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The Pastor of Trinity House Church, Itua Ighodalo, and members of his church got much more than they had bargained for recently when the he decided to organise an award ceremony for Nollywodd actresses.Unfortunately, the three actresses who made it to his church - Eucharia Anunobi, Stephnora Okereke and Doris Simeon - have all had trouble in their marriages at different times.

Sunday, April 15, 2012, thus became a dramatic one for members and guests at the Trinity House Church. We gathered from an online source that Pastor Itua "mistakenly" seized the opportunity to insult actresses with broken marriages, and he got an instant response from the no nonsense Eucharia Anunobi (now an Evangelist).According to the source, Pastor Itua, who wanted to give summary of the award initiatives before handing them over to the actresses, said that Nollywood marriages are breaking up everyday as a result of too much nudity in the industry and rituals in their movies.He was said to have dwelt too much on the issue of broken marriages in Nollywood that people felt that he was directly talking to the three actresses in his church. He allegedly stated that he wanted to redeem them from broken marriages and that was the reason of the award.The actresses were said to have told each other that Pastor Itua seems to have forgotten that his own marriage also broke and he had to even take a second wife who he is living with now, as he is not free from what he accused them to be doing.One of them was said to have told others that Pastor Itua himself was expelled from Redeemed Christian Church of God because he left his first wife to marry a second woman without any justifiable reason. After murmuring unbearably with each other, Eucharia Anunobi (the Evangelist) refused to keep quiet.When the time came for her to collect her award from the pulpit, Eucharia decided to voice out in defense and against the Pastor. She was said to have disclosed that she will like to correct the notion that it is only Nollywood marriages that are breaking up.She indicated that she knew marriages of people who are not stars that had broken, that she knew pastors whose marriages had broken as well as ordinary Nigerians.She was said to have asked the pastor, "How can you say that Nollywood marriages are breaking everyday? When you marry wrong wife, the marriage will break. When you marry the wrong man also, your marriage will break".Speaking further she said, "Mine broke not because I wanted it to break. No sane person would marry hoping that the marriage would break. The records must be set straight and not give people wrong impressions about us because as I stand today, I am shining light and ambassador of God in the film industry".According to the source, anger was said to fill the faces of Trinity House Church members when their pastor derailed from his message and focused attention on Nollywood marriages, but they took to clapping when Eucharia was correcting their pastor.Immediately she finished her bitter remarks, Evangelist Eucharia Anunobi was said to have moved straight to the Pastor greeted him and left the church premises with other actresses without sitting down again.
Libya's former top oil industry official, Shokri Ghanem, has been found floating dead in the River Danube in Austria, police said on Sunday.Ghanem, 69, had been chairman of Libya's state-owned National Oil Corporation (NOC) before defecting last year several months after opponents of Muammar Gaddafi had risen up against the Libyan leader and begun a rebellion.As NOC chairman since 2006, Ghanem helped steer Libya's oil policy and held the high-profile job of representing Libya at OPEC meetings, often visiting Vienna for meetings in that role.."He was found dead in the Danube river at 8:40 a.m. (0640 GMT). There is no suspicion at all of foul play at this stage. The corpse exhibited no signs of violence," a Vienna police spokesman said.He said an autopsy would be performed to determine the cause of death.After making a final break with the Gaddafi administration last year, Ghanem first appeared in Rome, saying he had defected because of the "unbearable violence" being used by government forces to try to put down the rebellion.He was believed to have been living in Europe in exile since then but was still closely associated with Gaddafi's rule by Libya's new leaders and had ruled out returning home
See the way babes have grown all these years..From bushy to clear clean eatable dots..Anything short of this is against the norms..If you are a babe and has been keeping it bushy,then know u are way way behind.Look at the periods and check yours and see where you belong..CKN

That Nollywood super actor Enebeli Elebuwa is still alive today is by the grace of Nollywood diva Stella Damasus..Our exclusive investigation in Abuja showed that the actor who acted the "Andrew" character during the Buhari/Idiagbon WAI days has been down with an ailment diagnosed as stroke for months.He was taken to various haospiatls in lagos including the highbrow St.Nicholas Hospital but his condition did not improve..He could hardly stand for five minutes according to our source..His State Government of Delta through the help of actor cum Commisioner of Culture Richard Mofe Damijo donated N5m for his up keep but this was like a drop in the ocean..When all hopes seemed lost,help came his way through Stella Damasus (who is from the same state with him) to take up the challenge..Presently,we can exclusively report that he is being treated at the Indian Specialist Hospital Karu in Abuja with the Nollywood diva taking all the bills..Our investigation showed that for the first time,Enebeli could stand and work around unaided..Few days back,Stella Damasus and Actors Guild President ,Segun Arinze,circulated a bb message denouncing some messages on social networks where some conmen where soliciting for funds for the aging actor..If you read this story somewhere else,be rest assured it was plugged from here as our colleagues always do..CKN 
The convoy of the Taraba state Commissioner of Police was this morning targeted by suicide bombers near the Taraba state ministry of finance building in Jalingo.3 policemen died in the attack and 15 others sustained various degrees of injuries.The attack occurred around 8:30 am and police sources say the commissioner of Police, Sule Mamman was the target. Three motorcycle riders suspected to be suicide bombers forced their way into his convoy and blew themselves up.The windscreen of the Mamman's car was shattered as a result of the blast but the commissioner himself was unhurt.The despatch rider of the convoy, Usman Suleiman was mortally wounded in the attack...CKN

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Edo state Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Mr Louis Odion, has accused the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of masterminding a plot to assassinate Governor Adams Oshiomhole.
The allegation came just as Mr. Odion’s private residence in Benin was reportedly attacked by a team of gunmen in the early hours of yesterday.
The governor’s convoy was at the weekend involved in a ghastly crash along the Warrake–Auchi road that killed three journalists, leaving many others including security details injured.
The governor was returning from a rally in Afuze, headquarters of Owan East local government area, when a lorry suddenly veered off its track, facing the governor’s staff car and missing it by the whiskers. It later rammed into the vehicle conveying the security details and the bus conveying Government House press crew.
The sequence of events leading to the crash and its aftermath points to foul play, Odion said, calling for a thorough investigation of the incident by the security agencies.
While the driver of the offending truck was said to have been nabbed while trying to escape after initially hiding in the bush, his partner was reportedly arrested on the spot by security agents attached to the governor.
Said Mr. Odion: “Under interrogation much later, the driver’s partner could not offer a coherent explanation on their destination and mission while on the road. He said he was asked by the driver to join him in the vehicle to go somewhere shortly before the accident and that the purpose and destination was not explained to him.
“As if that was not puzzling enough, we also observed that even while the Governor and other Good Samaritan were still busy trying to retrieve the wounded from the two accidented vehicles and comforting the traumatised, a statement signed by PDP had already landed in television and radio stations in Benin expressing sympathy and condolence to Oshiomhole and the victims”.
“When we take these together and the litany of open threats earlier made by our political opponents to deal ruthlessly with top officials of the Oshiomhole administration, we are persuaded to strongly believe that there is more to the Saturday incident than readily meets the eye”.
“That is why we are calling on the Commissioner of Police and the State Security Service to carry out a thorough investigation”.
“Again, as if that is not enough, at about 3a.m Sunday, my private residence in Benin City came under attack by a gang of four gunmen. It happened that the Governor and a few Commissioners including myself had a meeting which lasted till 1.30a.m on Sunday”.
Meanwhile, Governor Oshiomhole has paid condolence visits to the bereaved families. Accompanied by some senior government officials, Oshiomhole was in the home of Mr. George Okosun, Mr Olatunji Jacobs, both of the Independent Television (ITV) and Mr Fidelis Okhani of the African Independent Television (AIT).
Consoling the wives, Mrs. Isokhen Okosun, Mrs. Blessing Olatunji and Mrs. Rita Okhani and relatives at their respective homes in Benin City, Oshiomhole said, “we have come to condole with you on the untimely death of our brother and comrade. It is hard to find the appropriate words to console you at this trying moment”.
A bomb blast some minutes ago has destroyed a portion of the Taraba State Ministry of Finance in the state capital, Jalingo.The News Agency of Nigeria quotes the spokesman for the state police command, Ibiang Mbasike, as saying that the blast affected a large part of the building.He could not, however, give a figure of the number of casualties...More details later.CKN

Ace comedian,Ayo Makun aka AY missed death by whiskers yesterday in Nigerian capital city of Abuja..According to report at our disposal,AY who is in Abuja in prepartion for a comedy show was involved in an accident at the Busness Central Area of the city..The vehicle conveying him had a head on collution with another vehicle (as seen in this pictures)..Luckly enough, no life was lost but the star was traumatized by the accident.It will be recalled that several stars in the past months have lost their lives in accident in Nigeria..Among these were MC Louph,Dagrin,Comedian CD John,Actor J T West etc..CKN
At least 16 people, including one professor were yesterday killed in gun and bomb attacks at the old campus of Bayero University, Kano, by suspected Boko Haram Islamic fundamentalists.The professor was Andrew Leo Ogbonyomi of Library Department.Another Professor, Ayodele Faniyi of the Chemistry Department was initially thought to have been killed in the attack. But,it was learnt that he is receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital after he was shot.This development came just as a grenade attack in a Nairobi church in Kenya yesterday killed one person and injured at least 15 others.The attacks on the institution came barely four days after eight people were killed in another coordinated attacks on some media houses in Abuja and Kaduna by the same sect.Sixteen others were reported injured in yesterday’s deadly attack.The authorities of the university are yet to confirm the death of the professors, but have, however, confirmed the death of seven persons, including students and worshippers.Yesterday’s attack took place in one of the lecture theatres used as a place of worship by Christians.
The sleepy community of Ibusa near Asaba, the capital of Delta State, has been thrown into confusion and palpable tension with the news that a 26-year-old man, simply called Ugochukwu, has allegedly impregnated his mother and step-sister.Ugochukwu, also popularly called Peter by people in the area, was said to have left his mother, identified as Cecilla, to work in a Lagos hotel while he was just 12 years old.It was gathered that Ugochukwu’s father later died and his mother, Cecillia, subsequently remarried a Yoruba man in Lagos.Ugochukwu later got admitted to the Lagos polytechnic, where he reportedly met and started dating one Mary, who turned out to be his step sister (being the girl his mother had for the Yoruba man his mother remarried in Lagos).Their relationship blossomed and on graduation they thought of formal introduction to both families.Meanwhile, Ugochukwu’s mother was said to have dumped the Yoruba man after three children and turned to commercial sex work around Allen Avenue in Lagos.One night, Ugochukwu had reportedly gone out with a friend to a hangout, where they got themselves drunk and retired to a hotel to pass the night.It was there he picked his mother (unknown to him) and had sex with her without a condom.
Wife of former Inspector General of Police, Sir Mike Mbama Okiro, has died after she slipped and fell in her bathroom.Hera Okiro, the woman named in a bank loan controversy shortly after Mr. Okiro stepped down as IG died after a freak accident in her bathroom. Family sources said Mrs. Okiro could not be reached on time after she fell on her head in a bathtub in the former IG's home last Thursday.
She was sixty one.A banker by profession, Hera was named in a bank loan fraud in 2009 shortly after her husband retired as IG, she was named in her capacity as the managing director of Hekiro Nigeria limited, a company used by the former IG to secure contracts from AGIP/ENI oil company and bank loans from the defunct Lead Bank of Nigeria.  In July 2009 the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) accused Mrs Okiro of borrowing a total of N166. 597 million between 2000 and 2001 from the defunct Lead Bank, the bank loan was never repaid according to the NDIC.
Family sources said Mrs. Okiro is survived by several children mostly members of the former IG's family business, Hekiro Nigeria Limited.
Dame Patience goodluck Jonathan,the Nigerian first lady is a "nice dresser"..of recent her ward robe attendants seems not to be getting it right if we compare her with her predecessors like Miriam Babangida,Stella Obasanjo etc..Take a look at this dress and judge for your self madam first lady's self inflicted dress mannerism..No no no madam,something must give..Please change your dresser and ward robe,we have enough Naira to keep you fit..Madam on this dress,we give you 8/100..Next time we wont be that generous..CKN
What manner of dress sense is this lady on the right putting on..Yes,the skin is beautiful ,agreed but is that the reason why she had to lay everything open to the imagination of all.No panties..Mind you ,this is not a beach wear,as can be seen ,she wa caught at the corridor of one of the hotels trying to sale her "wares" to prospective clients..This is condemnable...For this, you are sentenced to two weeks secluded room secluded rehabitation till you purge your self of these vices..We are lenient enough because of your fine skin..We rate this 4/100..CKN
These Unilag Students were caught recently at a club watching while one of their own danced naked..Look at the sitting position of the one on the left side of this picture..It tells you the level they have degenerated into..For obvious reasons,we have decided to drop the video while emphasis is on the School..I hope we get some listening ears out there..CKN
President Goodluck Jonathan wil today at 9pm Nigerian time make a nation wide broadcast to the bnation..The escalation of insecurity and terrorism occasioned by the various bombing across the land will form part of the address..It is also been speculated that some changes may be effected on the security top brass within the security system in Nigeria..CKN
What do you call this ikebe..The grip and positioning..CKN

Ways To Turn Men Down

He: Can I buy you a drink?
She: Actually, i'd rather have the money
He: I'm a photographer. I've been looking for a face like yours.
She: I'm a plastic surgeon. I've been looking for a face like yours.
He: Your face must turn a few heads.
She: And your face must turn a few stomachs.
He: Haven't I seen you some place before?
She: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore.
He: If I could see you naked, I'd die happy.
She: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing.
He: How do you like your eggs in the morning?
She: Unfertilized.
He: I want to give myself to you.
She: Sorry, I don't accept cheap gifts.
He: Didn't we go on a date once? or was it twice?
She: Must've been once. I never make the same mistake twice.
When is the best time to resume having sex after a woman must have delivered a month,three months,2 weeks or immediately?..CKN
The exclusive picture you are seeing is that of Sumbo,one of the wives of pop star and African Queen crooner Tuface Idibia and her two kids..One of the sons had his birthday today and mother decided to spoil them silly with friends..This picture was exclusively obtained by CKN Nigeria for your delight..Happy Birthday guys..look very well,you ll see that one of the kids is a carbon copy of their dad..CKN
Two unidentified Professors were among the confirmed dead victims of the Bayero University Kano Catholic Church bombing today..CKN Nigeria attempt to get the real names and departments of the dead egg heads was abortive since their next of kin were yet to be informed..Another dark day in the history of our country..How long will this madness last?..CKN
UPDATE 5: Kano Police commissioner, Ibrahim Idris, just told us 8 are confirmed dead and several injured. Witnesses say figure is higher
UPDATE 4: Main gate to old site cordoned off by soldiers.Witnesses say they first attacked soldiers on guard before bombing. Uncomfirmed reports say two professors are among the casualties
UPDATE 3: Witnesses say JTF has driven away in two pick-up vans filled with corpses, and wounded
UPDATE 2: A Kano resident sent us this: "I wasn't there but I know of the first place they went to in BUK! There is a Federal Government-assisted IT infrastructure site inside BUK old site that they first went to. They told the legionnaires guarding that they were there to bomb the building because it belonged to the Federal Government."
"After much begging and quoting of the Quran by the aged legionnaires, Boko Haram left and about 20 minutes later, they started bombing the chaplain and shootings broke out.
"Meanwhile, the area has been cordoned off by late arriving security."

Update1: The explosion started around 8 a.m. They attacked theatres 2 & 3, where the christians normally have their services.
Witnesses say the they gun shots lasted for more than 30 minutes. They said two bombs went off around the two theatres which are situated in between the faculties of medicine and science in the Bayero University.
The Joint Task Force, which is overseeing security in the city didn't arrive until 20 minutes after the gunmen had left. A witness said the attackers were seven in number.
The place is now calm, he said.
We spoke to one clergy, who said he was conducting service in one of the theatres when the blasts went off.
He said it occurred 30 metres away from where he stood, adding that what scarred him most was the gunshots that followed the bombing.
He admitted casualties but is still in state of shock and could not tell how many.
Latest report indicates that a Catholic church inside Bayero University was the target of todays bombing..The church was bombed while service was on.Eight people so far has been confirmed dead..The smoke of the bombing as seen here could be noticed from several points of the Kano metropolis..CKN
Work has started on a new movie, titled Doctor Bello, which will feature Isaiah Washington, Vivica A. Fox, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Bern Cohen, and Nollywood superstars, Genevieve Nnaji, and Stephanie Okereke. The movie is written and produced by award-winning producer, Tony Abulu.
 The movie was announced at a press conference, which was held on April 21, 2012, at the iconic Radisson Blu Anchorage  Hotel in Lagos. Present at the press conference were Tony Abulu, Isaiah Washington, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Zack Orji, Ebbe Bassey, Lynn Whitfield, and representatives of partnering brands. This historical crossover film has received brand support from MTN, M-Net/ DStv, Silverbird Cinemas, Sovereign Trust Insurance and African Artists Collaborative.Scheduled for release in Summer 2012, Doctor Bello is positioned to showcase Nollywood’s cross-marketability within the international spectrum. It is the first movie project financed in part by the recently established Nigerian Intervention Fund for the arts and entertainment industry administered by NEXIM Bank.
Report coming in said the dreaded Islamic sect Boko haram has just bombed the Kano University in the heart of the city..The full details is yet unknown but it comes few days after the same sect bombed the Gombe State University..No one could give reasons for the targeting of tertiary Institutions by the sect ..It will be recalled that Boko Haram also bomb the premises of Thisday Newspaper in Abuja and Kaduna this week......Update..8 People Have been confirmed dead..CKN
Nollywood actor and compere extraordinaire,Chidi Momeke yesterday finally bid farewell to barchelor hood and the numerous society women that troop around him including a former female Senator to say I DO to his beautiful wife at a ceremony in Lagos attended by the who is who in the society..The traditional wedding took place in owerri last week.Contrary to wide held view,the bride is not the junior sister of the current Minister of Aviation as initially thought..Chidi is seen here posing with his wife..We wish them goodluck..CKN
Never in the wildest imagination could Peter Opara had envisaged the tragedy that befell him and members of his family last Sunday.The father of one, who occupied a one-room apartment at 9 Ogundade Street, Ejigbo area of Lagos, returned earlier that day from church with his family.
After taking their evening meal of boiled rice and stew, the family, as gathered, settled to watch the television, when, all of a sudden, there was power failure.Mr Opara was said to have gone to put on their generator placed close to their room. Time was 11 p.m. The entire famiy then slept off, hoping to switch off the generator by midnight. Soon thereafter, the generator exploded, setting the house on fire.

While other neighbors, most of whom were jolted from sleep, scampered in different directions for safety, the fire raged , spreading to other apartments. Just then, one of them shouted, “What about Mama Opara?” They reportedly looked round but did not see any member of the Opara family.
As if responding to the question, shouts for help were heard from the Opara apartment. But no one could go for help as thick smoke had covered the veranda. An attempt by a rescuer proved abortive as he was almost chocked.The shouts for help, as gathered, continued but, at a point, they became faint and then stopped outright.The fire reportedly raged till the following day without fire servicemen coming to the family’s rescue. The neighbours reportedly battled hard to put out the fire, to no avail.
Policemen from Ejigbo division visited the scene the next day, where the charred remains of Peter Opara, his wife, Ebere, and their two-year-old baby were evacuated to the Isolo General Hospital mortuary.Although the police said they were investigating the cause of the fire, one of the tenants, who did not want his name in print, said, “The fire was caused by their power generating set which was close to their room .That night, all I heard was an explosion, the cause of which no one could tell. When one of us ran out to see what the problem was, he saw it was fire. And you know how it is with petrol. Immediately the whole place was engulfed . I quickly rushed in, carried two of my children who were asleep and rushed out, calling my wife to wake up.“When I got outside, I saw some of our neighbors. You see these properties, they were brought out by some of us who managed to go in . Some people even joined us to salvage some of the properties. It is just unfortunate that Peter and his family are gone. We did not know they were trapped inside because, you know, at that point, it was every man for himself and God for all.”
The President yesterday finally visited the bomb site of Thisday Newspaper bombed by Boko Haram during the week.The President was far away attending an Ecowas meeting when the event happened..He is seen here with the Publisher of Thisday Newspaper..Prince Nduka Obiagbena inspecting the Abuja office of thisday..CKN

Special Fraud Unit of the Nigeria Police Force has declared former governor of Kwara State, Bukola Saraki, wanted over a N21 billion bank loan fraud at the defunct Intercontinental Bank of Nigeria. The police order was issued shortly after Justice Gladys Olotu, presiding at the Federal High Court 4 in Abuja, denied the former governor (now a serving senator), a plea to restrain the police from interrogating or arresting him.Confirming the story, SFU spokesperson, Ngozi Isitume, said an arrest warrant is in place for the immediate arrest of the senator, who went into hiding after a Federal High Court in Abuja cleared the way for his arrest on Thursday. We received a green light that there is no injunction restraining us.”

Justice Olotu had in her judgement sided with the reasoning of the police counsel, Femi Falana, that regardless of Mr. Saraki’s rights to liberty, the police have the power to arrest, investigate and prosecute him upon reasonable suspicion that he committed a criminal offence. She also said in the circumstances of this case Mr. Saraki is not entitled to seek an interim injunction against the police.

Represented by three Senior Advocates of Nigeria, who were led by Saka Isiaku and Lawal Rabana, Mr. Saraki had prayed that Justice Olotu restrain the Special Anti-fraud Unit of the Nigeria Police from questioning him over his involvement in the N21 billion million loan scam perpetrated at the now defunct Intercontinental Bank.

In a press statement, Mr. Saraki had repeatedly claimed he had no hand in the said scam and that he had no relationship with the company, Joy Petroleum, used to move the money in contention. The police, however, insist that their records point strongly in the direction of Mr. Saraki and that, in any case, they would like to hear his own side of the story.
The police say they are puzzled by findings in the course of their investigation, particularly by revelations from the accounts of Joy Petroleum, from which they found that credit transfers were made at a time the sole operator of the account, Mr. Obahor, a former aide of Mr. Saraki, was long deceased.

While Mr. Saraki constantly harped on the fact that he had no relationship with Joy Petroleum, the police have asked how come the head office of the company on No. 30, Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, belongs to Mr. Saraki? The police also questioned the fact that he had used his office as the governor of Kwara State to influence the purchase of the stock of the company by the Kwara State Ministry of Finance. Above all, the police said Mr. Saraki had been an open promoter of Joy Petroleum Ltd. and on several occasions used his personal properties to guarantee loans taken by the company.

The police also said it wants the former governor to assist it clarify why the names in the documentations of the bank included his wife, Toyin Saraki, and his former Commissioner for Finance and current Governor of Kwara State, Abdufattah Ahmed.
President Goodluck Jonathan indicated on Saturday his willingness to summon the National Security Adviser, Gen. Owoye Azazi (retd), for linking the Peoples Democratic Party with the spate of bombings in the country.Also, the PDP in a statement cautioned the NSA to steer clear of political matters, so as to avoid making enemies for Jonathan.It scoffed at his claim that the party was to blame for the bombings in the North because of its non-adherence to democratic practices and values.
Jonathan spoke on the issue while fielding questions from journalists during a visit to THISDAY to commiserate with its management in Abuja, on Thursday’s bomb attack against the newspaper
He said he would not seriously comment on the issue until he had read the script Azazi delivered at the South-South summit on Friday, and “listen to him.”The summit was held in Asaba, Delta State.Jonathan also said Nigerians should demand from Azazi what he meant by the statement.
The President said, “Probably, people need to ask the NSA to explain what he really means. I have read it in the papers.”On the calls by some stakeholders for the government to dialogue with the Boko Haram, the president said his government was ready to exploit every possible means to end the violence.However, he said that both those who advocated dialogue and those opposed to it were right.
He said, “Those who are saying we should dialogue (with Boko Haram) are correct; and those who are saying we should not dialogue are also correct.“When we have a terror situation, you also look at global best practice. Just like war situations, you may dialogue; you may not dialogue, depending on the circumstances.“But we will exploit every means possible to bring this (violence) to an end.”
Azazi had on Friday in Delta State during the South-South summit said, “How come the extent of violence did not increase in Nigeria until the public declaration of the people that were going to contest election in the PDP?“And I would also like to say this, although the PDP people will not agree with me, they would like to attack me, but I hope they do it in private.”However, the PDP said, “It is important for us to advise appointees of government to navigate only on the terrain where their authority will not be humbled by superior knowledge, so as to avoid attracting undeserving and unnecessary ill feelings for their principal.”The party stressed that equity; fairness and inclusiveness were its cardinal principles since formation.The statement read, “We wish to state without any ambiguity that our great party remains the only political party in Nigeria that is not owned by any ethnic group, person or group of persons.“All Nigerians are equal stakeholders. All our special national conventions for the election of our presidential flag bearers since 1998 have seen candidates emerge on the strength of national unity, a common motif, which envisages that every section of the country, majority or minority can aspire to the highest political office in our father land via a well-entrenched rotation and zoning principle in the constitution of our party.”Further, it stated, “that President Jonathan emerged with overwhelming votes of delegates from every state in the country, a feat that was again repeated in April 2011 general elections, which of course, have been adjudged the best in our recent history.“It is, therefore, a comment in grave error, a fatal diagnosis of facts for anyone to insinuate or directly assert that a section of the membership of the PDP, or its foundation predisposes that only a certain section and not others will aspire to the highest office in the country.
“The PDP as a party will not cease supporting and assisting the national security Adviser in as much as he remains focused in this job of securing the lives and property of Nigerians.”
Some mothers do have them indeed.Atleast the picture speaks for itself..How is this lady feeling,been naked in the midst of well clothed human beigns.What fashion madness is this..Is she a whore or a sane lady out to display her insanity..Well,you be the judge..She deserves one full month sanity check at the Yaba Psychatric Home..For this,she gets a 3/100..CKN
These three Nigerian Unversity students in a tertiary institution think the only way to kill boredom instead of reading their books is by posing nude for the cameras..They are students of a University in one of the South West States (name withheld)..You could see the eager to pose for the camera ..What would their bvrious parents who toil day and night to send them to school say with this attitude..Nigeria is surely losing its best youths..We will continue to shout and condemn such attitudes..Not with the cases of rape on the increase..CKN
Fear,anxiety ,peace of the grave yard is the situation at the Independent Television (ITV Benin) owned by multi billionaire and Osama of benin Chief Gabriel Igbinedion as three of his staff died in mysterious circumstances within a week..First to die was a cameraman weeks back..According to CKN Nigeria investigation,while arrangement was been made to bury him,another two staff,a cameraman and a reporter died in a road accident as part of a press crew convoy of the Governor Of Edo State,Adams Oshiomole..According to insiders within the TV Station,every staff of the company are now engulfed in fear of the unknown..Some of them believe,the deaths were not natural..May God grant their souls eternal rest..CKN
Three journalists covering the Edo Government House lost their lives on Saturday afternoon when a lorry crashed into Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s convoy.The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the governor and his entourage were heading to Auchi from Afuze in Owan East Local Government Area of Edo to officially flag-off his return bid campaign.The incident occurred few metres to Auchi town between Ikharo and Auchi, on the Auchi/Sabongidda-Ora Road.The driver of the lorry was said to have lost control after a brake failure while descending the Auchi hill along the route.The lorry narrowly avoided hitting the vehicle conveying the governor and rammed into the press crew bus and one of the escort vehicles attached to the governor.Two of the three dead journalists were from Independent Television while the third was a cameraman from Africa Independent Television.
They were among the six other occupants in the press crew bus when the accident occurred.The other surviving journalists as well as the chief detail to the governor and some other aides were said to have sustained various degree of injuries.The injured were rushed to Notre Dam Hospital in Auchi.
Auchi Unit Commander of the Federal Road Safety Commission, Mr. Olu Afolabi, confirmed the incident
Watch the bride groom right hand and tell me what you
Is there anything wrong in a woman who was denied sex for ten months by her husband to go and have a quickee outside,since body no be wood?..CKN

Controversies is trailing the forth coming Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria pageant as report reaching us suggests a lot of intrigues in the selection of the final contestants in the competition..Picture above shows some of the has been revealed that some of the contestants were from same parents that decided to use different names and represented different states to qualify..Investigation has shown this trend is been perpectuated by the contestants with the assistance of MBGN officials..Its yet to be seen how Ben Bruce and his team will be able to sort out this mess before the event holds in few weeks time..CKN

‘I Slept with 40 Strangers I Met Online in Five years’ – Both Teenagers and Married Men

Alone in a hotel room with a man she’d met only half-an-hour earlier, Becky Stevens knew it was too late to back out. For six months, the 15-year-old had been chatting online to ‘Stuart’ after meeting him on an internet dating site. As part of their virtual courtship, Stuart — who claimed to be 24 — lavished her with compliments and asked her to send increasingly provocative photos of herself. Desperate for his approval, she complied. Now that he had paid Becky’s train fare to travel 200 miles to meet him, it was clear he expected her to have sex with him. And even though she didn’t want to, she still went ahead.

Becky says: ‘We’d been chatting for a few months and sent sexual messages to each other a few times so, although it seems so stupid now, real sex seemed like the obvious next step. But my first thought when I saw him was: “Oh God, he looks nothing like his picture.” He wasn’t attractive and looked more like 40. But, still, we went straight to the hotel and had sex. I recall feeling nervous, but it was over quickly. ‘Afterwards, he paid for the room and we said goodbye at the station.

We never saw each other again. I cried on the train going home, because I felt so disgusted with myself. My mum thought I was over at my friend’s house the whole time.’ It would be easy to assume that such a degrading experience would put Becky off internet ‘dating’ for ever.

But as an overweight, insecure teenager, she was desperate for the empty compliments that were showered on her in return for sexual favors — and the encounter was to mark the start of a five-year addiction to having sex with men she met on the internet.

‘I felt degraded but, at the same time, I was hooked on the excitement and craved attention’ Becky’s story is all the more alarming as she is not only from a loving home, but also a good student who achieved As and Bs at GCSEs. At night, she was trawling up to seven different dating sites, exchanging explicit messages and allowing herself to be filmed stripping and carrying out sex acts — what is known as ‘cyber-sex’. Like many parents, her family was unaware how she was spending her time online.

Despite the obvious dangers, between the ages of 15 and 20 Becky met 40 men — strangers, ranging from teenagers to married men in their late 40s — for sex in often risky situations. Becky, who lives near Exeter with her widowed mother, a childminder, says: ‘We’d check into cheap hotels, or they’d drive me somewhere and we’d have sex in the car. The men were always in charge, they’d obviously been watching a lot of porn and would ask me to replicate things they’d seen in videos. ‘The sex was awful, they never asked me if I enjoyed it — and I never saw them again.

I felt degraded but, at the same time, I was hooked on the excitement and craved attention.’ During her assignations, Becky’s mother thought she was staying with friends. While she has since confessed about her secret life, they have found it too awkward to discuss it in depth.

But Becky is now choosing to speak out because, when she eventually told her friends about the mistakes she had made, it transpired that she was far from the only one who had become involved with strangers over the internet. Now she wants to help expose the appalling reality of the online traps awaiting teenage girls.

Tragedy of the highest proportion was averted during the week,when the 4 years old son of Nollywood star Emeka Ike bashed his mothers' jeep into the wall.Report has it that the young man and his mum went to a supermarket to pick up stuffs..The mother left him in the car with the key of the car on the ignition..Curiosity took the better part of the boy who kicked started the car,the impact is what you are looking at..What do we call this act of carelessness..CKN
A Mexican woman named Karla Vanessa Perez is reportedly pregnant with 9 babies, and is now being dubbed as NonoMom or NueveMom, with reports later saying that the earlier news are not true.

Karla Vanessa Perez, “allegedly pregnant
with 9 babies, to give birth on May 20th
According to Mexican news on Friday, April 27, 2012, Karla Vanessa Perez of Arteaga, Coahuila appeared in local TV networks revealing that she is pregnant with 9 babies, and is being set to give birth on May 20 via C-section.
“I feel different because there are nine of them. I feel odd, but so be it. We must move forward and hopefully everything goes well,” Karla Vanessa, 32, was quoted as saying on Televisa TV network, noting that she learned that she is pregnant last January.
Apparently, Notimex, another Mexican TV network, reported that Coahuila Health Secretary Bertha Castellanos also reported that after an ultrasound, it was determined that Karla Vanessa is indeed pregnant with 9 babies.
“It’s very early to think of names for the babies. First I hope that everything goes well.” Perez was quoted telling to Notimex, who was said to be married to mechanic Juan Bernardo Morales and already has four children, three of them were reportedly triplets born last November.
However, Mexican news, including local newspaper..El Diario de Coahuila reported later that Karla Vanessa is not really pregnant with 9 babies and that she did not even gave birth to triplets, with her three children now 15, 12, and 4 years old, as confirmed by her mother Francisca Castañeda.
Apparently, Francisca said her daughter already underwent operation and will not give birth again, which was also confirmed by Mexican Society of Gynecologic Urology member Dr. Jose Salvador Gallegos Mata, who said that being pregnant with 9 babies would be possible only by the method of artificial insemination.

A Mass Redeployment has hit the FRSC as Lagos State Sector Commander of the agency Jonas Agwu others have been redeployed..A reliable source close to CKN Nigeria stated that Agwu has swapped position as the Frsc image maker with Mr Akpabio..Others redeployed were Kayode Olagunju to Rivers and a new Sector commander appointed for FCT amongst others ..Resumption is May 8th..CKN
When nine-year-old Favour Endurance Obilor was taken to Hajia Amina Ukaegbu’s house as maid, she believed that her sufferings had ended. How wrong she was eventually. In Hajia’s household she was battered, starved and serially raped by two grown-ups. How did this happen and what happened to the alleged culprits? From her dishevelled appearance, you could tell she has been trauma-tized. For Favour Endurance Obilor nothing could be worse than the torture and sexual assaults she allegedly suffered in the house of a woman who employed her as a house help.Even few days after she was got off the hook, the nine-year-old girl appears haunt-ed by the memory of her alleged trouble times. She sobbed endlessly as she narrated to Saturday Mirror how two men, work-ing for her boss, serially turned her to a sex toy – a criminal act her assailants, she claimed, perpetrated with no scintilla of remorse.“I was Hajia’s house help and was al-ways helping her to do house chores before now,” she began with tone laden with emo-tion. “From the first day I got to her house and till the day I left I never slept in a room. I always slept in the corridor. There were several other people living with her apart from her children.
Among the people liv-ing with her were two males called Aboy and Japan and two females called Oluchi and Nkiru. “The two males slept in a room that was close to the corridor where I usually slept. At a point, they began to wake me at night to come and sleep in their room. The first day they took me into their room, they raped me and warned me not to tell any-body about what they did to me.” Her assailants, she further alleged, did not deem it fit to spare her even for one day as they made the sexual assault on her an everyday affair.
“I almost said it to other people in the house when the pain was becoming too much but the fear that they might hurt me prevented me from doing so. I never enjoyed what they were doing to me but I continued to bear it all along. The two of them slept with me one after the other and right now, I can’t control urine.
“I neither knew of sexual relationship nor engaged in one with anybody until they began to rape me. They never gave me anything for raping me. They were just doing it to me because they knew that I had nobody to run to for help. They always raped and left me to my fate. After raping me, blood would come out of my private parts and stain my pants and body. They al-ways did it at night when everybody would have gone to bed.
Hajia was not around all the while they were raping me. She trav-elled all through out that period and I don’t really know where she travelled to,” she recounted. Her travail was worsened by the alleged unconcerned attitude of her boss, who she alleged was also always beating her at the slightest provocation, with no human feel-ing expected of a mother to her child.
“Apart from the two guys who forced me to have sex with them several times, other members of the household always flogged me with whatever they could lay their hands on. They always gave me white rice and stew every morning and afternoon without meat but they never gave me din-ner throughout the time I lived with them.
Hajia never bought me any cloth and did not enrol me in any school throughout the period I stayed with him. She has five chil-dren and all of them are attending good pri-vate schools. “I didn’t have all these marks on my body before I got to Hajia’s house.
It was the series of flogging that I received from Ha-jia, her children and other members of her household that left all the indelible marks on my body. The blood stain in my eyes was as a result of their beating. “There was a night that I was terribly hungry and saw Gala in one of their rooms and ate it. When they knew that I ate the Gala, the two females in the house Oluchi and Nkiru used cane to beat the hell out of me. One of them held me to the ground while the other whipped me mercilessly.
Despite the fact that I begged them that it was hunger that made me to eat the Gala they never considered my plea. “Before then, there was a day that one of Hajia’s children pushed me while I was washing plates and one of the plates fell and broke into pieces. Immediate Hajia saw that a plate was broken, she took me into a room, locked me up and beat me. After beating me, she gave some of her children the whip to flog me.
I am older than some of the children but because I was at their mother’s mercy, I could not resist them. Ha-jia never gave me any money as salary or for my upkeep,” she alleged. Chioma, Favour’s aunt, a petty trader with four children, who said she took the custody of Favour and her elder brother after they were abandoned by their mother bemoaned the plight of her niece in the hands of Hajia. “When I saw that the burden of taking care of the children was too much for her, I took Favour and her brother to stay with me.
Later on, I didn’t have sufficient means of meeting their needs and because I want-ed them to go to school, I gave Favour to my friend called Ebere to train her in school for me because I felt she was financially better. After giving Favour to Ebere in November 2010, I didn’t know that she had handed her over to another woman in Festac.
All my efforts to see Favour at Ebere’s house proved abortive as she kept giving me ex-cuses. I later got hints about her where-abouts and traced her to the place. When I got there, I saw her but Hajia was not around. I left my mobile phone number for her to call me. She later called me thereaf-ter and asked me to come and pick Favour before she died in her house. “The day I went to her house to pick my niece, Hajia again was not at home.
While I was still there, she called to say that she travelled and pleaded with me to take Favour along. Immediately she finished speaking with me, she called her work-ers and instructed them to pack Favours things and hand them over to me.
As I was about taking Favour away, I saw blood stain in her eyes and when I asked her what was wrong with her eyes, she said it was a stick that injured her eyes. It was a small boy in the compound that revealed to me that it was one Oluchi and Nkiru that beat her for eating Gala in the house.
I did not see the other marks on her body that very day because she was wearing a long gown. I only got to know about the marks recently. I later took her to her father immediately I took her away from Hajia’s house. It was her father who subsequently reported the matter to Zone 2 Police Station at Festac.”
Decrying the treatment meted out to Favour the South-West coordinator of Na-tional Human Rights Commission, Mrs. Segun Mausi, said the commission would not hesitate to file a civil case against the accused. She asserted that several crimes had been committed against Favour but only child abuse case was mentioned by the police.
“We cannot arrest the accused because we are not law enforcement agents. All the same, we would file a civil suit against the accused. Several crimes have been committed against the innocent girl but only child abuse has been mentioned. We would go through the AIG in Zone 2 and if he would not do what we want, we would take it to the IG.
Our interest in this matter is to make sure that the person responsible for inflicting these injuries on the poor girl is brought to book no matter how highly placed the person may be,” she said. Reacting to Obilor’s allegations against her and her workers in a telephone inter-view with Saturday Mirror, Hajia Amina Ukaegbu debunked all the allegations, which she described as lies.
“All that the girl is saying are a bundle of lies. Nobody raped her and nobody maltreated her. If it was a rape case, how come the police refused to take it seri-ously? The police turned them down and refused to take the matter to court because they know there is no case in it. I was the one who called her aunt to come and take her away.
It is not as if they came to pick her because she is suffering here. I did not treat her badly. The girl is a liar,” she said. When contacted, the Police spokesper-son in Lagos, Mr. Joseph Jayeoba, said the case is being investigated. “The matter has been reported. Investigation is ongoing. We will take the appropriate action upon the completion of our investigation,” he said.