Sunday, 18 August 2013

Widow Accuses Brother In-laws Of Killing Her Husband,Sharing His Properties

A few days after her husband was buried Chioma Odilinye was abandoned in this compound in Ogidi, Idemili Local Govt Area of Anambra State. Her in-laws refused to allow her return to Lagos. She dragged her wailing son to the grave of her husband for this pix, according to her, for a story she would tell the boy when he eventually grows up.

While imprisoned in this place, her in-laws came to Lagos and were sharing the "spoils" left behind by their late brother Onyebuchi.

The question we must ask is, what really happened to that young man. My findings indicate that the surgery for which he was taken to India was done successful and he actually returned to Nigeria alive. Matter of fact, she spoke to the wife on arrival at the airport. The lady wanted to be in the entourage for the welcome party at the airport but one of the brothers, Hyacinth Odilinye allegedly refused.
On arrival, Onyebuchi walked out of the plane and into the waiting arms of his two brothers. Hyacinth allegedly sent the the other brother to go get something for him and before that one could return, Onyebuchi was dead in the car.

What happened to him?
After enduring a long flight from India and having been certified medically fit to travel, could he have died just like that in a car driven by his brother who is now gathering up the possessions?
Is there foul play in this whole saga?
was Onyebuchi murdered?
Are his wife, Chioma and the tender son of less than four years potential victims?

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  1. Wonders shall never end in igbo land

    1. This is not a better comment to such a pathetic Α̲̅πϑ touching story like this,such thing can happen anywhere,☺k...Let de woman meet with her own people Α̲̅πϑ they should seek de attention of de court,God of de Widows mst see her through...May Her Husbands Soul RIPP.

  2. The woman should get a good lawer that will pity her financially and go to court. Just maybe she will get help and justice. God pls help her and her son. Amen

  3. The evil and injustice done against widows in nigeria is yet to be addressed. Yet we have law makers advocating for child or underage marriage