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Dangote Increases Cement Production Capacity

Dangote Increases Cement Production Capacity

The Dangote cement’s massive investment in new capacity has paid off as it recorded upsurge in sales of its locally produced cement to the tune of 10.4 million tonnes in 2012, according to the company’s 2012 financials, presented on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), last weekend.

The Group increased its market share steadily during the year, averaging an estimated 57.1 per cent in 2012 compared with the 50.5 per cent achieved in 2011. During the last three months of 2012 the Group’s market share exceeded 60 per cent.

During 2012, the report revealed that Dangote Cement consistently outperformed the growth of the Nigerian cement market, as well as outperforming the Building and Real Estate sectors of the Nigerian economy for much of the year.

The success recorded in the sales of the locally produced cement led to an impressive performance, as it recorded a 14.7 per cent increase in the gross profit for the year.

The shareholders are also in for a good time as the directors recommended that they be paid 300k per share for the reviewed period.
The Chief Executive of Dangote Cement, Devakumar Edwin, in justifying the Company’s good outing said a combination of some managerial strategies adopted in the face of import dumping which led to the glut in the year under review accounted for the impressive performance.
Said he: “Dangote Cement achieved a strong increase in revenues and profitability in 2012 despite severe flooding that affected demand and a shortage of gas that affected margins.

“The Group achieved several key objectives in 2012. In the first half of the year we launched 11 million tonnes of new capacity that brought Nigeria to self-sufficiency in cement production. Because of our investments there is no more need for Nigerians to buy foreign cement.
”By the end of 2012 we were preparing to make Nigeria an exporter of cement to neighbouring countries and in the first quarter of 2013 we realised that goal, to the benefit of the Nigerian economy. Soon, we hope to be manufacturing cement in Senegal as we expand into other African countries to supply a basic but profitable commodity that is vital to Africa’s growth.

“Current trading is strong. We estimate that demand for cement in Nigeria increased by almost 16% in the first quarter of 2013 and I am pleased to report that our volumes rose by substantially more than the market's growth rate in the same period. Such a strong start gives us confidence that 2013 will be a good year for Dangote Cement.”

The company announced a profit after tax of N151.93 billion up from N121.4 billion of 2011 representing an increase of 25 per cent.
DCP is planning to list on the London Stock Exchange next year. Already the largest cement producer in sub-Saharan Africa, Dangote Cement is more than doubling capacity this year to 21m metric tonnes, and wants to reach 43m tonnes in 2015.

Besides Nigeria, where it has three plants and 70 per cent market share, the company has contracts to construct factories in eight African countries, from Senegal to South Africa to Ethiopia.

The expansion comes at a time of fast growth in Africa, with the IMF forecasting that regional economies will expand by 5.75 per cent this year. This is boosting spending on infrastructure and housing and driving demand for cement.

Soyinka/ACN Condemns FG Actions On Amaechi

Soyinka/ACN Condemns FG Actions On Amaechi

NOBEL Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, has appealed to politicians in government to be wary of manipulating the justice system in order not to reduce society to anarchy.

Professor Soyinka who was responding to questions from journalists in Port Harcourt on Monday while attending the Garden City Literary Festival, the edition which is part of countdown to Port Harcourt’s year as the 2014 World Book Capital expressed sadness at the political development in the state.

“I think that the judiciary right now while it is trying to reform itself, recognizes the fact that there are still some dark areas and I think it is the effect of the dark areas that seems to be creating a crisis in Rivers State right now.... I am just alarmed. I am alarmed that a situation exists at all where it strikes me, it appears to me that the judiciary is being manipulated. That is the impression which I had and that is an alarm which should be sounded in every corner of the nation”, Prof. Soyinka said.

Soyinka also lashed out at pettiness in governance at any level, saying that it is not appropriate for any government in a democratic situation to pay attention to small and unimportant issues rather than the serious matters.

He said: “Witch-hunting is a very heavy word. Let me just say this generally that I hate evidence of pettiness in governance. I think pettiness at any level is unbecoming of any democratic situation. That is all I want to say about that. I see that I cannot escape all what is going on. I have also put some questions myself, I mean, obviously, I am a citizen of this nation, so I am affected personally by what is happening at the opposite end of the nation.

“Those who feel that any kind of transgression of the collective rights of groups will not affect, will not have a kind of ripple effect which will affect other parts of the nation must be living in a cloud… and so I am concerned, and I will be quite frank with you.

“I am very much concerned about the imbroglio in which the state (Rivers State) appears to be involved at the moment and my main comment is for heaven’s sake, whatever happens internally between parties and so on, please don’t debase and don’t manipulate the judiciary. That is my appeal to governance at all levels. Please do not manipulate the judiciary because when you do you have chaos, you have total anarchy, you reduce the nation to a space of complete breakdown of law and order which is what this nation had better avoid,” he said.

The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has described the grounding of the Rivers State Government’s private aircraft by the aviation regulatory body, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) as a glaring case of political witch-hunt, despite the tepid denial of all concerned.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Monday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the action also amounted to gross abuse of national institutions and a pointer to what laid ahead for all perceived enemies of the President Goodluck Jonathan-led administration.

It said the worst part of the whole issue was the fact that a body like NCAA, which was supposed to carry out its all-important duties without political interference, but in accordance with stipulated global standards, had now become a tool in the hands of vindictive politicians.

“First, the plane was ostensibly grounded in Akure because the pilot did not declare the flight’s manifest to the appropriate authorities. Then it was said that the plane’s clearance certificate has expired, hence it was banned from flying in the Nigerian airspace. How low can a government sink just to get at a perceived enemy?

“The questions that arise, therefore, are: Has the clearance certificate for the plane really expired? When did it expire? Was this communicated to the Rivers State Government before the plane was grounded? If so, when, and if not, why not? In any case, would the NCAA have acted with so much alacrity if the plane had belonged to a State whose Governor has no political differences with President Jonathan?
Stella Damasus Replies Her Critics

Stella Damasus Replies Her Critics

Stella Damasus while celebrating her birthday recently has this to say about her critics and those condemning her relationships on her page.
I have been trending for the past two days now. Day one was about people wishing me well and praying for me on my birthday. Day two is now filled with gossip, scandals and all sorts, but that is as far as the so called journalists and bloggers are concerned. As far as I am concerned I had a blast on my birthday and I will not allow other human beings steal my joy regardless.
I choose to enjoy my life because I know I deserve it. Nobody went through my own trying times with me and I did not go through any with others.
When God decides to bless me, turn my mourning to dancing, turn my tears to laughter and turn my anger to happiness, no man on earth can change it or spoil it.
Truth is, I laughed when I saw some of the blogs and websites quoting and saying things they know absolutely nothing about. Writing things they have heard without concrete evidence, ghosts that cannot show their faces and ask direct questions. But they believe and think that they can wake up one day and decide people’s fate and destiny. Unfortunately they are made to feel important because people hate to read positive things and achievements, but give them juicy gossip and all of a sudden you become the most popular writer who has gist on everybody.
I realized that when I write blogs and articles about important information, encouragement, education and positive things, only twenty percent out of a hundred actually read it and leave comments. The other eighty percent jump at the gossip and scandals and then start to ask me stupid questions. These are people who have not communicated with me in ages but all of a sudden they feel the need to profess undying friendship and a listening ear. The fact that they believe I have the time or energy to respond to the most trivial issues baffles me.
Let me repeat myself in case some of these people missed it. “I really do not care what you say or write, the truth is who God has blessed no man can curse” , and if you believe that trying to turn a wonderful birthday into a global gossip game will make me feel bad then I am so sorry this Stella is not as stupid as you think”

NCC Orders MTN To Increase Call Tariffs

NCC Orders MTN To Increase Call Tariffs

In a bid to create a level playing field for telecoms  operators, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has directed MTN Nigeria Communication Limited to raise internal mobile tariffs.
NCC in its recent industry review, phone calls between MTN customers cost three times lower than calls to other networks. The report stressed: “This is indicative of the likely establishment of a calling club for MTN subscribers.”
MTN, which has about 44 per cent of the market, must cut the difference in price and face further scrutiny to ensure the competitive landscape is even for all operators, the NCC insisted.
Nigeria, Africa’s fastest growing telecoms market with a population of 167 million people has a subscriber base that is slightly above 113 million at the end of 2012, according to the NCC. MTN Nigeria is the market leader with 47 million lines.
Globacom had 24 million subscribers, Airtel-23 million customers while Etisalat had 14 million, according to data on the NCC’s website.
The report also showed that MTN and Globacom were found to “jointly control about 62 per cent of the public terrestrial transmission infrastructure,” raising concerns they may “squeeze the margins of their competitors who are also their customers.”
“As a result of the determination outlined above, the Commission has resolved that the Dominant Operator in the mobile voice market shall be required to adhere to the following obligations:
“Accounting Separation: The Commission will immediately enforce and implement Accounting Separation on the dominant operator
“ Collapse of On net and Off net Retail Tariffs: The differential between the on–net and off net retail tariffs will be immediately collapsed. The tariff for on net and offnet will be the same, and subject to periodic review.
“ Submission of Required Details: The Commission may require the dominant operator to submit details on specific aspects of its operations from time to time as the need may arise.” The regulator added that the Commission shall make a determination of pricing principle to address the rate charges for on-net and off-net calls for all other operators
On the dominat operators in the Wholesale Leased Lines and Transmission jointly dominated by MTN and Globacom, NCC said it will impose price cap/price floor for wholesale services and price floor for retail services which shall be subject to periodic review. It also plans to “immediately enforce and implement accounting separation on the joint dominant operator.”
The regulator added that it may require any of the joint dominant operators to submit details on specific aspects of the operations from time to time as the need arises.
“The determination shall take effect from 1st May 2013 and remain valid and binding on licensees for the services specified in relevant market segment of this sector until further reviewed by the commission,” the NCC said.
CKN Nigeria News Headlines.. Tuesday 30th April 2013

CKN Nigeria News Headlines.. Tuesday 30th April 2013

·         Aliyu flays plot to cage govs
·         60 toasts to Adenuga at 60
·         Three arraigned for terrorism
Pirates Kidnap 5 Foreign Sailors In Nigeria

Pirates Kidnap 5 Foreign Sailors In Nigeria

Pirates have kidnapped five crew members from a cargo ship off Nigeria, a piracy watchdog and a security source said on Monday, part of a growing trend of attacks that are pushing up maritime insurance costs in the Gulf of Guinea, Reuters reports.
The Antigua and Barbuda-flagged MV City of Xiamen container ship was attacked late on April 25 off the coast of oil-producing Bayelsa state, a security source said.
The crew members were mostly Sri Lankans but included one member from Russia and another from Myanmar, the source said.
The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) said 14 heavily armed pirates attacked the container ship, breached its citadel – a strong room designed to protect the crew from attack.
The pirates took five crew captive before escaping with cash taken from the ship and the crew, the IMB said in a piracy report.

Gov Suntai Moved To USA Hospital

Gov Suntai Moved To USA Hospital

The Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Taraba State governor on media and publicity Mr Sylvanus Giwa has disclosed that governor Danbaba Suntai’s health condition has tremendously improved in the United States of America (U.S.A) in comparison to his period of admission in German hospital.

Although it will be recalled that governor Suntai has been in the German hospital since October last year as a result of injury sustained in a fatal plane crash in Yola, Adamawa State before he moved to an undisclosed hospital in U.S.A late last month for further medical treatment.

Speaking in an exclusive interview in his office on Friday, over the current state of health of the governor, Giwa said reports that reached his office few days ago indicated that the governor was fast responding to all his medications compared to the time he was in Germany.

The special assistant disclosed that the governor’s aide who is presently with him in USA  confirmed to him that the governor’s health has greatly improved, adding that the acting governor, Alhaji Garba Umar, has been footing all the hospital bills since the occurrence of the incidence.

Chief Giwa also stressed that Alhaji Umar has created an atmosphere of stability and continuity by sustaining the legacies of governor Suntai, especially the ongoing projects that has great impacts in the lives of the people of Taraba.

Tuface's Son Celebrates Birthday In USA

Tuface's Son Celebrates Birthday In USA

Nigeria’s music star Tuface Idibia’s son  Zion,celebrated his 5th birthday in the United States of America few days back…Zion,one of Tuface’s two sons from Sunmbo Ayaba is in the United States with his mum and other siblings. Sunmbo who jetted out of Nigeria on 19th April 2013 is in the United States to take a well deserved rest with her kids and mother..These are the exclusive pictures obtained by CKN Nigeria on the birthday boy in the USA

Homosexual Kills Lover In Lagos

Homosexual Kills Lover In Lagos

The Lagos State Police Command has started investigation into the murder of a banker, Adindu Ohamara, who was stabbed to death by his suspected homosexual lover in Akoka, Bariga Local Council Development Area  of Lagos State.
It was gathered that Ohamara lived in a three-bedroom flat with his elder sister, Flora and one Collins, an undergraduate of the University of Lagos.
According to residents, the banker  was stabbed repeatedly at his residence located at 26 Obayan Street.
It was learnt that Ohamara, who was believed to be a homosexual, was fond of bringing different men, who were also believed to be into same sex relationship, to his home.
It was learnt that trouble started  when he (Ohamara) decided to get married due to pressure from his family.
A resident, who craved anonymity, said after the banker  had his wedding introduction, a man, believed to be  also  a gay came to fight him.
He said, “A few weeks ago, Ohamara did his wedding introduction and shortly after that, one man came to the compound to fight him.There was a lot of noise over the issue and even neighbours had to come to settle the matter.
“The unidentified man complained that he had been jilted and threatened to deal with Ohamara before he left in anger.”
Our correspondent learnt that on April 9, 2013,  the banker returned home with a  man, who   allegedly stabbed  him at midnight  and left.
According to police sources, hours before the incident, Collins went to Oharama’s room where he met the stranger sitting on Oharama’s bed, discussing with him.
A domestic worker in  the house, who craved anonymity, said he saw the suspect fleeing with a laptop at midnight.
He said, “It was a Friday evening. Ohamara came home with the man and they went inside. I went to sleep but at midnight, I saw the man carrying a laptop and then he opened the gate and left. He did not run so I was not suspicious.
“Around 4am, Collins and Flora started shouting for help. A neighbour came to help them and they took him  into his Toyota Camry   and drove to a hospital.”
It was learnt that Ohamara was taken to Jonken Hospital from where he was referred to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital Idi Araba where he was confirmed dead.
The matter, it was learnt, was reported at the  Sabo Police Division but was later referred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba.
Our correspondent, who visited the house on Monday, learnt that the police later arrested all the adult occupants of the building, including the security guard identified only as Kazeem.
The policemen allegedly demanded N350,000 from each of the detained persons before they could be  released.
The landlord of the property, Yemi Oketola, said the deceased had issued him two post-dated cheques as payment for his rent.
Oketola  on  hearing of the arrest  of his other tenants,  visited the SCID and appealed to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Damilola Adegbuyi, for their   release.
He said, “I do not live in the house but immediately I got wind of the incident, I went to the SCID and I met with the DCP in charge. I complained that a neighbour, who took Ohamara to the hospital  ,was  arrested. The DCP promised that my tenants would be released.
“When I went to see the Investigating Police Officer, he informed me that the cost of bailing each person was N350, 000. I called the DCP and he was very angry when he heard about the demand. He said he would make sure that the tenants were released.”
When contacted on the telephone, the spokesperson for the state police command, Ngozi Braide, confirmed the murder.
Braide however said she could not confirm if the deceased was a homosexual or not.
She said, “According to information I got at the SCID Homicide unit, there are only two suspects in custody, the deceased’s sister (Flora) and the UNILAG student (Collins). I am not aware of any other arrests.
“Also, I am not aware of any N350, 000 bail because bail is free. Investigations are ongoing and we will get to the bottom of it.”

This Man Was Jailed 10 Years For Stealing Gov Aregbesola's  Phone

This Man Was Jailed 10 Years For Stealing Gov Aregbesola's Phone

For stealing a N50,000 Sony Ericsson phone belonging to Governor Rauf Aregbesola, a 31-year-old Kelvin Ighodalo has been sentenced to 45-year imprisonment by an Osogbo High Court.
Ighodalo stole the phone from the pocket of Aregbesola on November 27, 2010, when the governor was being inaugurated at Government Technical College, Osogbo.
Justice Oyejide Falola, who heard the case, found Ighodalo guilty on six counts, which included conspiracy, stealing and fraud.
He was sentenced to 10-year imprisonment for the first three counts and five years for each of the last three which included impersonation, obtaining property by falsehood and collusion.
Falola, who ruled that Ighodalo deserved the jail term, held that the convict used the phone to obtain N500, 000 from the Owa of Ilesa, Oba Adekunle Aromolaran, while he obtained N200, 000 from Mr Shengen Rahman, an associate of the governor.
The jail term, which Falola pronounced will run concurrently, means that Ighodalo will spend the next 10 years behind bars.
Assistant principal state counsel, Mr Biodun Badiora, told the court that the convict had served six-year imprisonment in Ikoyi prison custody in connection with a murder case in 2005.
Counsel to Ighodalo, Mr. Ameachi Ngwu, prayed the court to commit him to community service, stressing that the convict should not be incarcerated but rather be placed where people could see him as a convict.

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How To Select Appropriate Gifts For Your Man

How To Select Appropriate Gifts For Your Man

Why are men are so hard to buy for? No matter how many years they receive a bottle of mediocre aftershave alongside a six-pack of socks, they always seem to refuse to provide us with good gift ideas come Christmas, their birthday or Valentine’s Day. However, while they may be easier and less painful to buy, boring gifts very rarely show someone you really care.

The key to getting your man the perfect gift is to play to his interests, buying something you know he will really appreciate and enjoy. Identify what makes him tick and then browse the list below for some unique and exciting gift ideas you won’t be embarrassed to give. Don't worry if at the time you cannot afford to buy very expensive things, there are plenty of ways to buy your man the right gift without spending all of your savings. For example, you can check your local free-classifieds website and look for items in perfect state for much lesser than the original price! After all, he's really not going to care where you got it or how much it cost you as long as it's something he likes. He'll probably be happier with his favorite’s football player's signed t-shirt (even if it was bought from someone else) than a brand new pair of Looney Toons socks. You can also try taking a look at the clearance section of stores in your area and see if there are any items that fit with the following ideas.

For the music geek

Does he listen to, play or write music with a passion? Whether he’s into Frederic Chopin or My Chemical Romance, there is a great selection of gifts out there for music lovers. Investing in a good quality set of headphones with noise cancelling technology is a good idea when buying for a man who is constantly glued to his MP3 player. Likewise, good-quality sound recording equipment is a fantastic gift idea for musicians wishing to improve their playing. Looking for something you can do together? Why not book some concert tickets, an evening at a jazz café or a music festival?

For the techy

There is a wide range of gifts available for technical wizards and gadget enthusiasts alike. If you can afford to splash out, the latest mobile phone, tablet, games console or MP3 player will probably go down a treat. For those on a tighter budget, opt for accessories such as a good quality, leather laptop case or a clip-on multi-lens attachment for his camera phone. For men who never grow up, look for remote-controlled helicopters or cars, but only if you are willing to put up with the incessant whirring!

For the sports fan

A fantastic gift that will earn you major brownie points with any sports enthusiast is tickets to see his favourite team play. If you are feeling particularly generous, get a few tickets and let him bring his friends. Signed memorabilia will also go down extremely well; just make sure autographs are authentic before you spend over the odds for a counterfeit.

For the adventurer

The array of ‘experience’ gifts now available is extensive. If he is the adventurous type, get him an unforgettable bungee jumping, race car driving or balloon riding experience. Many ‘experience’ gift providers also offer a discounted price for the second participant, so why not join him and have some fun yourself?

With a great variety of gifts available, why not ditch the cartoon character socks this year and start thinking outside the box? Show your man some love! It takes very little to figure out what he likes but it has a very big i

CaraMia Is a British Born Life Coach Based In Rome
Goodluck Is Playing Politics With Amaechi..Doyin Okupe (Vanguard Interview)

Goodluck Is Playing Politics With Amaechi..Doyin Okupe (Vanguard Interview)

 Dr. Doyin Okupe, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs was in the Corporate Office of Vanguard Media Limited during which he had an interactive session with Vanguard editors on topical issues affecting the polity. He spoke on the administration’s response to the Boko Haram insurgency, corruption and the face off between the presidency and Governor Chibuke Amaechi of Rivers State among other issues. Excerpt:
Flip-flopping of the FG on Boko Haram
We are not in touch with Shekau. There is no flip-flopping. When you are saddled to run and govern a country like Nigeria, there are so many so many considerations that come into play. To manage and to pilot the ship of this country in order that it does not capsize is an arduous task.
When the president went to Borno and Yobe, and he said ‘I will not grant amnesty to ghosts’,  he was right and it was correct. I said Shekau is the leader, I did not say he is the recognised leader because he is the one that comes up and nobody has opposed him. So, it is not like the presidency has recognised him as the leader but the whole world knows that the face of Boko Haram is Shekau.
Are you in touch with him?
The argument is unassailable that we do not know the real person because Shekau himself  is a virtual personality. You only see him on television and youtube
Virtual personality
He is a virtual personality and we have been corroborated by the fact that two or three people in the Boko Haram arrangement have borne the same name. So, these are virtual personalities and virtual personalities are not in perspective terms, are not too far from ghosts. So, that was the position of government.
But then, the issue of politics in Nigeria and the peculiarity of Nigeria now comes into play. You have the president of a nation taking a logical, decisive and correct step. The Sultan of Sokoto is the spiritual leader of the entire Muslims  in the entire north. He is also the paramount traditional leader in the entire north and he was the one who spoke at first. Later on, virtually all the spiritual leaders in the north except for Sheik Gumi, came together and said they supported the suggestion given by the Sultan.  The leadership of the elite class in the north came together to state their position. Should they be ignored?
Are you aware Northern Christians are opposed to the  Amnesty plan?
That is true. When we have a conflict like this, various interests are at play. We have faced a civil war in this country, over one million people were killed on all sides, but eventually it ended. We all had to bear the individual pains that we bore in order for the country to move on, it is impossible to ponder on all shades of opinion and rule a nation.
Sacrifices for the country
Some will pay sacrifice, some will keep paying sacrifices and the country must find a way for which it must go ahead. Christians in the north have been consistently victims of many of these religious riots and yet Christians in the south have not thought it necessary for a reprisal, even though we are pained. That is the sacrifice we are paying for nation building, it will not always be like this.
Some people have been killed, some churches have been burnt, some people have been forced to relocate but the crisis continues. If the crisis continues, more people will be killed and so, you solve the problem one after the other. If we are able for instance to end the Boko Haram insurgency with this amnesty, everything becomes quiet, then you now go back to the victims and see how you can attend to them. But can we be attending to the victims now that more victims are been brought into play; or is it not better for us to stop the things that cause victimization first? Whatever is required for us to have peace, let us have peace.
What is the problem between President Jonathan and Governor Amaechi of Rivers state?
It is politics. The answer is politics. I can tell politics is at play.
What kind of PDP politics are you talking about?
Are you not aware that PDP is its own problem and all the problems of criticism within the PDP is created by the PDP.
Why does the president percieve Amaechi to be a stumbling block ahead of 2015?
Governor Amaechi cannot be a stumbling block to Mr President’s aspiration.
So why is he moving against him?
He is not moving against him. There are two things. If I want to achieve an objective and in achieving that objective,  it will affect you, my primary purpose is not that it will affect you, my primary purpose is to achieve the set goal that is before me. So if there are collateral damages, there are collateral damages.

What are goals of the President for the Nigerian Governors Forum?
Stability of the country. We all know that the NGF was already becoming a destabilizing factor in the polity, that is the truth and let us all face it.
In what way?
The government must go in one direction and if there are dissension, there is problem. We have 36states in Nigeria, 23 of them are PDP governors and the NGF is headed by a PDP governor. Now if the NGF now becomes an opposition platform, then there is a problem. It is not what people are thinking, it is not a matter of whether somebody wants to get to a position or somebody wants to run for an office. We are a government, we are party and we must move in one direction. If we move in different directions, we are not going to achieve much.
Why must all Governors agree to the President?
All the governors do not have to agree with the President. What I am saying is that we are the majority party in Nigeria and the ruling party is the PDP and inside the PDP, there is no federalism and that is the truth. There is no federalism inside the political party, we have just one party, the party has one mission, one goal, one objective and one leader.
So you cannot say because of democracy, you now start to pull the party apart or pull the party down.  That is our business and that is why we have problems with people who do not understand politics, they have refused to understand there is no federalism in the party. If the party takes a decision that we are going this way and members of the party seem to be going the other direction, the party has taken a decision and we should all move in that direction.
Can you give one example where Amaechi went against the interest of the party?
There are too many examples.
Give an example where some PDP Governors in the forum spoke against the wishes of Mr President?
If the Federal Government takes a decision for example on Sovereign Wealth Fund and it is something the party has agreed that it must be established and the NGF says no it cannot be established.
Despite being a fugitive from the United Kingdom, former Governor of Bayelsa state, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha was pardoned. Did the government take the case in Britain into consideration?
Why should government take into consideration what is existing outside its own shores?  We get too much holier than thou in this country. We are a sovereign nation and if Alamieyeseigha has a problem with Britain, let them sort it out with him.