Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Sterling Bank MD Recounts How Fuel Attendant Wanted To Fleece Him With POS In Lagos


The Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Bank Plc, Mr. Abubakar Suleiman, on Monday, shared his experience of being tricked into transacting business with a point of sale operator at a fuel station on Ahmadu Bello Way in Lagos State by a fuel attendant.

He took to his Twitter handle on Monday to share his experience.


Suleiman stated that the fuel attendant did not attempt to use the company’s POS  machine and instead directed him to a POS agent in the filling station, under the guise that his POS was not working.


He tweeted, “I experienced a new revenue (share) model at MRS on Ahmadu Bello Way.


“Our POS is not working, here’s an agent, please pay through him (collect cash using her POS and pay), it will be for a fee’.

“Me: why would her POS work and yours wouldn’t?  You didn’t even attempt to use it.”


Credit: Twitter | suleimana

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