US Police After My Life..US Based Nigerian Cries Out

Thirty-two-year-old Adaeze Eluka, a Nigerian  based in  California, the United States of America, has raised the alarm over alleged threat to her life by some American policemen from Oakland Police Department , California City. 

Popularly known as Tiana Ada, the Gospel Recording  Artist who has worked as a private guard and a social media influencer, alleged that five policemen had been intimidating and harassing her for some months now. She traced the genesis of her predicament to February 2023, when two of the policemen ,  one of them a white and the other an Indian, hit her car that was parked in front of her house in Hayward city, California.

She however lamented that all efforts to get them repair her car had proved abortive, alleging that the cops always tried to be steps ahead of her, in their bid to frustrate and cow her into giving up. 
Not giving in to the intimidation, Eluka posted her accounts on her Instagram page about four times, in order to get the response of the US government or a concerned law firm that would come to her rescue,yet, the needed help was far from reach, according g to her. 
At the moment, Eluka said she could not be reached via whats-app, or reach out via same platform and others, as the policemen had allegedly disconnected her gallery and microphone from all her social media accounts.
More worrisome is the fact that she further alleged that they had attempted to poison her food after breaking into her house,apparently to end her life.

She therefore, reached out to Vanguard to raise the alarm, with a view to getting prompt help before her case is recorded among blacks killed by policemen in the United States of America. 

My story 

Recalling one of her numerous video posts on  the matter, on her Instagram page: tianaada 2, she said “I have been trying to get the government to investigate and nobody has actually seen my videos and my evidence. It’s because they are Police and of course  I’m black. 

“ On  February 19, 2023, the guy in the picture(on her instagrame page)Pang Ying Le , intentionally hit my vehicle at the back. I mean ,I literally saw him accelerate to intentionally hit my car. Shortly after an insurance agent, a Lady, named Brenda, called me, asking me to sign some documents for compensation which included that I had bodily injuries, but I did not , because  I never told her that I had.

“I believe they were trying to frame me for insurance crime or something. These cops are busy trying to influence people with public funds.  Because I rejected to sign the document  for compensation, my car has not been fixed till date. 

Drugged food 

“They did a lot of things to me, they took it too personal to the point of coming into my house to drug my food and damage my wigs. I have videos I posted on Instagram already on Tianaada2”.

Asked how they got into her house, she responded,” they got in  through my bedroom window, because it was opened and the spare key of my house was in my car so I believe that was how they got into my car. 

And the crazy thing is that the more I screw the lock of my door , the more they spoil it. 
“One time I unscrewed it totally and I saw some brown  stuffs inside the lock.

“They messed up my wigs , my medication got swapped and all of a sudden I started growing mustache and I’m not a hairy person. I hardly even grow hair in my armpit. I’m scared to eat my food because recently when I eat my food I sleep off.

“Before I knew it, they started coming into my house to plant Cameras and they started with the narrative that I’m crazy.

 ”These are police officers, and the crazy thing is that they are lying to everyone so that  people don’t know the true story. I don’t know if someone gave out an information about me to them. I believe every policeman has a guideline on how he should operate. And I’m very sure they don’t give police the authority to hit your car in front of your house and walk away.

Botched attempts

”As I was trying to look for a law firm to sue them,  they intercepted my calls and hindered me from getting legal help. When I called the FBI, they intercepted the calls and hindered me from reaching out. 

”When I eventually found one firm,  they went there to compromise the receptionist, named Guerero( other name witheld).

”The craziest part was one of the days I went searching for a law firm, a girl  stopped me from getting into the building. When I did, the girl threatened she was going to press charges, that I assaulted her and a manager in the building. 

“One of the policemen came dressed in San Francisco Police uniform. He dragged  me to the psychiatric clinic at Saint Francis hospital at San Francisco over the allegation by the law firm girl. Again they wanted to drug me there, by insisting I must eat, but I refused. 

At the end of the day, after all the tests were conducted on me, the doctors said I was fine and could go.

“When they saw I was  posting evidence, they disconnected my gallery and phone microphone  completely from all social media. They even bugged my line, so that when I tried reaching the authorities, they would intercept the calls, because the Police have the privilege of intercepting calls being  government officials.

“The video evidence I have posted so far can be watched on TikTok:tiana_ada or instagram: tianaada2. However, at the moment I am unable to post more evidence because my gallery and microphone got completely disconnected from all my social media accounts . 

“ I have not been able to go out anymore because each time I do, they would be stalking me. And I have  not worked through out this year 2023. I feed off the rent I receive from my tenant (roommate) because I own the place”.

I am appealing to the US government to come to my help”, she stated. 

Efforts to get the reaction of the Oakland Police Department Chief, California,  failed, as the email sent was returned undelivered.

Also , calls made to +1510-777-333 , +510-777-3333 and +510-777-3211 did not go through either . Rather, a voice record that described +1510-777-3333 as non-emergency,  said the officers were busy and would get back to Vanguard the same way the call was received.



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