Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Gov Sanwoolu Addresses Lagosians On Issue Of #ENDSARS

 Governor Babajide Sanwoolu of Lagos writes on reasons for addressing Lagosians today 

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Moments ago, I addressed the people of Lagos State in a broadcast on the importance of ensuring harmony following the recent public debate on the unauthorised leak of the panel of Enquiry Report on #EndSARS.

In the State broadcast, I noted that our State deserves true healing after the disturbances that trailed last year’s protests against police brutality. It is only the sustenance of harmony that can guarantee the realisation of aspirations of all residents.

The State is currently faced with the hard choice of restoring harmony or doing itself a great harm. I appeal to Lagosians to reject those fueling anarchy and suspicion, clinging to unsubstantiated belief that carries no weight of verifiable evidence and choosing emotion over hard facts.

Our administration is ready to facilitate better communication between the youths and the State’s security machinery to resolve issues before they become intractable. 

To quicken recovery and engender a better understanding, I will lead ‘A Walk for Peace’ in December to herald the healing of the land. 

I have extended an open invitation to the youths, members of the diplomatic corps, civil society groups, students and the media as well as other stakeholders to join me in this Peace Walk. 

Let me reiterate that nobody will build this city for us. Let us show the world who we are. We are Lagosians. A people of great renown, driven by the irrepressible spirit of Lagos. It is a testimony to our strength and resilience as a people that, despite the huge losses incurred because of these terrible incidents, we have bounced back, with our economy as vibrant and virile as ever.

I have no doubt whatsoever that our prospects are as bright as ever and the best lies ahead of Lagos State and Nigeria.

On the mixed reactions following the release of the report of the Judicial Panel of Inquiry, our administration is committed to a process that would bring a closure to a painful episode in the history of the State as the White Paper will be issued later in the day in keeping to my earlier promise to release it within two weeks.

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