Sunday, 15 May 2022

2023: Igbo-Eze South/ Nsukka Federal Constituency: Engr. Vita Abba Is The Answer....By Mrs. Christiana Ngwunze


I have always advocated and advised that before people join partisan politics, they should have strong means of livelihood and integrity. 

    Even while in politics, they should plan and prepare for future because of eventuality and transciency of political power. 

  With this, such persons will have fallbacks , peace and bring in their best in public and private service. Engr. Vita Abba perfectly fits into this. 

He is the Chief Executive Officer/ Owner of Veetek Engineering Company, a foremost and globally recognised engineering firm that has many subsidiaries across the country and beyond. 

  As a renowned professional engineer and employer of labour, who has paid his dues in his profession , entrepreneurship and philanthropy with impeccable records, before making a foray into the murky water of Nigerian politics, Abba has continued to stand  shoulder high above his peers over the years, both in business and politics. 

    He is a man of his word and a humble leader of repute, who believes in teamwork and human empowerment. 

   Because he was a man of means and integrity, before joining politics, he has also carved a niche for himself and written his name in gold. He has made many people politically and otherwise. 

    He is selfless and atruistic always. He is not and has never been desperate for anything,  not even political offices or wealth. He is a loyal party man, who used his office as chairman of PDP in Enugu state to stabilise and strengthen the party in time of challenges and needs. 

  He has unconditionally served, worked and assisted many to attain or achieve their ambitions or dreams. 

   Now that Engr. Abba has finally answered many years of clarion calls by his people to contest for elective position to represent them, by offering himself to serve as a member representing Igbo- Eze South/ Nsukka Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives on Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)platform in 2023, this is the time for his constituents to reciprocate by appreciating him with votes and massive support for his years of philanthropy,  personal sacrifices and selfless services to them. 

    Among the array of aspirants contesting and grandstanding for the Federal Constituency seat including the incumbent, Dr. Pat Asadu that is shamelessly seeking for fifth term against all odds, Engr. Abba had before now supported and touched their lives politically and otherwise. 

    Because of this and many other outstanding attributes of Engr. Abba, this is the time for them especially Dr. Asadu to unequivocally and voluntarily throw their weights behind his candidacy for quality representation, peace, unity and development of Nsukka/ Igbo Eze South Federal Constituency and Enugu state in general.

   If Senator Chuka Utazi can do so with ease, I don't know why Asadu cannot toe the same path, despite the fact that there was understanding in 2019 that he will not contest again in 2023. Where is the honour in Dr. Asadu if he cannot abide by simple gentleman agreement? 

   I don't know what Dr. Asadu forgets in the House of Representatives that he wants to go back and collect for the fifth time. I don't  know or understand. Is Asadu's umblical cord tied to the seat, even with nothing much to show in terms of quality representation for almost two decades now? 

   Why can't Dr. Asadu quit the stage when the ovation is still louder and supports his friend and man of the moment, Engr. Abba for quality representation? Is Asadu saying that he has not seen the handwriting on the wall, even when it is clear enough for the blind to decipher? 

   Having x-rayed and dissected the events preceding the forthcoming PDP primaries in Igbo Eze South/ Nsukka Federal Constituency, it is obvious that Engr. Abba is the man for the job. He is the fresh air the people of the constituency need in 2023. So far, the constituents ' expressions and dispositions point to that direction. It is unstoppable. Engr. Vita's project is divine and people-oriented. The voice of the people is the voice of God. 

   ***Indeed, Engr. Vita Abba Is The Answer***

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