Sunday, 15 May 2022

Journalist Cries Out Over Use Of His Picture By Fake 'Doctor' Who Claimed To Have Killed Northerners On Social Media


A journalist, Ayodeji Rotinwa, has cried out over the use of his photos for that of a Facebook user, Christopher Uche-Ayodeji, who claimed to have let northerners under his care die.

Uche-Ayodeji, who claimed to be a doctor, had made the comment in the wake of the killing of Deborah Yakubu, a student of the Shehu Shagari College of Education for alleged blasphemy.

As some Nigerians recounted their experience living in Northern Nigeria, Uche-Ayodeji had dropped the disturbing comment.

Seeking to unveil the identity of Uche-Ayodeji, some Nigerians on social media picked Rotinwa's image and demanded that he is prosecuted.

Raising the alarm about the mistaken identity on Twitter, Rotinwa said, "Seen many incredible things on this app but this is by far beyond. This person is USING MY PHOTO, claiming I AM SOMEONE ELSE WHO HAS COMMITTED A MURDER???? 

"I am NOT Christopher Uche. Everyone who knows me, please report this tweet."

Meanwhile, the UK hospital, where Uche-Ayodeji allegedly works, University Hospitals, Birmingham, has denied him being in their employ.

The hospital tweeted, "We are aware of false information circulating on social media from an individual who alleges to be linked with University Hospitals Birmingham. We can confirm that this individual is not known to us."

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