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Why We Formed Faction PDP...Baraje (New Chairman)

Why We Formed Faction PDP...Baraje (New Chairman)


We address you today as leaders of PDP, who are worried by the increasing repression, restrictions of freedom of association, arbitrary suspension of members and other such violations of democratic principles by a faction of our party led by Alhaji Bamanga Tukur .

While we have done everything humanly possible to bring to the attention of critical stakeholders within the party the dangers inherent in the course being charted by that leadership, it has become very clear that the desperate permutations towards 2015 general elections have blinded certain people from the consequences of their actions.
Not only has the constitution of the party been serially abused by Alhaji Tukur and his fellow travelers, all the organs of the party have been rendered virtually ineffectual by a few people who act as though above the law. Unfortunately, it is obvious that that they get encouragement from the presidency whose old calculations are geared towards shutting out any real or imagined opposition ahead of the party’s presidential primaries for the 2015 elections.
As leaders of our great party, we consider it a sacred responsibility to save the PDP from the antics of a few desperadoes who have no democratic temperament and are therefore bent on hijacking the party for selfish ends. While the list of their violations of the tenets of our great party is long, we will highlight just a few:
The National Executive Committee of the PDP at its belated meeting of 20June 2013 approved 20 July2013 for the conduct of a special national convention.
However, that date was changed to August 31 without reverting to NEC ( the only authority vested with such powers) by a few people, apparently acting on the authority of the presidency.
Notwithstanding the fact that INEC had noted that the PDP congresses in nine states were not properly conducted, the illegal delegates from such states are being paraded at the so-called convention being held today in a cynical attempt to circumvent the law and further bring the name of the party to disrepute.
In gross violation of the PDP constitution which stipulates that the NEC meeting must hold at least once in a quarter, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and a few people have been running the party like a personal fiefdom without recourse to that important decision-making organ of the party.
The NEC of the party accepted the resignation of the former members of the NWC whose offices were affected by INEC observations based principally on the agreement that the affected officers would be returned to their respective offices at the convention. However, against the decision of the NEC. And in a not-so-clever bid to exclude some perceived opponents of the few powerful members who are trying to hijack the party, these positions have been made Open to some Yes-men within the party.
Notwithstanding INEC instance that Senator Any Uba is the duly elected candidate of the party in Anambra State and against the background that he is so recognized by majority of our party members, the Bamanga Tukur-led Executives announced a purported suspension of Senator Uba and some other members close to him in defiance of subsisting court orders.
Despite that the PDP Constitution is very clear that the state chapter of the party cannot discipline a national officer, the Deputy National Chairman, Mr. Sam Jaja, has reportedly been dismissed by some renegades who have hijacked the Rivers State chapter of our party with the connivance of the Bamanga Tukur leadership.
The persistent change in the list of the party’s delegates in many states as part of a deliberate attempt to rig the party’s nomination of candidates, especially at the presidential and gubernatorial levels, with a view to foisting on the PDP some unpopular candidates who are bound to lose at the polls.
The suspension without due process of the Governors of Rivers and Sokoto states. Even when the illegal suspension on Sokoto State Governor has been lifted, the Rivers Governor remains purportedly suspended for no just cause.
The illegal dissolution of the Adamawa State chapter of the party is a clear abuse of power by Alhaji Bamanga Tukur thus causing confusion in his home state.
Given the foregoing, it is very clear that the Bamanga Tukur leadership cannot guarantee for our millions of party members democracy anchored on free choice and the rule of law. We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to rescue the party from their int and dictatorial leadership.
It is indeed noteworthy that from 1999 to date, Nigerians have constantly voted the presidential candidates presented by our great party but not only dies such trust come wig enormous responsibility, we recognize that we cannot continue to take the people f granted.
From now, the new leadership of the party under us will strive to build a fairer as well as a more transparent and accountable PDP that will putty interest of members and indeed all the people of Nigeria above that of one single individual.
For all the members of our great party who may have become disillusioned by the anti-democratic tendencies of the Bamanga Tukur’s leadership, there is a new lease of life in the horizon. It’s a new day for the Peoples Democratic Party.
As we take over the leadership of the PDP, our immediate priority is to revive the culture of robust debate of all contending issues while providing a level-playing field for all our members. These were the ideals that differentiated our party from others and endeared us to Nigerians.
We are not, and have never been a political party where one man would be taking decisions for all members and where once you do not kowtow before the presidency, you are deemed a rebel that must be crushed. That is no the PDP bequeathed to us by our founding fathers. That, I dare say, is no longer what PDP under our leadership will represent from today.

Atiku,7 Governors Walk Out Of PDP Convention In Abuja

Atiku,7 Governors Walk Out Of PDP Convention In Abuja

Report reaching CKN Nigeria has it that former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, and seven Northern Governors of the PDP have Walked Out Of PDP Convention holding at Eagles Square Abuja.

According to report, no one is sure on why they decided to do so.

They are presently Meeting at Musa Yar'Adua Centre Abuja now.

Details later

1 Year After,Amadi Ogbonna's Family Recounts Their Huge Loss

1 Year After,Amadi Ogbonna's Family Recounts Their Huge Loss

It was with a tone of melancholy but aura of reverence that Rev. Endy Amadi, younger
brother of departed Ogbonna Amadi relieved the life and times of the late Vanguard Entertainment Editor. Endi, who is President, ‘Right To Live Organisation’ and Project Manager, ‘Rural Alert for Integrated Development Foundation’, recounts that the loss remains as traumatic as it was a year ago. Pouring encomiums and eulogies on his late brother, the younger Amadi admits it’s been a year of pain and sorrow but with consolation in the Lord.
Traumatic year
It has really been a trying year without Ogbonna. Trying in the sense that he was like the pillar in the family. With his demise, the reality of his position dawned on us. His demise has not been easy with our mother. Ogbonna was the apple of her eyes. Every morning, she wakes up, sits by his grave and cries. I also have his wife to consider. The last time she visited me here in Umuahia, it was all tears again. So, throughout this one year, one would have expected that perhaps the wounds would have healed but this was not the case.

It’s just like we would turn around one day and see him scolding you and still drawing you close with such tenderness as he used to. Recently someone called me “kid brother” and I broke down in tears as I remembered Ogbonna used to fondly call me that. At that point, it actually dawned on me that it’s been one year since he died. We hardly even called him by his name. He was fondly known as ‘Don Dusty.’ It’s one year now and like I said, it has not been easy. It has been a year of pain, and sorrow but we are consoled in the Lord.
If one begins to list what he misses about Ogbonna, it will take the whole day because he burns hot and then he goes cold. For instance, whenever he called and you were not there to pick the call, be prepared for 10 minutes of tongue-lashing and after the 10 minutes, he would slam the phone and the next minute he’d call back and in his usual tone he’d call me fondly and deliver the message. I particularly miss him calling me kid brother. But at that point he was alive, I never thought he was giving me my dues. Imagine at 48 years of age, he was calling me kid brother, but I am beginning to appreciate it now. It was his own way of giving me a sense of the fact that I was actually his younger brother.
Above all, I miss some of the disagreements we used to have because after those disagreements, we always came to an agreement, but right now, it does not exist anymore because he is no more. Ogbonna was a masterpiece. He was everything rolled into one. His job, he did very well and his relationship with the family was very cordial. So he was not one that we could just fold our hands after one year of his death and say, ‘and so what?’ We intend to hold a thanksgiving on his behalf, to thank God for keeping us together, especially his wife and our mother who were most hit by his death. Although August 29 was the day he died, we are really looking forward to October 12. Right now we only intend to have a silent, family thanksgiving in his remembrance on Sunday.
We intend setting up a Foundation, one that will showcase and discover young talents no matter how long it takes. However, because I am into the Word of God now, it is going to be rooted in the Gospel. We will then use this avenue to encourage upcoming artistes. Also, whenever we start this, a greater percentage of what we will get will be used to set up a Trust Fund for his children because it has not been easy for his family and at the time he died, his wife was just about starting up a business and although the business is steady now, it still needs support.

It has not been easy coping without my husband — Toyin Amadi

After one year of his exit, it has notbeen easy coping without my husband. But with God by our side, we have been coping. God has really been faithful to us.
What are the things you have been missing most about him?
Everything thing about him. I mean, I miss everything about him. Like now, when I couldn’t sleep, I would start playing most of his favourite songs. I would be dancing all alone just to dance away my sorrow. It has not really been easy. For months, I could not even sleep in our bedroom alone. Most times when I am in the bathroom bathing alone, I would be asking myself, does it mean my hubby will not come again to bath with me? So many things like that.
Just few weeks ago, my children were watching TV, and suddenly, my second son just asked me, is that how daddy will go and never come back again? It took me sometime before I could answer the question. It was like, after one year, these children could not erase the memory of the tragedy.
What are other things you used to do together that you have not been doing now since his demise?
Like I said earlier, he was all around me. We did almost everything together. I could remember when I wanted to start my business newly, he used to tell me, I am trying my best, I don’t want you to break down, I don’t want you to overstress yourself. But now, I have to do all those things alone. Not only that, I have doubled my struggling.

PDP Convention Holds In Abuja Today..3,500 Delegates Expected

PDP Convention Holds In Abuja Today..3,500 Delegates Expected

No fewer than 3, 500 delegates from the 36 states and the FCT are expected to vote at the PDP Special National Convention slated for today Aug. 31 in Abuja.

Rep. Emeka Ihedioha, the Chairman, Media and Publicity Sub-committee of the Convention Planning Committee, made this known when he briefed newsmen in Abuja on Friday.

Ihedioha, who is the Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, said that adequate preparations had been made to ensure a hitch-free convention and to ensure the exercise was concluded on time

CKN Nigeria Newspaper Headlines...Saturday 31st August 2013

CKN Nigeria Newspaper Headlines...Saturday 31st August 2013

PDP Chairman Commends Legislators Decision On Suntai

PDP Chairman Commends Legislators Decision On Suntai

The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, on Friday declared that the party would not tolerate government by proxy in Taraba State.
Fielding questions from newsmen in Abuja on Friday, Tukur said the PDP was worried about the situation in Taraba, and that he would have gone to the state capital if not for the national convention of the PDP holding in Abuja on Saturday (today).
“We are concerned about the developments in Taraba state. We earlier sent a team to visit the governor when the unfortunate incident happened and right now, I would have landed in Taraba if not for the national convention. You can count on me to get there by Monday; but we will not allow proxy governance in Taraba State,” Tukur said.
“The elder state men and highly placed persons from Taraba State should, as a matter of urgency, converge to proffer solutions to the present political logjam and impasse,” the lawmakers said.
He also warned people outside the state against meddling in the affairs of the state, stressing “we commend the bold, gallant, resolute and patriotic steps taken by the Taraba State House of Assembly under the leadership of the courageous Speaker, Rt. Hon. Haruna Tsokwa.”
He took a swipe at those who he claimed were “playing politics with the health of the governor” and throwing the state into confusion.
He said, “Rather than uniting our people who are peace-loving, dynamic and enterprising, we are busy dividing them and creating unnecessary tension for selfish reasons. Rather than praying for Governor Danbaba’s speedy recovery, we are busy scheming, out-smarting and outwitting each other for selfish aggrandisement or the unknown 2015.”

Taraba Senators,Reps Members Back House On Suntai,As Loyalists Plan To Impeach Dep Gov

Taraba Senators,Reps Members Back House On Suntai,As Loyalists Plan To Impeach Dep Gov

Following the resolution by members of Taraba State House of Assembly that the acting governor, Alhaji Garba Umar, should continue in office, there are strong indications that loyalists of the ailing Governor Danbaba Suntai are plotting to remove the acting governor.
Insiders within the governor’s camp disclosed that the plot is already concluded and that implementation is already underway. A team is reported to have been set up to source for lawmakers and break the camp of the 16 legislators supporting the speaker.
A source said that a very influential figure is bankrolling the plot, and he is said to have vowed to pursue the agenda with all resources at his disposal.
“They are looking for lawmakers to engage and conscript into their plot. For them to realise their plan, they need to get more than half of those presently with the Speaker. The Speaker now has two-third of the members,” the source said.
Those behind the plot are said to have reached out to the presidency, but have so far not secured the endorsement of President Goodluck Jonathan, who is reported to have vowed to stay off the crisis.
A source in the know of the unfolding drama hinted that the impeachment plotters have also secured the support of two north-central governors. The governors, the source said, have also failed so far to convince the president to deploy federal support for the project.
It was learnt that the president was wary of public opinion which is perceived to be heavily tilted against Suntai and his loyalists. He is also said to have turned down appeal for presidential backing from some Middle Belt leaders.
But the 16 legislators behind the Speaker are said to have resolved to stand by their resolution to ask the acting governor to continue in office.
Commenting on the state of the governor’s health, a member of the Taraba State Assembly, Hon. Aminu Umar, said Governor Danbaba Suntai needs immediate help, instead of the current political tool his loyalists are turning him into.
Speaking on the visit of the lawmakers to the governor, Umar said “Governor Suntai is in very bad state, and deserves immediate medical treatment before his situation degenerates further.
“We wept for the governor. He could not recognise any of us. There was no conversation in the real sense of the word. What Nigerians saw when he arrived was a child’s play. That was why we the lawmakers were barred from seeing him at the airport and later when we requested to see him.
“There was no coordinated discussion during the meeting, and (we) concluded that the man needs our help. That is why we passed that resolution. We have nothing against Suntai, but we see that he needs to be rescued from the cabal holding him hostage. He needs help very urgently.
“The situation was so bad that he could not hold any conversation, among many other incapabilities. We will all give account of our deeds before God. Those trying to cover him should know that Nigerians saw everything live. He should go abroad for medical treatment,” ,” the lawmaker said.
He condemned attempts to hide under Section 190 of the constitution.
He said: “If somebody cannot interact with the people, how can he claim to be working on their behalf? We know we should be fair to the governor. Yes, we are doing that, but the fate of one man cannot supersede the interest of over three million Tarabans.
“The constitution stipulates participation of the people in how they are governed. The people said they want to see their governor and yet some people are hoarding him from the people he is supposed to rule over. If the man is well, why are they hiding him from addressing the people?” he said.
Also, the crisis in the state over the fitness or otherwise of Suntai to resume duties has crept into the National Assembly as five out of the nine members of the state’s caucus at the National Assembly on Friday back the House of Assembly members’ resolution which asked the ailing governor to return to hospital for medical attention.
They maintained that the governor’s deputy, Garba Umar, remained the acting governor of the state.
Addressing newsmen at the National Assembly, Senator Abubakar Umar Tutare, who led four other members of the House of Representatives (House Whip, Honourable Isyaka Bawa; Ibrahim El-Sudi, Aminu Ibrahim Malle and Honourable Jerry Manwe), urged the acting governor to continue with the governance of the state pending the time when Suntai would be fit to govern the state.
Tutare, who read the signed address by the lawmakers, said they were in support of the resolution of the state’s Assembly which confirmed Suntai as unfit to resume duties.

“Alhaji Garba Umar should continue serving as acting governor, as constitutionally enshrined, until Governor Danbaba (Suntai) is convincingly fit to steer the affairs of the state,” he said.
AMCON Takes Over Ifeanyi Uba's Capital Oil

AMCON Takes Over Ifeanyi Uba's Capital Oil

The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria has taken over the management of Capital Oil and Gas Industries.
The Head of Corporate Communications, AMCON, Mr. Kayode Lambo, said in a signed advertorial on Wednesday that the management’s takeover of the indigenous downstream player would last for two years.
He explained that the takeover became necessary after AMCON acquired Capital Oil and Gas’ outstanding facilities from various banks.
The corporation said, “Following discussions with COG, a resolution was reached, which was subsequently adopted as terms of settlement in suit number FHC/ABJ/CS/714/2012 at the Federal High Court. One of the key conditions of this settlement is that AMCON takes over executive management of the COG for a period of two years.
“Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, the erstwhile Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, has consequently relinquished his role as head of the organisation. In the interim, AMCON has appointed an acting managing director to ensure accountability and continuity of operations.”
AMCON said its takeover of the executive management of the COG within the two-year timeframe would stabilise the company, adding that it planned to ensure seamless operations at the company.
The agency added that it would, within the two years, “drive the turnaround of the company’s operations in order to meet various timelines and goals set by COG’s board of directors and AMCON.”
“This change of management was effected on June 21, 2013,” AMCON said.
When contacted on the telephone by our correspondent, the Administrative Manager, Capital Oil and Gas Industries, Mr. Ugochukwu Ehighibe, confirmed the development.
“Yes, we have an agreement with them,” he said.
AMCON had shut the premises of Capital Oil and Gas in 2012 following an Abuja Federal High Court ruling that the agency should take over the company’s properties and assets over an alleged N48.014bn debt.
The closure of the company’s 196-million-litre capacity storage tank often used by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation for products storage had hampered products distribution across the country then.
Justice Abdul Kafarati, however, on December 13, 2012 set aside the ex-parte order of November 13, which directed AMCON to take immediate possession of the properties and assets of Capital Oil and Gas as well as those of its managing director, Ubah, over the firm’s alleged indebtedness to the corporation.
But AMCON in an advertorial said it remained firm in its “resolve to vigorously pursue the indebtedness and ensure the recovery of the debt in the interest of the economy.”
The Managing Director, AMCON, Mr. Mustafa Chike-Obi, had put Capital Oil and Gas’ total indebtedness at N65bn as of December 2012.

“It was N53bn plus N12bn of interest accumulated over the last two years, and the interest is accruing at the rate of about N800m to N900m a month,” he had said.
Ecobank Under Investigation For Falsifying 2012 Annual Report

Ecobank Under Investigation For Falsifying 2012 Annual Report

The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Ecobank Transnational Incorporated over an alleged misstatement of its 2012 performance.
The Communications Adviser, SEC Nigeria, Mr. Obi Adindu, confirmed this development in response to a text message sent to him on Friday.
“The regulator is on top of the issues and has engaged the authorities of Ecobank on the corporate governance and investor protection issues thrown up by the reports,” his response read.
Attempt made to get an official statement to that effect from Ecobank Nigeria was referred to the Head Office in Togo, but an email sent to the Head Media and Group Communications, Mr. Nabi Ouedraogo, was not responded to as at press time.
However, a source in Ecobank, said that the bank was not aware of such development.
“The only investigation I know of was that which had to do with our chairman, but he was cleared by the regulators as well as the government of all the allegations,” the source said. A Reuters report on Friday quoted a source at SEC as saying that SEC held meetings with Ecobank’s board directors on August 6 to discuss the issue, which was raised by a suspended former head of finance at the bank.
The reported said that the source did not elaborate as to what the bank was accused of misstating.
It added that Ecobank acknowledged that there was an investigation, giving no details, and said it was fully cooperating with the SEC.
The source said the regulator had sent queries about Ecobank’s 2012 performance to all the directors, in line with the International Finance Corporation corporate governance code.
In March, Ecobank, which has operations in 32 African countries, said its 2012 pretax profit rose to its highest ever level of $348m, up a quarter on the same period a year ago.
“The core element (of the allegation) is on material misstatement of facts on (Ecobank) performance,” the SEC source said. This may also affect whether or not a bonus awarded to the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Thierry Tanoh for that year was proper.
“All the executive directors have been issued a specified questionnaire on matters emanating from the petition and responses are awaited,” he said.
The initial complaint to the SEC came from the bank’s suspended Head of Finance, Mr. Laurence do Rego, the source said.
“I can confirm that our Board of Directors met with the SEC in early August and that we are …. in continuing dialogue with them. We are happy to offer them our ongoing cooperation,” Ecobank spokesman Jeremy Reynolds told Reuters by telephone.
He said do Rego, who joined the lender eleven years ago, was suspended because she falsely claimed to be a qualified accountant. Do Rego had not responded to the bank’s invitation to meet the board of directors and substantiate her claims.
Do Rego could not be immediately reached for comment.

Ecobank has been in the spotlight over debts owed by businesses associated with its chairman Kolapo Lawson, but the SEC source said the regulator was now satisfied there was nothing untoward about them.
3 In Court For Kidnapping And Raping UNILAG Student

3 In Court For Kidnapping And Raping UNILAG Student

Three men, Bashorun Babajide,  Aje Olumayowa, and Babajide Ajayi, have been arraigned before the Tinubu Magistrate’s Court, Lagos State, for allegedly kidnapping and raping an undergraduate of the University of Lagos.
In the eight counts which the police preferred against the defendants, it was alleged that after raping the girl, the men also took snapshots of their victim and posted them on the Internet.
It was alleged that within a few days of the upload, the nude photographs went viral on social media, exposing Titiloye to ridicule and shame.
 It was reported in June, 2013 how the 22-year-old girl was abducted and raped at Ajose Street, on the Lagos Island.
The crime was said to have been uncovered and reported to the police after the attention of the family members of the victim was called to the pictures circulating online.
The police told the court on Thursday that Babajide, Mayowa and Ajayi also assaulted and attempted to murder their victim.
The police said the incident occurred in April, 2013.
The three accused persons were arraigned for kidnap, rape, assault, battery, unlawful detention and attempted murder.
The charge read in part, “That you, Bashorun Babajide, m, Aje Olumayowa, m and Babajide Ajayi, m,   on the 28th day of April 2013, at about 1930hrs at No 1, Ajose Street, Lagos Island in the Lagos Magisterial District, did conspire to wit kidnap and rape.
“That you, Bashorun Babajide, m , Aje Olumayowa, m, and Babajide Ajayi, m, on the same date, time and place in the aforesaid magisterial district did detain one Tolulope Titilayo,f, 22 years without her consent for the purpose of unlawful sexual intercourse.
“That you, Bashorun Babajide, m , Aje Olumayowa, m and Babajide Ajayi, m, on the same date, time and place in the aforementioned magisterial district did unlawfully take the nude photograph of one Tolulope Titiloye,f, 22yrs, without her consent and posted same on the internet.”
The prosecutor said the offences were contrary to and punishable under Sections 409, 269, 144(1), 258, 135(2), 150(1)(2), 228, 56(a) of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State, Nigeria, 2011.
The defendants said they were not guilty of the charges.
It was reported that the complainant was not in court because she had not recovered from her ordeals in the hands of the culprits.
The magistrate, Mrs. S.K Matepo, admitted the defendants to bail in the sum of N100, 000 with two sureties each in like sum.
The matter was adjourned till October 2.

New Illicit Activities Of Pastor Fatoyinbo Of COZA Church Abuja Exposed

New Illicit Activities Of Pastor Fatoyinbo Of COZA Church Abuja Exposed

Darts are now being thrown at the door step of embattled Pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assemblies (COZA) Abuja, Biodun Fatoyinbo from all angles.

Just like the African proverbs that when a big tree falls, all sorts of ants tends to climb it, some other unverifiable allegations continues to surface on a daily basis on the allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and his Church are not helping matters themselves. Just as the saying goes, silence is golden and may be an evidence of guilt.

Anyway lets serve you another angle from another source   (the 3rd in the series),who alleged and collaborated the earlier allegations by two previous members of his Church.

The difference this time is from a 3rd party individual who accused the Pastor of sexually harassing his girl friend.

Here is his story that has also gone viral on social media.

CKN Nigeria is not the original source of the story though.

Two days ago at 9:14pm, a commenter on Ese Walter’s blog going by the name ‘Okene Boy’ made further allegations against the embattled pastor. The accusations centered around his girlfriend being an ‘almost victim’ of the pastor’s alleged sexcapade.

The accuser, who claimed to have been a worker in church himself, also said the pastor requested ‘oral sex’ from a mutual friend and fellow church worker. He further claimed the antics of the pastor broke up a marriage whilst the church was in its early days in Ilorin. He said the cause of the marriage break up was due to the pastor having an amorous affair with another man’s wife.
The allegations, which cannot be verified as the accuser has cloaked his identity, also went further to name other Pastors of COZA to be involved in such acts. Whilst none of this is verifiable, public opinion is mounted strongly against COZA as the church has not made any efforts to deny any of the allegations, despite being aware of their existence

His Statement

Okene Boy

August 27, 2013 at 9:14 pm
“I Just want to share a bit of my experience in COZA cos I only laugh when hear people call God in this matter. I use to be a member of COZA, a worker to say the least. These things have been on since I was in the University of Ilorin and attending COZA, my then girlfriend was almost a victim. A housemate of mine called Funmi was a victim of the brainwashing tactics of pastor Biodun, from her I first heard the term ‘Blow Job’…..yes!! with my then Pastor B. My girlfriend stopped going for counseling cos she could no longer stay in a lonely office with pastor Biodun. We have all stopped attending COZA long before now. The unfortunate thing is that pastor Biodun is a pervert, sorry to say, but its the truth (its always bitter). I am now happy that this young lady developed good courage to open up and worn many potential victims. He has the word no doubt but….he is still very much human: worse than an average man on the street. If you know you are good looking…. RUN!!! Pastor biodun was alleged to be sleeping with the wife of a church member then in Ilorin and the man almost had fight with him but somehow that affair with his wife ended their marriage. COZA lost many members then though the adultery continued. His wife can no longer be ashamed of these issues cos, I’m guessing, she’s gotten used to being embarrassed by her so called man-of God. This is very unfortunate cos he is a pastor I love so much. I’ve kept track of events since I left with some of my friends still loyal to the church and discovered that Pastor Flo does the same in Lagos and even my beloved Pastor Wole in Ilorin at the moment. I have decided to put God aside and wonder: What is it with Big-time so called Men-of-God and sex? Does it give them some kind of powers or what…
Pastor B made me spiritually but he also broke me. So many issues about the death of a member of my then department in the church…how much can I write”


Friday, 30 August 2013

 Police Inspector Wins N5million In Glo “Recharge To Stardom” Promo

Police Inspector Wins N5million In Glo “Recharge To Stardom” Promo

 The winner of N5 million in the ongoing Glo “Recharge to Stardom” promo, Stephen Kuti (middle), a police Inspector, collecting his cheque from Globacom’s Coordinator, Marketing, Adeniyi Olukoya (left), Glo ambassador, Omawumi and the representative of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Temitope Sanusi during the prize presentation ceremony held on Friday in Lagos
 Many lucky subscribers including a police Inspector, a nurse, a civil servant and a commercial tricycle driver who won between N10,000 and N5 million in the ongoing Glo “Recharge to Stardom” promo have collected their cheques at a special prize presentation ceremony held on Friday at Glo’s corporate headquarters in Lagos.
The winners are Stephen Kuti, a policeman who won N5million, Donatus Nwodoh, a lawyer from Abakaliki who went home with N1million, Linus Udo, a tricycle driver from Akwa Ibom, Tayo Attah, a nurse from Kaduna, and Adedapo Kolawole, a civil servant from Kwara state. Other winners include Ahmed Adoga, a driver from Delta State and Ayokari Atimuda, a student from Ado Ekiti who won N1milion each. Twenty other subscribers won N25,000 each while twenty three others won N10,000 each.
Speaking at the prize presentation ceremony, the winners expressed their surprise and joy at the fact that they were among the lucky winners in the promo which is part of Glo’s 10th anniversary celebration.
An ecstatic Kuti, who won N5 million in the promo, was accompanied to the event by his ageing mother, Mrs Elizabeth Kuti. He said that it was initially difficult for him to believe. “I never believed, but now I believe, I want to thank Globacom Chairman, Dr. Mike Adenuga Jr. for remembering subscribers on the occasion of his company’s 10th anniversary”, he said.

One of those who won N1milllion is Pastor Oluwole Sunday from Oshogbo, Osun State who gave glory to God for what he described as “a great opportunity”. He described Globacom as a peoples’ network, adding that “Glo gave Nigerians, particularly the poor the opportunity to be able to use phones due to the competitive tariffs on its network. I am very proud to be on the Glo Network”, he said.

Another winner is Mrs. Tayo Attah, a nurse from Kawo area in Kaduna, who also went home with N1 million. A very happy Mrs. Attah gave kudos to Globacom for empowering Nigerians through the promo. “I came all the way from Kaduna to become a millionaire in Lagos, courtesy of Globacom and I am very happy”, she stated.

Mr. Kolawole Adedapo, a civil servant working in the Ilorin office of the National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) is another recipient of N1million. Asked what his reaction was on hearing that he won, Mr. Adedapo stated, “Unlike others, I actually believed when I got the call but my wife did not believe”. He thanked Globacom for the opportunity, promising to let Nigerians know that Glo promos are real.
In his remarks at the event, GM, Consumer Marketing, Ashutosh Tiwary said that the promo was part of a loyalty reward initiative for Glo subscribers as the company marks the 10th anniversary of the commencement of its operations.
“The objective was to transform many lives and create many millionaires and multi-millionaires from our subscriber base. We also aimed to ensure that our loyal subscribers are handsomely rewarded as they celebrate with us during our 10th anniversary. Since then, we have given out millions of naira and other cash prizes to several winners at prize presentations during our Slide and Bounce concerts held in Lagos and Abuja”, he said.
The Glo “Recharge to Stardom” promo offers thousands of loyal subscribers on the Glo network the opportunity to win various prizes ranging from N10,000 up to the grand prize of N25 million.
Prepaid and post-paid Glo subscribers who recharge with N200 and above during the promo period stand a chance of winning any of the prizes ranging from N10,000 to N1million while subscribers who recharge up to N5,000 during the promo period stand a chance of winning the grand prize of N25million.
A winner of N1 million in the ongoing Glo “Recharge to Stardom” promo, Donatus Nwodoh, a lawyer, collecting his cheque from Glo ambassadors, Omawumi and Funke Akindele during the prize presentation ceremony held on Friday in Lagos. Flanking them from left is Abimbola Umozurike of Glo Customer Care and the GM, Consumer Marketing, Ashutosh Tiwary.

A winner of N1 million in the ongoing Glo “Recharge to Stardom” promo, Linus Udo, a commercial tricycle rider, collecting his cheque from Glo ambassadors, Omawumi and Funke Akindele during the prize presentation ceremony held on Friday in Lagos. Flanking them from left is Abimbola Umozurike of Glo Customer Care and the GM, Consumer Marketing, Ashutosh Tiwary