Thursday, 2 December 2021


Even centuries after the saying became a cliche, "the golden fish still has no hiding place". 

25-year old luxury fashionpreneur and stylist,  John Chijioke Nnajiofor, is a golden fish who has outgrown his pond of quiet though quintessential philanthropy streamlined to the very poor and needy in certain remote cities and suburbs of Africa. 

The young native of Nnewi North local government area in Anambra, a South South state in Nigeria, who is the Managing Director / CEO of Jochi Luxury Enterprise - fully incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria - has inadvertently swam through his humanitarian streams into an ocean where only a select team of distinguished world leaders swim from their various professional and occupational walks of life into world-changing philanthropy and humanitarianism. 

Nnajiofor's quiet humanitarianism and philanthropy have impacted his spheres of influence so remarkably that he gained the traction of the renowned International Society of Diplomats (ISD) which is reputed internationally for its interventions and initiatives that usually proffer impact-making solutions to the most pressing challenges confronting humanity worldwide. 

So recently, the ISD appointed the fast rising realtor as a Special Emissary to Africa in order to equip and encourage him to relate more intimately with both the career and causal diplomats (members of the ISD) whose collective vision is a world where both government and non-state actors can work in harmony for a common goal of improving and sustaining the universal fundamental rights of every human being, irrespective of the race, gender, social status, religion or beliefs, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). 

To ease his cross-country movements across Africa, replenishing the continent with his gentle giant strides in philanthropy and humanitarianism; his appointment was complemented with a diplomatic *laissez passer*, an international identity card, a diplomatic automobile plate number, a VIP Lounge access at the airports, and a special VIP Airport Protocol arrangement.

In his characteristic tacit style, responding to the appointment, the football enthusiast and fan of Manchester United Football Club exclaimed his mantra for success saying: "I am strong. I am courageous. I can do it". 

As groomed up from childhood to live quietly and love quietly, the stylish dealer of luxury designer clothes, shoes, bags and wristwatches derives pleasure in quietly pleasing his rich clientele which parades business moguls, directors high up the corporate ladder, and brand influencers. 

However, Nnajiofor's passion for luxurious fashion - which streams from his desire to boost the confidence of his clients by providing them with classy ensembles sourced from both within and outside the country - would not let him remain in hiding for so long, just as his remarkable acts of humanitarianism and philanthropy.

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