Monday, 6 December 2021

Clem Ohameze, Others Inherit Turmors, kidney Disease For Portraying African Deities As Evil In Movies....Man


A man that goes by the name Wisdom.C. Aatasie says most Nollywood actors are suffering from Kidney failures and deaths because they portrayed Nigerian deities as evil

His Post on social media 

"All the Nollywood Actors and Actresses that Demonized Igbo Tradition and ODINÀLÀ worship via Nollywood movie destroying our true Traditional reputation and Ancestral order will continue to suffer kidney stone Disease and liver failure....

The same house they go to seek for Protection and the blessings of the gods is the same house they portray as evil and Demonic.

They think those swollen heads and bellys are ordinary.🤣🤣🤣

When you mock the roof that covers you the wind will blow it away and expose your nakedness to the world.

All the Nollywood lead producers and production team that participate in portraying ODINALA (TRADITIONAL WORSHIP) as evil and Demonic will inherit turmors and kidney stone Disease....They are not exempted from the peril of Cancer and ELEPHANTIASIS disease.

The land and the Ancestral foundation of IGBO land is fighting for her course.

Nobody should every share any nonsense picture of Any sick Nollywood actor or actress that once portray Traditional worship as evil to me😡😡

Don't tag me to their karma let them suffer it alone..They deserve the wrath😡

Clems Ohameze is one of them😡😡😡

So many of them😡

I don't have sympathy with stu-pidi-ty.😡

You can't speak ill of where you stand and continue standing..Never!😡 "

Many have described the man as merely looking for relevance and popularity 

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