Sunday, 5 February 2017


A colony of naked people have been discovered in Niger State ,Nigeria.

This was the post by a social worker Malam Mustapha Yamusa Rigasa on his facebook page

"This village is called Birnin Amina in Rijau Local Government of Niger state.

A trained social worker/social welfare officer Malam Mustapha Yamusa Rigasa (A.K.A) Facebook journalist was told that The community there they don't practice any religion but

But this is not a reason for a reasonable and sensitive government to abandoned them and continue allowing these law abiding citizens under deplorable condition as if there is no government, social workers, philanthropists and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in niger state and entire coutry.

These people were deprived and denied access to education and good health for so many years.
As a trained social worker we do respect the people's traditional religious, norms and values, this will not prevent me from visiting this people to clothes and assist them.

Though as a trained social worker with psychological knowledge, eclecticism and versatility who studied human behaviour, community settings, rural and uban society,i am familiar with the characteristics of rural, urban and hamlet people, and I knew and believed that these half-naked people will never be receptive to social change and innovation the way how I have seen them in these pictures welcoming, accepting and interacting with these good samaritans and philanthropists that came to clothes and assisted them.

These community were just a victims of failure of the state,corrupt politicians and the entire system.

I am appealing to all Nigerians to shareYamusa Rigasa message until it reaches all the Nigerian social workers, NGO, UNICEF etc."

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