertainment and pleasurable experience packed tour designed for adventurers, researchers, religious and leisure tourists. The  package include tours, entertainment and other memorable activities at Al Nejashi, Lalibela, Mounts siemen ,Addis Ababa, Mekele  and other exciting places.
Al Nejashi the first mosque to be built in Africa is a UNESCO heritage world site and is located in Ethiopia with the fitted logo of “The Land of Origins”.
Lalibela is a town in Northern Ethiopia known for its Eleven (11) Monolithic rock-cut churches dating back from the 12th and 13th Century. Peter may have built his church on a rock but king Lalibela decided to build his churches into the rocks themselves. The outstanding architecture of these churches will leave any tourist in awe of the creativity of Africans.
It would be recalled that last year, Motherland beckons unveiled destination Akosombo in Ghana and Destination Grand Bassam in Cote d ivoire.
Leveraging on our own Nollywood which is the second largest movie industry in the world, motherland beckons also launched a movie and music collaboration between Ethiopian actors, cinematographers, scriptwriters and music artists. This “collabo” tagged EAST AND WEST AFRICA AMALGAMATION THROUGH TOURISM AND CREATIVE arts is billed to kick off as a concert in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on the 29th of July,2017.The concert will showcase the best of Nigerian and Ethiopian music, dance and comedy will feature Nigerian and Ethiopian music and comedy icons. Tourists can therefore experience authentic African music as well as the exciting tours and activities on the packages.
The Ethiopian Ambassador Expressed Her Sincere Appreciation To Motherland Beckons for creating a Platform For Tourists To Visit And Experience Ethiopia’s Rich History, Architecture, Culture  and Archeology .
The curtains of the event were drawn with the closing remarks and vote of thanks by Ethiopian Airlines country Manager who expressed how elated he felt by the existing synergy and pledged a continued support to Nigeria and the host of countries abroad

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