Friday, 10 December 2021

Crisis Rock National Film And Censors Board As Executive Director Bars Board Members Access To Premises

There was a mild Drama on Wednesday 8th December 2021 at the Headquarters if the National films and Videos Censors Board NFVCB in Abuja as the Governing Board Members were denied access into the Premises by Security agencies positioned to stop the Honorable members. They said they have Instructions by the Executive Direcctor, Mr. ADEDAYO THOMAS.

The two Gates entrance to the Boards Secretariat were locked, with heavy Security Presence by the Police and NSCDC.

The Governing Board Members were humiliated by the Executive Direcctor, Mr Adedayo Thomas who has proclaimed that there's no Board thereby running the Agency like a personal Company. 

The Board Members mission was to have a meeting with the Executive Direcctor, to confirm their status amicably and get information about happenings in the Agency and other information gotten by Members. There's been various Negative News and allegations even with the ICPC and EFCC on Fraud, Misappropriation, Embezlement,and so many Sharp Practices in the government agency. There's were visit, arrests, interogations of Staffs EFCC.

Film Maker Tunde Kelani aka T.K has resigned his Chairmanship due to unknown reasons and so the Board has been run solely by the ED.

Executive Director. and Several staffs of the Agency have been Invited several times by EFCC and ICPC.

The Governing Board members just sought clarification but the Executive Director just don't want them around. The Governing Board have not held a meeting for over Two years contracry to the enabling Law that established the Agency

The NFVCB has been running like a Private Company. 

The Executive Direcctor has unilaterally Proclaimed the Disolution of the Governing Board. Claiming that Alhaji Lai Muhammed told him to do away with the Board. This is done without official letter etc

 The admin of The Board, Alhj Abu Katcha from Niger State advised we   proceed to Presidency and relevant offices..

The Board Members proceeded to the Presidency, SGF Chief of Staff, Minister of  Information, the agency in charge, The PS Information and finally to EFCC.

We do not know why the ED  should Prevent any Nigerian from access to A public property. Talk less of Gorverning Board Members

For Over Two years, The Board have not met, approved any Budget etc yet, over #6 Billion Naira have been spent without approval.

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