Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Man Brutally Murdered by Family Friend Over New Car, Body Squeezed Inside Drum ( Pictures)


Mr Kehinde Ajayi Was Brutally Murdered and squeezed inside a drum By A Family Friend… after he showed him his brand new car. 

The family friend by the name of JJ was said to be an electrician to the brother of Mr Kehinde and through that means, JJ began dating the daughter of Mr Kehindes brother and that was how Mr Kehinde Knew JJ.

 On the 24th of July while Mr Kehinde was on his way to his brother’s house to show him the new vehicle, he met JJ on the way, who then offered to buy him drinks in celebration of his new car. And that was the last time anyone saw Mr Kehinde Ajayi alive. 

Until August when the police investigation led them to a shocking discovery that JJ was the one who had kidnapped and killed the innocent man and even sold his car.

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