Friday, 31 March 2023

Lady Allegedly Raped To Death While Delivering Product To Online Customer

 An unidentified lady has been allegedly raped to death while delivering a product to a customer i

According to a post circulating on social media , the lady got a call from a customer who requested for her products, on getting to the place , she was raped and killed 

Her name and where the incident was not stated 

This was the post on social media 

"This lady was raped and strangled to d3ath, Her only crime was selling online and delivering her goods herself. 

An unknown customer contacted her online and fully paid for a certain product, pleaded with her to deliver it, since it was same town, she gave in and decided to take the product to the costumer herself, 😭 she was raped and killed..💔

I urge Online Vendors, you all, need be careful and avoid delivering to lonely places...

may her soul Rest in peace 🙏" 

The police is yet to issue a statement on the veracity of the story 

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