Monday, 18 July 2022



Have you ever wondered why some Nsukka benefactors of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi's administration suddenly turned his political enemies recently? 

    What went wrong? Is it that the barber does not know how to barb or the blade is not sharp? What is Governor Ugwuanyi's offence to them? Is it personal, selfish or altruistic?

    Why the sudden coordinated social media attacks and organised political fight against Governor Ugwuanyi by these Nsukka benefactors? 

   Why the sudden envy or jealousy of Ugwuanyi's political milestones and exploits? Are they really his brothers, supporters and kinsmen or wolves in sheep's clothing, who pretended to be humans and brothers for what they have benefitted or stand to benefit individually?

       Why have they suddenly became dismissive of Ugwuanyi government's giant strides in Enugu state, especially in Enugu North Senatorial zone that are too numerous to count, but flagged by the attracted Federal Polytechnic Ohodo, State University of Medical and Applied Science (SUMAS) Egbo Eno, dualised Opi/Nsukka road among others. 

   These questions need  immediate and truthful answers. The answers will help to unravel the real motives of this group of ingrates, being led by a former Minister, whom Governor Ugwuanyi made President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo against all odds.

     This is a man who has been hobnobbing, boastful and appreciative of Governor Ugwuanyi's magnanimity, giant strides and sterling performance in office before now.

     All of a sudden, he formed a small group of Nsukka insatiable and failed politicians that have been doing everything possible to harvest political enemies and propagate falsehoods against Governor Ugwuanyi, especially in Nsukka axis in recent times.

    Why? Just because Governor Ugwuanyi and Enugu PDP didn't support  his brother- in- law and former Commissioner in Ugwuanyi's government, Bar. Chijioke Edeoga to emerge PDP governorship candidate. 

    They have labelled and portrayed Governor Ugwuanyi as a betrayer and traitor of Nsukka people for no reason other than their selfish agenda, which is not in tandem with Governor Ugwuanyi's belief and vision and that of majority of Enugu people.

   They secretly hijacked the Enugu East Senatorial zone governorship slot for their selfish interests and coated it as Nsukka project to delude some gullible Nsukka people. There is nothing Nsukka about their agenda or fight against Governor Ugwuanyi. It is about them and their families.

     These same set of people have been in government even before Governor Ugwuanyi graduated from school.  They have no verifiable and impactful scorecard and trackrecord of public  service, apart from accumulating wealth for themselves and their unborn generations. Their second name is All Government In Power (AGIP) Their first and second addresses are governments in power. 

    They cannot live or survive outside government patronage.That is why they don't want to retire, stay away or let go in successive governments at all levels. They are against Governor Ugwuanyi simply because they felt their selfish interests are not protected or accommodated with the choice of Mr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah as the PDP governorship candidate by the PDP Enugu. They had wanted their own, whom they can easily control and manipulate.

    They are behind all the malicious social media attacks against Governor Ugwuanyi in recent times. If they say they are genuinely and sincerely fighting for Nsukka interest, can they show Nigerians, Ndi Enugu and Ndi Nsukka what they did or have done for Nsukka people in terms of infrastructural projects and human empowerments when they were in many successive governments in the state and federal levels.

    Comparing them and Governor Ugwuanyi is like comparing light and darkness. Ugwuanyi is a rare gift and political light to Nsukka people, that the likes of the former Minister and his co-travellers cannot erase or exterminate in the years to come. God and posterity will judge them and Governor Ugwuanyi.

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