Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Police 'Open Fire' On Yoruba Drivers Protesting N13,000 Daily Agbero Levy in Lagos

Policemen attached to the Alagbado police command have reportedly shot at drivers protesting illegal increments of taxes by the agberos.

One of the drivers told reporters that the police shot at them on the orders of the agberos who were not pleased with their strike action.

“We were all at Agbado Kola protesting that we would not work if the agberos did not get off our backs when Azeez Abiola, one of the agbero leaders, arrived,” the driver said.

“He addressed us and we all agreed we needed to stop being slaves to the agberos. Thirty minutes later, the police who had been monitoring the protest came and began to shoot at us on the order of the agberos.

“They fired teargas cannisters and everyone started running. We were not fighting or obstructing traffic. They just started shooting at us because they thought we were helpless.”

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