Monday, 5 December 2022

Protest At Chatham House As Tinubu Delivers Speech In London

 Nigerians in their hundreds today engaged in protest as the APC Presidential candidate Bola Tinubu addressed Chatham House in London 

Those for and against the candidate were seen carrying placards and singing songs for and against his candidature 

Tinubu later addressed his audience 

This was part of his speech 

"When I was born in March 1952, nobody knew I would join politics, talkless of running for President. My records have been consistent and there was no mutilation. I am a Tinubu proper....

those without history and track records dwell in lies against me. One of the presidential candidates have been rumoured not to be a Nigerian, we never dwell on that, we have serious matters to talk about.

 I'm a graduate of Chicago State University, by the way, I've collected my origibal Certificate from Chicago, I was trained as an accountant by Deloitte, I reached the pinnacle of my career at ExxonMobil. 

Who among my opponents have these records?

 That's why they dwell on cheap propaganda."

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