Thursday, 20 October 2022

UK Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, Resigns


United Kingdom Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has resigned following a breach of ministerial rules after she sent an official document from her personal email.

In her resignation letter, Braverman said, “Pretending we haven’t made mistakes, carrying on as if everyone can’t see that we have made them, and hoping that things will magically come right is not serious politics. I have made a mistake; I accept responsibility; I resign.

“It is obvious to everyone that we are going through a tumultuous time. I have concerns about the direction of this government. Not only have we broken key pledges that were promised to our voters, but I have had serious concerns about this government’s commitment to honouring manifesto commitments.”

In response, the Prime Minister of UK, Liz Truss said, “I accept your resignation and respect the decision you have made.”

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