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Tuesday March 28th 2017 marked exactly two years since President Muhammadu Buhari was elected by Nigerians.

As a way forward,CKN news readers across the globe were asked to assess the two years of President Muhammadu Buhari after the election (He was sworn in on 29th May 2015).

These were the options and their reactions


Nnamudi Providence Very very very Poor
Abaelu Ike-Anthony Junior
Comr Chuma
Comr Chuma Hahahha this guy self
Henrietta Iwerunmor
Henrietta Iwerunmor The worst govt Nigeria ever had
Adeniyi Joshua Niyi Agape
Augustine Madumere
Oby Sure
Jude Jäyßößös Odibeli
Paul Uzeh
Paul Uzeh It has no grading just like the "NEPA certificate "
Jonathan Uwadiegwu
Jonathan Uwadiegwu True speech. Hahaha...
Chijioke Aluka
Happiness Ikwueme
Josiah Opene-Terry
Josiah Opene-Terry Excellent....

He behaved exactly the way we said he would behave...
Clementina Okumoku
Njoku Bright Joe
Akin Ayilara
Ike Amaefula
Wahab Adelaja Kazeem
Wahab Adelaja Kazeem @CKN I was waiting and watching out for you to say something on this issue: Biko explain to us, how can someone serve in year 1999 and graduate in year 2000? Nigerians need answers o.
Ayo Fadimu
Ayo Fadimu He served in 2001
Festus Okonkwo
UgoGod Mike
UgoGod Mike Very very poor
Kola Diamond Lawal
Odebunmi OluKunle Solomon
Gbolabo Ogunleye
Popoola Motolani
Ruth Ezeh
Ruth Ezeh Advanced Poor.
Lawrence Tope Delaw
Lawrence Tope Delaw far far better than previous govt,,so I rated it good.
Mike Okechukwu
Mike Okechukwu See urself
Chika Kenneth Odigwe
Chika Kenneth Odigwe Very poor is been kind with words. There is no government.
Reginald Ukam NG
Chris Chukwudi
Ola Bakare
Ola Bakare Average, its now on standstill
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Bunmi Bevlyn Ogunleyimu
Bunmi Bevlyn Ogunleyimu Horror movies(Advance poor, tragic too)
Oliver Onyibe
Oliver Onyibe F. Abysmal failure
Chukwuemeka Osuigwe
Chukwuemeka Osuigwe Monumental failure amd tragic
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Tokunbo Peters
Tokunbo Peters Disastrous!
Vivian Aigwas
Vivian Aigwas Poor, hunger and starvation.
Rexkennedy Saltlove
Ogunleye Joshua
Isma'il Alhassan
Isma'il Alhassan An Excellent
Vivien Adaeze
Promise Ebong
Jonathan Uwadiegwu
Jonathan Uwadiegwu C very poor
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Jonathan Uwadiegwu
Jonathan Uwadiegwu All d abokis are typing excellent. Meanwhile d answer is very "c,poor"
Vivian Aigwas
Vivian Aigwas I have never beg food, and i will never cos God is on our side. This government will not bring me and my generation down.
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Jonathan Uwadiegwu
Jonathan Uwadiegwu Amen ooooooooo
Jonathan Uwadiegwu
Jonathan Uwadiegwu Please be honest for once
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Chamberlain Masi
Chamberlain Masi Excellently tragic
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George Raymond Amani
Nda Aaron
Nda Aaron Excellent
Pst Amos Mcroy
Pst Amos Mcroy Woeful is the right word
Amarachi Onyemauwa
Fadare Johnson Tolulope
Anthony Ubani
Anthony Ubani Human life is the most important quotient. To the extent that human lives are been wasted daily by herdsmen since the coming of this government, I rate them "extremely poor"
Perfect-Prince Eze
Ifeanyi Ude Okocha
Ifeanyi Ude Okocha Haba! #VeryPoor no follow for the option na ... Lol! Oga CKN, abi you go increase the options because some people no fit rate, because the correct option is not there ... #ighotago?
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Nkem Augustina Amadi-Chukwuemeka
Nkem Augustina Amadi-Chukwuemeka Very poor, the worst ever, government without plans
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Susan Azoro
Susan Azoro Pooooor.
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Chigolum Victor
Chigolum Victor Fantastically and monumental failure in all ramifications.
Igwe Kenn-Chibuzo Simon
Igwe Kenn-Chibuzo Simon Why you no put "E-Fail"
Charles Osagu
Ken Mcphail
Ken Mcphail Poor.

Austin Chukwu Onyeka
Austin Chukwu Onyeka Options not here .....worse than volcanic eruption
Okafor Michae Chibuzor
Victor Onyenkeadi
Victor Onyenkeadi If I don't want to b bias. This government is accomplished all their promises in reverse order "opposite of their mandate". I am giving them non of the above.
Sandra Ubazonu
Jeremiah Asuqwo
Jeremiah Asuqwo Very poor.
Okoli Paul
Okoli Paul The worst government in the history of this stagnant country called Nigeria.
Hope Obioma Opara
Hope Obioma Opara Do you want DSS or EFCC come calling. No comment until after 4 years
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Abiodun Waheed
Abiodun Waheed Extra ordinary poor
Igwebuike Chukwuma
Evbodaghe Tony Ikhide-Etoni
Kido Uzochi
Chigbu Ngozichukwukanma
Chigbu Ngozichukwukanma The wost mistake ever in history
Sunshine Mary
Sunshine Mary I go for A(excellence) The best government so far,at least all Nigerians rich or poor have suddenly become prayer warriors. my boss did not have time for herself let alone praying in Jonathan's era,but today,she pray everyday begging naira to gain strength more. :P
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Odiong Ekanem
Sarah Ibrahim Ayasal
Mike Nliam
Mike Nliam Horrible!
Kennedy C Duru
Kennedy C Duru very very poor
Chika Ezeoke
Chika Ezeoke Very poor
Linus Edeigba
Edet Etekamba
Edet Etekamba Excellently Poor
Yaqub Alli
Chris Kehinde Nwandu
Mfon Onyewuchi
Mfon Onyewuchi CKN, u dey ask? Even the blind can see.
Ashandy Shandy
Ashandy Shandy Not good enough
Beyond expectations
Smart Uba
Uche Austin Anomneze-George
Uche Austin Anomneze-George Dead and dubious 🦇
'Dele Dele-Olukoju
'Dele Dele-Olukoju He's not been there two years na! He was sworn-in May 29, 2015. 😀
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Charles Arnold
Charles Arnold Ah ah Mr Olukoju, what aaaaaapin. Should we wait till may 29? No vex ooo I just dey pass.
'Dele Dele-Olukoju
'Dele Dele-Olukoju Nope, just for us to be accurate, no need to rush. If you want to assess him today, please feel free to do so. But if you open with "exactly two years ago today", you're giving the impression he's been there for two years which isn't accurate.
Prince Martinson
Ofestyle Bosh
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Akinsanya Olumide
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Ofestyle Bosh
Babasola Kuti
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Rafiki Kester Brown
Sadiq Mohammad Jamiu
Survivor Seed Anne
Adaora Nikki Mbanugo
Tony Opara
Akinsanya Olumide
Akinsanya Olumide Take the statics of those that gave a negative remarks on 2yrs of Buhari on your wall Chris Kehinde Nwandu Ckn. You wl agree with me that majority are from a particular region. It tells you the pains of losing a brother in such a position is still fighting back.....

For me. PMB 2yrs is a success story.
Francis Ibiam
Francis Ibiam I have nobody in govt but no positive change around me
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Ernest Iz Okani
Fidelia Oradiegwu
Fidelia Oradiegwu Nauseating
Samuel B. Aremu
Samuel B. Aremu D. Average
Akeeb Adekunle Alabi Iwo
Jo Akande
Jo Akande V good?
Lizzy Odiohamma
Princess Gloria Amaka Idara
Greyne Anosike
Olusegun Omoyayi
Olusegun Omoyayi Things are going as planned. Right now, the aftermath of the ethnic clash in Ile Ife is an indices. If we are already in trouble our God will bail us out.
Awe Adekunle Whaler
Ibrahim Suleiman
Ibrahim Suleiman C,POSITIVELY POOR.
Tony Martins Uzor
Tony Martins Uzor C. Poor.
But for me, Nigeria is presently being run by a BID government!
Anthony Elikene
Anthony Elikene I choose F - very very poor. You forgot to put F
Francis Ibiam
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