Thursday, 2 June 2022

Lady Dies During Cosmetic Surgery In Lagos, Friends Besiege Hospital, Accused Doctor Of Unprofessional Conduct ( See Pictures)


A young lady simple identified CRYSTABEL as has allegedly died in a hospital in Lagos where she went for a cosmetic surgery

The hospital known as Cynosure Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Hospital located at 7 Aina Street Mende Lagos was besieged by her friends and family members who accused the hospital and doctor of unprofessional practise on the course of the surgery 

While CKN News could no gather the exact surgery she underwent, it was learnt that it was for breast and buttocks enhancement

A friend of hers by the Twitter name Miss Posha Proudly Igbo posted this comments and videos on the incident

" I want to bring this to the public, A friend friend just died at this hospital in Lagos Nigeria, few days ago. where she underwent surgery. Now I’m not against anybody that want to enhance their body or anything as such, is your body life and choice, So do want you love - 

The first fame on their page is actually her! They have blocked all the comment, because her friends where commenting and seeking for justice, for days now the hospital have not released any letters on their page about her, because they don’t want the public to know about it.

License should be seized! Arrest and jailed!

RIP Crystabel 🕊🕊💐💐💐💐💐

Friends and family visited the hospital where the surgery was done 😭💔 this is the fake doctor who did the surgery

Not even remorseful about the whole situation.
Nigeria government please look into this!🙏🏾The clinic need to be shut down at once and proper investigation carried. " 

All attempts made by CKN News to get the reaction of the hospital management as at the time of this report was unsuccessful 

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