Saturday, 6 August 2022



Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates is to host the 2022 Annual Corporate Charisma Conference of the prestigious Institute of Personality Development and Customer Relationship Management.

This was conveyed in a release by the President of the Institute, Dr. Ayobami Owolabi.

The Corporate Charisma Conference is an annual convergence of distinguished members of the Institute; where issues of ethics and professionalism are brought to front burner with paper presentations that cut across multidisciplinary spheres of life.

With the theme, *Integrating Organisational Sustainability with Personality Development*; Dr. Oludare Akande, a Chicago based finance expert and founder of Bellagio Airline is billed to give the Keynote address. Papers will also be presented by professionals on related sub-themes.

The 1-Day conference is part of 5 nights of pleasurable stay and exquisite leisure at the 5 stars Al Khoory Garden City Hotel in the heart of Dubai. The trip is also laced with packaged tours and pleasurable visits to interesting landmarks: 

The Management of the Institute in conjunction with the appointed Travel Manager, UFITFLY is poised to manage a hitch-free trip, building on the experience of the recently staged Dubai Business Roundtable which was held in June.

The 2022 Dubai Corporate Charisma Conference will also feature special induction into the various categories of membership - Graduate Members, Associate Members, Full Members, and Fellows.

According to the President of the Institute, Dr. Ayobami Owolabi, “the 2022 Corporate Charisma Conference promises a blend of new knowledge and leisure. The Institute is indeed establishing its international presence and building its corporate image across borders . No member must be left behind. If you as a member missed the Dubai Business Roundtable, the 2022 Corporate Charisma Conference is your compensation, a must-attend. See you there!”

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