Friday, 4 November 2016


 This probably is my worst foreign trip in several years.. The Buhari government has so bastardized our economic system that its no longer attractive traveling abroad..Last year, when I travelled to London, all i had with me was my VISA CARD..

While in London or any part of Europe, all I needed to do was to just slot my card into any ATM machine and I ll collect foreign currencies with ease..Fast forward to just a year after..You can't use any card abroad,my Zenith,GTBANK and even UBA cards are useless..You can't use any,you can't draw any cash..

I was told I can pick up money at the Nigerian airport through Travelex once I check in, I arrived the airport as early as 5am,joined a queue that never moves..Until my flight was announced after being on the queue for over 8 hours..I left Nigeria broke,without dollars or any other currency.. Now I may resort to other means to fund my trip..

The Minister of finance Kemi Adeosun and the CBN governor Emefiele should resign immediately.. Under one year they have not only killed this economy but have reversed our fortunes 100%...Once am back, I will mount a one man campaign for them to be sacked..My trip has opened my eyes to what Nigerians traveling and living abroad are suffering and going through.. Its not an experience you ll wish your enemy.. 

This to me is a NO,NO situation..If I could go through this as a common Nigerian seeking chicken change to travel, I can imagine what several Nigerian businessmen and women who travel for businesses abroad daily are going through. 

No wonder several foreign airlines are also pulling out of the country as well.These two people have nothing to offer our nation.THEY MUST GO TO MAKE ROOM FOR MORE COMPETENT NIGERIANS. 

Amb Chris Kehinde Nwandu is the Editor In Chief of CKN NEWS and Ag President,Guild of Professional Bloggers of Nigeria

Pictures:CKN during his current trips

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