Saturday, 20 November 2021

23 Year-Old Nigerian Becomes American Airlines Female Pilot

Meet Miracle Izuchuwu, 23-year-old Nigerian born Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot (candidate) and Flight Attendant at American Airlines. She recently joined the elite group of 7% of females and 1% of black female Pilots in the world.

Hear her story...

I grew up in a society that did not encourage young girls to dream big, career-wise. 

In 2019, I had an encounter with an Airline Pilot while working as a customer service rep. He opened my eyes to the possibility of becoming a Pilot. A few weeks later, I went on a discovery flight that sealed it for me..

I came home that day, called my father, and told him I was considering becoming a professional Pilot.

He said, and I quote: "if he gets on a plane and sees a woman as the Pilot, he would get off the plane"

words cannot explain the pain and confusion I felt. I needed that validation.

What if, in raising children, we focus on ability instead of gender?

In a world that wants us to whisper, I choose to shout.

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