Saturday, 8 January 2022

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Of COZA Has No Blame In My Wife's Death...Akpofure Rema


Akpofure Rema, husband of the late Akpofure Tega, says  Pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo, Senior Pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), is not the cause of his wife’s death.
A friend of the deceased and former choir leader of COZA, Nnenna Kalu-Ude, had alleged that Fatoyinbo is responsible for the death of Tega

Kalu-Ude, on social media further claimed that people who wanted to speak up about the anomalies and abnormalities in the church either fell ill or die mysteriously.

“Dearest Tega your death was so unnecessary but it will not go unpunished. I’m so broken. Biodun Fatoyinbo, you know I know you. I know you more than you think you do and I’ve never seen such cruelty.”

“People have lost their faith in God because of you. You have broken marriages and homes. Your suffering and judgement shall be an everlasting one. There might not be evidence yet to prove that you have dabbled into the occult but nothing is hidden under the sun.

“For so long you have gotten away with evil but this one will not escape you. The world will know you for who you really are. Hitting on Catherine for the longest time, and she kept turning him down. She became the enemy number one because she said No to the advances of the ‘man of God’.

“Tega was experiencing pregnancy difficulties. Spent the entire holidays in the hospital bed. But no visit from anyone. Have you no heart?”
However, a video surfaced online on Friday where the deceased’s husband said Fatoyinbo is not responsible for his wife’s death.

He explained that they had no plans of leaving COZA, noting that they had other better plans.
Rema urged people to ignore everything or anything they were seeing online, describing the pastor as “an amazing man”.

“My name is Akpofure Rema, the husband of Akpofure Tega. I was shocked when I turned on my phone and I got a lot of text from different persons. You see, my wife was a beautiful soul, and an amazing person, if you have met her you would know what am talking about better. Her Pastors were good to her and to me.

“She was a member of the gratitude and she served in COZA Abuja. My wife had no plans of leaving COZA. In fact myself, I just relocated to Abuja from China to join her and we had no plans of living COZA. They were other better plans.

“So, please, I want to beg you to ignore everything or anything you are seeing online.

 The man called Biodun Fatoyinbo is an amazing man, Pastor Mo is an amazing person and every other names that were tagged are beautiful souls. Trust me, when you meet them you will know better.

“Whatever encounter you might have had with anybody, it’s your own cup of tea and it’s your own choice. But please take out the name Tega out of this whole scene. I mean it’s early,” he added.

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