Abia Incident: My Four Children Are Still Missing..Man Cries Out


A 43-year-old mason and father of four, Chimaobi Agah, whose children went missing after leaving home for school in the Umuahia North area of Abia State on November 27, talks about the incident and how it is affecting his mental health

Can you explain how your four children went missing?

I am Chimaobi Agah and I am from Ebonyi State. I am a mason by profession. I am 43 years old and my wife is 29 years old. The incident occurred on Monday, November 27. After my wife got the children ready for school, she accompanied them outside to walk them to school. Unfortunately, she forgot that she left some beancakes (akara) frying on the stove for her business. So, she quickly went back inside to turn off the stove, leaving the children outside our home. Upon returning outside, she saw the children in a tricycle, waving at her.

Where were they last seen?

The incident happened in front of our home in Umuagua Ibeku in the Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State.

Does your wife know the ride? Or did she see the number plate of the tricycle?

No, she mentioned that the tricycle had already gone a considerable distance by the time she came out.

When did she realise that the children were missing?

It was when the school day ended and she didn’t find them at home. She went to the school to pick them up, but the teachers informed her that the children did not attend school that day. It was at that moment that she started questioning how the children she had prepared for school in the morning did not make it to school.

Where were you when this happened?

I was not around. I was at work in Enugu State.

How did you hear about their disappearance?

I didn’t hear anything until the next morning when my wife called me to notify me about the incident.

What was your response when she informed you about the incident?

I felt overwhelming sadness and immediately left my workplace and rushed to Umuahia.

What steps did you take when you were informed?

We took the initiative to report the incident and provide details to the police station. Additionally, we informed various broadcasting stations and included our children’s pictures.

How have the police been responding to your complaint?

The police are making sincere efforts. In fact, on the day we reported the incident, they assigned three officers to accompany us to all the locations we suspected could be hideouts for criminals, but unfortunately, no one was found. However, they later directed us to a power room in the state headquarters, where they assured us of a thorough investigation to locate the children.

What are the names of your children and how old are they?

The older ones, who are seven years old, are twins named Chinweotiti Chimaobi and Nmesomachi Chimaobi. The younger ones are Testimony Chimaobi, who is four years old; and Godswill Chimaobi, who is two years and seven months old. My family and friends have been very supportive. Some even volunteered to accompany us wherever we had to go in search of the children.

Do you have any other children besides the four?

No. Those four children are my only children, which is why I am appealing to Nigerians for help in finding them.

How have you been dealing with the absence of your children?

It is extremely difficult for me as a human being. It took time and dedication to raise the four children from birth to date. So, how can I be expected to cope when I am unable to see them? Until now, my vision remains unclear and my sleep is disturbed due to the loss of the most important things in my life as a human being. It feels as though my happiness has been taken away, which is why I am desperately appealing to the whole world for assistance. I ask for forgiveness from anyone I may have offended and beg for the opportunity to be reunited with my children.

Did you receive advice from people to use other means, including spiritualists, in your search for your missing children?

Certainly. In a situation like this, various pieces of advice are offered. However, my main priority is to find my children. If seeking help from spiritualists can help bring them back, I am willing to consider it and do whatever it takes to be reunited with my children.

What form of advice have you and your wife received so far?

We have been advised by different people to report the case to the police station and news outlets, which we have already done. Additionally, we have sought guidance from multiple consultants regarding the incident, and we continue to hope for positive actions. I have not ceased to pray and beseech help from God, the ultimate owner of the universe.

Can you describe the personalities of your children?

There are countless things about them that I miss. As someone who is legally married and has children, I have provided for them throughout their lives. I have paid for their school fees, our house rent, and other responsibilities, and in a single day, I could not find any of my children again. This situation is unbearable. I have become a joyless human being, having suffered for my children all these years. My daughters used to provide water for me whenever I wanted to eat, and they would pack the plates for me when I finished eating. Now, there is no one to clear the dining area for me after I’m done eating or take care of other responsibilities they used to handle.

It is worth mentioning that my children are brilliant, and as a father, I am glad that all my efforts in their academic lives were not in vain. However, whenever I came home from work, I was always happy to have children at home who would keep me company. Now, everywhere is silent. Their belongings lie there, unused. There is a television in our home, but it serves no purpose since the people who own it are not around. How am I supposed to feel as a human being? There is no one to embrace me and welcome me home, no one to greet me with love from a child to a father.

I’m exhausted by everything. Whoever I may have offended, please leave my children alone and confront me directly. They have done nothing to deserve this. I am grateful that you are a man. Can you engage in sexual relations with a woman without experiencing joy? Before engaging in sexual activity, both parties should feel joy. So, how can I be expected to have another child when my joy has been taken away? My life is filled with unhappiness. The idea of having another child at this time is not the most appropriate advice for me. Even if I were to have another child now, would they ever reach the same level as the ones I have lost?

Why do you think that someone may have a grudge against your family and is using your children to hurt you?

I can assure you that I have never intentionally harmed anyone, and I believe the same is true for my wife. Although I can’t say for certain if we have unknowingly offended someone who has chosen not to confront us directly, they should approach either one of us and not involve our children. So, I don’t foresee any issues between us and anyone else.

Have you received any calls from anyone for ransom?

Absolutely not. We have not been contacted by anyone demanding ransom, and I am actively keeping an eye out for any such communication. However, I am appealing to anyone with this information to contact me.

Have there been any abductions of pupils in your vicinity recently?

Not at all. The community is peaceful and, to my knowledge, there have been no reported cases of kidnapping there.

Are you aware of any action taken by the school to assist you and your wife in the search for your four children?

Any actions they have taken are on their own accord. We are not aware of any specific actions they may have taken, as we do not live together and I cannot speak on something I am unaware of.

How is your wife?

She is deeply saddened and has been crying every day. She has had difficulty eating and sleeping since the incident occurred. Of course, it would bring me immense joy to finally see my children, as there is nothing else that would come to mind besides happiness. I would be overjoyed and grateful to God.

Do you have any fears about the safety of your children?

As a human being, I cannot predict what will happen. However, I am uncertain of the potential consequences, including the possibility of my wife and I taking our own lives. I sincerely hope it does not come to that.

In what ways do you believe the government can provide you with assistance?

I would say the government indirectly helps me through the police, as they are a government agency. However, I am appealing to the government to tighten state security and look for means to allow my children to come back home.


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