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NYSC : South East Doctor Empowered Over 50 Northerners While Serving In Bauchi


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The popular saying that “who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today," is made real as a co-member serving in General hospital Toro, Bauchi state ; DR. EDEAJA IFEANYICHUKWU has proven that there’s no limitation to what a person can achieve for humanity if he is driven by love. 

Dr. Edeaja Ifeanyichukwu during his one year service in the National youth service corps (NYSC) has demonstrated that humanity has no colour, tribe, clan, ethnicity, language nor religion.

His dedication during the service year has indeed written his name in the heart of many who wish the service year could be extended so as to continually feel his presence.

During His service year, He pursued the following which are  documented, verifiable strides and achievements regardless of the very limited Federal Govt. allowance.

Dr.Edeaja pursued Human Empowerment distributing about 31 new clippers and some cash reward to young people whom he has earlier brought out from begging on the streets into a 6month barbing apprenticeship.

He also enrolled about 16 young persons into sewing apprenticeship and as well gave some financial assistance so as to sustain their basic needs during this training period.

He also embarked on massive distribution of clothings to children who have taken to the street in search of means of livelihood through seeking for alms.

Dr. Edeaja did not end with human empowerment but saw service to humanity as non optional.

He has performed more than 200 successful surgeries under supervision of his seniors and as well assisted in many surgeries.

He has also engaged in various rural medical interventions as well as involved in the Health initiative for rural dwellers(HIRD).

He has been like a personal Doctor to all his fellow co-members in the Toro local Govt area of Bauchi state, the largest LGA in west Africa and in all emergency cases involving any co-member.

Dr Edeaja sees personal development as a tool to driving the society, reason he did not the service year as time for frivolities as is the case of many but embraced many opportunities to engage himself in self development drives.

He pursed the following certification programs, Diploma in Health safety and environment and Member of chattered institute of Health safety and environment, Diploma in project and facility management and Member of chartered institute of project and facility management, Diploma in Human resource management and Memeber of chattered institute of Human resource management, Certification in Basic life support, Certification in Advance cardiac life support, Certification in pediatrics advanced cardiac life support, Certification in blood borne pathogens, Certification in First aid, CPR and AED.

Dr.Edeaja can be likened to a productive workaholic who does not give up on task has also authored a book titled “BEYOND “  which is currently under review .

As a believer in crusade and advocacy, Dr. Edeaja has sacrificed time and resources in sensitization programs.

He visited several schools for sensitisations and teachings on some ravaging health conditions such as Lasa fever ,hepatitis B Vaccines, Personal hygiene and Infertility.

He also engaged in youth sensitization programs for acquiring the permanent voters card which he believes is key to influencing government decisions, policies and administration.

In partnership with other co-members, Dr Edeaja has joined in the sensitization programs with members of the National drug law enforcement agency to advocate against the use of drugs in his area of service and beyond.

He has joined in creating awareness and as well partaking in the National environmental sanitations, to mention but a few.

Dr.Edeaja did not see himself as stranger in his POP but engrafted himself into the locality and today his impact is felt in the heart of those who crossed his part during the service year.

Indeed, Dr.Edeaga Ifeanyichukwu is one amongst many whose personality has endeared him to a locality where he came as a stranger.

 Dr.Edeaja, your acts of love and service to the nation and humanity regardless of very limited resources, it is quite clear to us what you shall become in the nearest future.

Bravo! Dr Edeaja ifeanyichukwu.

Your giant strides are truly written in gold.

We the good people of Ebonyi state are very proud of you.

As you mark the very end of your service year in grand style, it is with a resounding joy that we welcome you back home.




Source : Iteshi Iteshi Freedoms

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