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Nigerians Condemn Nude Parade At Calabar Festival

Written By CKN NIGERIA on Monday, 31 December 2012 | 7:03 am

Some tourists and residents have condemned the ‘distasteful’ appearances of some of the female participants at the just-concluded Calabar Carnival.
Some spectators at the grand finale of the carnival, held on December 27, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that they were dismayed by the nude display by ladies during the event.
A US-based Nigerian, Mr Ikpafak Udofia, expressed displeasure at the costumes and the dress code of the girls on parade, asking ``is it modernisation or madness? I love my culture and I love my people but such nudity in the name of cultural exposition or whatever they called it is ridiculous.
``For women to walk on the streets almost naked in the name of carnival, is dishonourable to me, to my mother and wife and I wonder what the designers of those costumes were thinking,’’ he said.
Another US-based Nigerian Miss Gloria Ekong, however, called for caution in condemning the carnival attires. Ekong said: ``whether these girls have a secret agenda or not; their intention is to have fun with creative costumes. Trust me they don’t have to be in that attire to carry out their `secret agenda’. ``I personally wish that l have a killer body like that. We can be too judgmental under the guise of religion.’’ Another Nigerian in the Diaspora, Mrs Rosie Udo, said that there was nothing untoward in the appearance of the maidens’ attires. `` If these were men with extended belly, skinning legs, flat butt with skimpy wrappers, will that be honourable? Today’s African men are so disgusted with women and their bodies.”
Another Nigerian, Mr Chris Udoh, based in Port Harcourt said: `` as a man, I will not lose sleep if a woman decides on her own to walk naked in the streets. It is a good saving for a man because what he would have paid money or begged to view is given out by the owner free-of-charge. Walking naked is part of ‘uncommon transformation’ of the African women to their ancestral days when men used to live in caves.
``The truth is that African women who walk naked on the streets are cheapening their natural worth and beauties. Though it can buy short term attention but what happens thereafter becomes a burden to the seller only,’’ he said.
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