Saturday, 19 February 2022

New Tenant Allegedly Disappears With Three Kids In Ogun

 Two ladies who recently moved into a house as tenants have allegedly kidnapped three kids from the compound on Ogun State 

This was how the story was narrated on an online platform Igbere TV

HELP!!! A New Tenant Has Just Kidnapped 3 Children - Igbere TV Fan Cries Out!

Greetings all.

3 Children in my house are missing today Fri 18.2.2022.

How it happened:

An exiting tenant of about 2 month handedover the room to another person (Two women: they should be in their 30's).

According to them (the women) they said they are student and came to Lagos to write an exam at ikeja so they just need a place to stay for 3weeks to 1 month.

They moved in without any load. (Just new bucket and broom)

They came very friendly and nice especially to the children.

On Friday evening they bought biscuits et el for the children. This was around 5:30-6pm.

Shortly after that they left with the 3 children. According to neighbor, the women said they want to go to bus stop to change a trouser they bought as it's not their size. That was when they left with the 3 children and didn't return till now.

Also on Thursday when they moved in with all the friendliness, promised some of the children that she'll take them to ShopRite tomorrow (Friday)

All effort to reach them have prove abortive as there's little or no information about the women.

Name of the children (3-5 yrs): 1 boy, 2 girls

1. Peter. 3yrs

2. Chiamaka

3. Miracle

A brief description of the women: one is chubby and the other is tall but not slim. They speak pidgin fluently and igbo. One of them claim to be from delta. They are both fair.

If you see or have any info about them please report to the nearest police station. (It has also been reported to the nearest police station (Ajuwon, Ogun State).

My number: 09046518823

I've added a picture of one of the children. I'll add others as soon as i get them.

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