Sunday, 21 November 2021

CPM General Overseer Bishop Obiora Ezekiel Is Dead


Rev. Dr. Obiora Ezekiel is the General Overseer and Head Pastor of Christian Pentecostal Mission International is dead, CKN NEWS has learnt

He died at the age of seventy-eight years.

The announcement  of the death was made public today in the church service which was monitored by Hallelujah Channel media team by the church management around 10 am.

The church management will continue to give updated on the burial arrangement.

Until his death,Rev. Dr. Obiora Ezekiel was the General Overseer and Head Pastor of Christian Pentecostal Mission International. He operates under the 5 fold ministry gifts as an Apostle, a Prophet, an Evangelist, a Pastor and a teacher.

He is a dynamic man full of integrity, transparency and discipline, who truly wants to please God and would not touch anything that is not validated by scriptures.

As a child, his mother always told him of how he would mount a small kitchen stool with a Bible in his hand and would preach the gospel. As a young lad in the village, he knew what he wanted and always went for it. As a result of God’s call upon his life, he came to Lagos in 1954. His ministry became known for deliverance that he is often called Demon Bulldozer. Having entered into the 3rd phase of his ministry, many gospel ministers within and outside Nigeria are subject to his spiritual authority and regard him as the Apostle of our time.

As a Distinguished Christian Leader, He is a Founding Father of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). He is a well-known Evangelist that that has Transversed most nooks and crannies of Nigeria holding “Powerless power crusades” in integrity with records of miracles, signs, wonders and tangible miracles. He is also a well-sought-after conference speaker internationally. The uniqueness of his ministry makes him outstanding.

A PhD holder in Theology, and a 4 star General in Chaplaincy, Rev. Obiora is the author of many books including GOD’S BATTLE AXE, PURITY OF PRIESTHOOD, IN THE HEART OF THE FATHER among many others.

Dr. O. Ezekiel is a man among men of God. His distinct voice crying out in the wilderness like John the Baptist offers an adulterated message of salvation, of heaven and of hell.

Dr. O. Ezekiel is a man of immense desire to see God’s children prosper-spirit, soul and body. He frequently tells his audience that he would drag them to heaven.

Rev. Dr. Obiora Ezekiel is married to Rev. Dr. Mercy Ezekiel, the National/International co-ordinator of Christian Pentecostal Mission, a prayer machine; and they are blessed with children and a grandchild.

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