Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Nothing Wrong In Buhari Standing On Coat Of Arms...Aide


I came across a TVC video clip that appeared to have gone viral yesterday, which was essentially five or six minutes of the on-air panel attacking the President’s protocol team, claiming that it was a breach of protocol for the President to be standing on the Coat of Arms. 

What they were referring to is the footage from the Armed Forces Remembrance Day event on Saturday in Abuja, which shows the President standing on a carpet emblazoned with what appears to be the Nigerian coat of arms.

These guys on TV went on and on - saying that it was a national embarrassment for that to happen, and that didn’t the Presidential protocol team know better and someone has to be punished for that breach bla di bla. 

They said it was even more embarrassing that it happened in front of foreign diplomats. The rant went on and on and on, confident and assertive and full of condemnation. 

It was really tragic to watch the amount of ignorance on display in the video, from people who should know better and who only needed to use Google, or put forward questions to more knowledgeable people.

I only needed to do a quick Google search to come up with all the photos below. 

The simple truth is that what the President was standing on is known as the Presidential Seal aka The Seal of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. (It comprises of the Coat of Arms, surrounded by text). 

America, from who we borrowed much of our Presidential system, also has a Presidential Seal.

In Nigeria as in America, the President is allowed to stand on the Seal. In fact in many ceremonial events it is a given that you will find the President standing on his Seal. 

For example when visiting Heads of State come to Nigeria, they stand alongside the host President on the Seal, and pose for pictures. 

When the President is standing on the Seal, his guests can join him on it, but no one else is allowed to stand on it in the absence of the President. 

It is his symbol and his property. Standing on it is part of the entire package of Presidential effizzy — not a breach of protocol. 

In the US, their Presidents actually dance and make merry on the Presidential Seal, lol. See attached photos. 

Sadly the guys on TVC chose to mislead the multitudes of people who listen to them and look up to them for facts. 

You should have heard the confident pontificating, which was sadly baseless and could have been avoided.

Journalism in Nigeria truly needs to do better. If in doubt ask. Never forget that fundamental rule.

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