Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Robbers Kill Policeman, FRSC Special Marshal In Ekiti Bank Robbery

A policeman and a Special Marshall were feared dead yesterday evening when armed robbers attacked a bank in Aramoko Ekiti. It was the second time the bank would be robbed, having experienced a similar attack in the year 2010.

The robbers who entered the town from Igede-Ado Ekiti Road got to the bank after working hours and used dynamite to blow open the door.

While the policeman was shot at his duty post at the bank, while the special marshal, who was in his car, drove into the robbers’ barricade, and was equally killed.

An eyewitness said the effect of the dynamite threw the town into pandemonium as houses and shops in the area were affected.

After the operation, which lasted close to 30 minutes, the  robbers escaped through the newly constructed Erijiyan Ikogosi Road.

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