Friday, 17 December 2021

Breaking : My Husband Threatened To Commit Suicide But No One Took Him Seriously..Wife Of Young Man That Jumped Into Lagos Lagoon ( Pictures)

 Rufiat Hamza the wife of a young man who recently jumped into the Lagos lagoon has revealed that her husband had threatened severally that he will commit but no one took him seriously 

The mother of one who spoke today in a video received by CKN News said the husband has been under depression for sometime now and whenever he complained about his situation people nargis family attributed it to drug

Oyo State born Rufaitu when asked if her husband takes drug ( Collorado ) she said he doesn't take Collorado but rather Arizona ( another set of illicit drugs ) but she confirmed he stopped the intake few days before he committed suicide

On further probe on what she intends to do next , she appealed to Nigerians to come to her aid 

She confirmed that her husband called her few minutes before jumping into the Lagoon asking her to take care of their one year son but that she never knew that he was in the process of jumping into the Lagoon 

It will be recalled that Lekan Odunnare a National Diploma certificate holder, jumped into the lagoon in the Epe area around 10am on Tuesday.

His last moments were recorded In a video circulating on social media, Lekan could be seen sitting on the rails of a bridge before plunging into the waters.

Lekan, who looked distressed, did not answer any of the questions before jumping into the lagoon.

His body have not been recovered 

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