Saturday, 11 December 2021

Meet Lade The Beautiful Voice Behind Airtel Popular ‘444’ Advert

It is no secret that the famous Airtel commercial 444 spread like wildfire and engulfed the hearts of Nigerians who totally fell head over heels in love with the voice behind this trending commercial. Almost every Nigerian will sing along whenever the ‘444’ song is aired.

Everyone knows the lyrics to the song but now the singer/songwriter has come to limelight with a collection of her songs to end the year 2021 in a 5 track EP dubbed Omolade.

At first, there were speculations as to who was the voice behind this super engaging and addictive commercial. Most of the public thought it was the ever famous Teni the entertainer. 

Turns out it was not.

Omoladé Oyetundun Rachael also known by her stage name “Ladé” is the voice behind the popular Airtel 444 commercial.

Shortly after the addictive commercial went viral, Ladé began to lay her claim to the magical art she created as she was not given the proper credit she deserves. She believes the reason for this is because she is not yet a ‘blown’ artist.

Ladé, as she is widely called, hails from Kwara state and has genuinely charmed her way into the hearts of Nigerians and Africa to become the sweetheart of music lovers for her beautiful delivery on the Airtel commercial.

Thanks to the warming acceptance of the popular TV commercial, Ladé also clinged on to become the voice behind the popular Travel Beta, Goldberg and Maltina commercials as well.

Omoladé’ (the EP) is born out of gratitude, love and hustle.

The fast rising star is using her success gained from the love received from the viral commercials she’s done to rise to the top chain of the music industry hence the recent release of her EP.

The EP comprises 5 songs namely ‘Sing’, ‘Hustle’, ‘Speechless’, ‘Corny’ and ‘Situationship’ with production credits going to Damelo Wayne, Oscar and Ovonovo.

‘Omoladé’ EP by Ladé is out on all digital platforms

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