Wednesday, 15 December 2021

SS3 Student Arrested For For Poisoning Her Benefactor

 This is 18 year old Tope Fasanya. Following the death of her father, her teacher Mrs Esther Bada decided to not just give her accomodation but sponsor her education. Her father died while she was in primary three and today, she's in SS3 courtesy of Mrs Esther.

Instead of gratitude for her generosity, Tope attempted to kill her guardian Esther recently when she laced her food with rat poison.

On eating the food, Mrs Esther started having a painful  stomach ache. When the pain was becoming severe, she called Tope Fasanya to come and eat the remaining food but she refused.

  This made her suspect foul play. She was rushed to Owode Egba hospital in Abeokuta Ogun state where she was reffered to the Federal Medical Center for medical treatment.

Tope confessed to lacing the food with rat poison. 

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