Monday, 31 October 2016


Nigerian ace musician and entertainment entrepreneur, the always enigmatic masked man, Lagbaja thrilled guests at the MEGA 2016 Winners' Concert back on August 28 with his "otherworldly" presence and participation that day. More exhilarating for organisers was his silent acceptance to endow one of the MEGA award categories.

Few days after the event, the highly reserved master instrumentalist not only confirmed his interest in the endowment, but performed all the requirements of the endowment procedures, to the appreciation of the organisers.

While the issue of name or brand title to use in addressing Lagbaja's gesture piqued the interest of the organisers, it suddenly appeared as if the master of grand entrances had concocted a grand disappearance! We could not reach him to finalise the issue.

And suddenly, well, as it has become second nature to him, Lagbaja surfaced - with a splendid idea for the endowment. The entire note is better posted in full measure.

Lagbaja writes: "FAJ. Apologies for the delay. Thanks for the privilege to choose. My choice is:
*Alma Rohm Album of the Year.

In honor of 90 year old Ms. Alma Hazel Rohm, the longest serving American missionary, who arrived in Nigeria in 1950 and naturalized after her retirement. She has served selflessly and has contributed immensely to the growth and development of gospel music and music education in Nigeria in general, and the Nigerian Baptist Convention in particular. She continues to live in Iwo, Oun State.

Please check out the links below or google her name for more info."

And we did research this jewel in our midst, that we must confess has been glowing under most people's radar for decades.

What we found about this magnificent angel has made us restless not only to drape her name on that prestigious award title....but also make serious efforts to encourage her to honour us with the immeasurable joy of her noble presence.

What a woman!
More details on Chief Dr. (MissAlma Hazel Rohm, the Emeritus Missionary fondly called "Mama Rohm" later.

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