Monday, 21 February 2022

'Christians Who Don't Pay Tithe In The West Are Criminals' ...Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Salvation Ministries pastor, David Ibiyeomie, says tithe is a 'kingdom tax' and must be paid to avoid self-inflicted curses.

Tithing is a religious tradition, among Christians, of giving 10 per cent of their income to their church. The practice has become controversial in recent time with many accusing pastors of feeding fat on tithes at the expense of church members.

Critics say tithes should be given to the poor or abolished. But preachers like Ibiyeomie disagree.

He insinuated that Christians who fail to tithe, even if they generously give to the poor, donate to other charitable means and pay huge offerings (voluntary church donations), cannot prosper in life.

"If you don't pay tithe, it's not God that cursed you. You cursed yourself,"  Ibiyeomie was quoted telling his followers on Sunday.

"Tithe is not given, it is paid. Tithing is kingdom tax. If you're experiencing near-success syndrome, don't go for deliverance, you're not a tither. Go and pay your tithes," he said.

Ibiyeomie referenced the biblical book of Malachi where a prophet told the nation of Israel who didn't pay tithe that they were cursed.

The pastor then applied it to his audience, telling the worshippers that those who know of the biblical verse but fail to tithe are bring curses on themselves.

"God is not cursing you; it is a self-imposed curse for violating the law of prosperity," he said.

"If I put my hand in a naked wire, is it the company that shocked me or I shocked myself?

"Violating this law does not mean that God is cursing you, you automatically cursed yourself. You're the problem. Are you getting what God is saying?

"You can’t cheat God in tithing and expect to prosper. No matter how much you give.

"God is the owner of the tithe. So, what do you do? You pay, it's only in Nigeria you don't pay tax and they can leave you. In the Western world, it's a big criminal offence. If you don't pay tithe, you're a criminal, your offence is punishable.

"Tithe is simply one-tenth of your income. 10 per cent of your income goes to God."

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