Thursday, 7 July 2022

Abba Kiyari's Life in Danger, Time to Grant Him Bail..Kayode Ajulo


A constitutional lawyer and rights activist, Dr. Kayode Ajulo, has appealed to the federal government to do everything possible to protect the life of the suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, saying he could have been a prime target in the attack on Kuje prison.

Ajulo made the statement while reacting to the attack on Kuje Correctional Centre by bandits, on late Tuesday night, in Abuja.

Abba Kyari was part of inmates that refused to escape even as the invaders broke the entire prison doors for all inmates to escape. 

Ajulo said it is important to grant Mr. Kyari bail or move him to a more protective facility to save his life, saying he is in the midst of those who would want him dead. 

"His presence is more than his absence. He has brought countless number of hardened criminals to book. Boko Haram terrorists that were bombing Borno and Yobe States were arrested by him, kidnappers and deadly armed robbers were also arrested and brought to book by him. Infact, 60% of inmates in Kuje got there by him and you know what that means for him living amongst them." Ajulo said.

The lawyer disclosed that a reliable source within the prison confirmed that two of the terrorists that attacked the prison led a group of gunmen towards the cell of Abba Kiyari and his men, shouting his name and saying they will kill him while shooting heavily towards the cell. 

" Kuje Prison has a capacity of around 550 but detaining about double of its capacity, many of which are high profiled criminals. And you have the man who was responsible for their arrest in their midst, waking up to their vengeful faces everyday. It's either the court grant him bail or relocate him to a more secured government facility to protect his life. 

I have said this before, not as his lawyer but as a concerned citizen and rights activist, that it is a threat to his life to keep him in the same prison with many of the criminals he attested and sent to the same facility"

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