Sunday, 29 January 2017


The Department of State Services (DSS) has invited Johnson Suleman, general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, to its headquarters in Abuja.

The cleric is expected to appear before the secret police by 10am on Monday.

The development comes after the security agency failed in its bid to arrest the pastor in Ekiti state.
DSS operatives had stormed the hotel where he lodged after a crusade, but Suleman quickly reach...ed out to Ayodele Fayose, governor of Ekiti state, who intervened on his behalf.

Two weeks ago, Suleman had ordered his security aides to kill any Fulani herdsman that comes into his church premises.

He said he recieved information on a plot to assassinate him.

Suleman, who said he had nothing personal against Fulanis and Muslims, vowed not to apologise for instructing his aides to go after herdsmen.

Addressing his church members shortly after the Ekiti incident, the cleric demanded an apology from the DSS.

Suleman said he was angry because those who he was referring to in the video, which went viral, were rejoicing that the issue had veered towards a religious dimension.

He said he has, and will continue to have, high regards for Fulani people who are tolerant and respect the sanctity of life.

He also singled out Muhammad Sanusi, emir of Kano, for commendation, narrating how the monarch built a church reportedly destroyed by extremists.

“The emir of Kano is an intelligent Fulani man. He is a Muslim. There was a church that was destroyed, but he rebuilt it,” he had said.

“Will I tell people to go and kill such a person? The Fulani people who are very enlightened have called me. They understand me.

“The reason I’m speaking now is because the herdsmen whom I am angry against are happy that this issue has become a religious one.

“I’ll not withdraw my statement and those of you who are my children and pastors need to know what I’m fighting for, so that you can stand tomorrow and say ‘this is what I’m fighting for’.”

Suleman is yet to respond to inquiries on the invitation by the DSS. He neither answered his phone nor replied the text message sent.

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