Monday, 15 November 2021

1302 Graduands Bag Various Degrees At Lead City University 14th Convocation Ceremony

Lead City University Ibadan has produced a total of 107 First Class students in its last academic session 

This was disclosed at the 14th Convocation ceremony of the school on Sunday by the Vice Chancellor of the University Prof Kabiru Adeyemo

A total of 1302 students were awarded various levels of degrees at the graduate and post graduate levels

This is the full text of the address of the VC at the event 

 An Address Delivered by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Kabiru Aderemi Adeyemo, at the Congregation of the 14th Convocation Ceremony Held on  Sunday, 14th November, 2021.


I begin this address by appreciating the Almighty God, the Only One who deserves all the honour and appreciation of mankind; and with whose permission all the activities that culminated in this monumental event are possible. 

Chancellor Sir, it is with immense pleasure that I formally welcome all of you to this historic occasion marking the 14th Convocation ceremony of our University for the award of Diplomas, first Degrees, and Postgraduate Degrees across faculties and disciplines. I give God the glory for the opportunity that I have to stand before you today to deliver this convocation address. On behalf of the Chairman, Board of Trustees, the Council, the Senate, the Management, as well as the Staff and Students of Lead City University, I welcome you all to this auspicious occasion. Indeed, today is another special day in the life of this University. It is a day in which the 14th convocation ceremony is held on 14th November, 2021, in order to launch another set of our Enterprise Graduates into the world. I am grateful to Almighty God for sparing our lives to witness another landmark in our match towards excellence and greatness.

I welcome the Chancellor of the University, Prof. Gabriel Ogunmola, and the Chairman, Board of Trustees, Prof. Johnson Aladekomo, whose support and guidance has been tremendous. Our indefatigable Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council, Prof. Jide Owoeye, has been a great pillar and support for the university. His inspiration has continuously provided exemplary leadership for which the University is most grateful. Our sincere prayer is that God will continue to give him the wisdom to direct this institution and the wherewithal to expand the University to greater heights. The University’s image has continued to grow and it has become one of the most preferred Private Universities in Nigeria today. 

It is with utmost joy that I particularly welcome the graduands on this momentous achievement in your academic journey. I belief that you are now well-equipped to make trailblazing contributions toward solving the immeasurable socio-economic challenges threatening the delicate fabrics of our society and nation, Nigeria.

I like to also use this platform to welcome my colleagues who have invested time and energy in sharpening the skills and research focus and ability of today’s graduands. Let me also welcome and congratulate the parents, guardians, families and friends of our graduands. We appreciate your support and commitment for the realisation of the goals of today’s graduands.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020/2021 academic session was again an eventful and fulfilling year in all ramifications of academic excellence. In this session, we consolidated our past achievements and glories in research, teaching and community services while solidly enhancing our commitment to stamp our name on the global map of academic excellence and reputation. This is because in LCU we work as a team, we have collectively and conscientiously transformed the University into an academic environment of creativity, discovery, learning and innovation. We have indeed, launched the University into the orbit of excellence in university education in Nigeria. The evidence of the giant strides we have made regarding all the goals is unmistakable and unquestionable. The 2020/2021 academic session a consolidation year for us at the Lead City University. 

Progress Report During the Year

Accreditation and Academic Programme Expansion

During the year under review, the Academic Planning Unit worked with all the Departments in the University to review the Curriculum for all existing programmes in line with the National Universities Commission Basic Minimum Academic Standard (BMAS). The implementation of the reviewed curriculum commenced in 2020/2021 session.

In pursuit of the expansion of the number of academic programmes, the university sought approval from the National Universities Commission to run new Postgraduate and Undergraduate academic programmes. In response to this, The National Universities Commission conducted a Resource Verification Assessment visits to the University in September. The NUC has approved the establishment of the full-time mode of the following undergraduate programmes and postgraduate programmes to be run in the main campus of the University with effect from the 2021/2022 academic session.

1. MBBS, Medicine and Surgery, 

2. Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D)

3. Doctor of Physiotherapy

4. BDS Dentistry

5. B.Sc. Surveying and Geo-Informatics 

6. B.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning. 

7. B.Sc. Building.

8. B.Sc Tourism and Hospitality Studies

9. PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D Psychology, 

10. PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D Mass Communication 

11. PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D Microbiology, 

12. PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D Biochemistry, 

13. PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D Education Management, 

14. PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D Library and Information Science, 

15. PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D Office and Information Management, 

  Hence, the university has since commenced the running of these programmes. This is a big congratulation to the entire university community for this great achievement. It has been a wonderful year and God has been our mainstay, energizer and pillar of support.

All the programmes that were due for accreditation (Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, Criminology and Security Studies, Public Administration, Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Public Health and Estate Management) were fully accredited.


The Registry is the fulcrum of the University Administration which manages and coordinates the administrative activities of the University.  The Registry is the hinge upon which all other arms of the University rest, thus undertaking the onerous task of providing efficient and effective service delivery and hitch-free operations of the University system.

During the year under review, the Registrar’s Office contributed tremendously to the progress of the University through the performance of its statutory functions.  In collaboration with various Units under the Registry, it offered administrative and secretarial support services to Council, Joint-Council/Senate, Senate, Administrative and Management Committees of the University as well as to other service departments such as the Bursary, University Library, Works, University Hospital, Internal Audit, Academic Planning Unit, Student affairs Unit, Legal Services Unit, Security and the Offices of the Vice-Chancellor.  Through the Faculty Officers, who are liaisons between the administration and the academic departments. The Office provided services to support the rapidly-increasing programmes of teaching and research in the University.

Recruitment of New Staff in the University

Specifically, in this year alone, a total of sixty-eight (68) new teaching staff have joined the University. Among them were four (4) full Professors, five (5) Associate Professors and seven (7) Senior Lecturers. Forty-five (45) other lecturers from Graduate Assistants to Lecturer I were appointed into various Departments. A total of one hundred and eighty-three (183) other lecturers were contracted on adjunct and visiting basis to strengthen the existing full time staff capacity. We recruited two expatriates academics, one from UK and the other from Australia. 

In the Administrative and Technical Staff cadre, forty-six (46) new members of staff were appointed. A total of twenty (20)  new staff were recruited  for the University Hospital comprising of three (3) new Medical Doctors, one (1) additional Pharmacist , eight (8) nurses, six (6)  medical laboratory staff, a dental technician and other categories of staff. This is to strengthen our resolve to provide quality and adequate healthcare services dispensed by competent and experienced healthcare providers for our students and staff.

Staff Promotion

In order to encourage and motivate our members of staff, generally, both teaching and non-teaching staff received elevation to higher positions. In the academic staff cadre, a total of one hundred and five (105) staff members received promotion to higher positions. These include two (2) full Professors, seven (7) Associate Professors, nine (9) Senior Lecturers, forty-seven (47) Lecturers I and thirty two (32) Lecturers II. Five (5) Graduate Assistants were also elevated to Assistant Lecturer positions while three Librarians I got promoted to Senior Librarians.

In the non-teaching cadre, many deserving members of staff got elevation to higher positions. It is worthy of mention that every member of staff in the University without exception in both teaching and non-teaching cadres received fat salary increment. It is also worthy of mention that the University has created its own salary scales for both teaching and non-teaching staff which is far higher than the salary scales in use in most Nigerian Public Universities.

The University also placed high priority on training and re-training of its staff. In view of this, about forty-six (46) members of staff which comprised both academic and non-teaching staff were sponsored to various trainings, conferences, workshops and seminars both locally and overseas during the year.  I sincerely appreciate our chairman Governing Council for his dynamic leadership of this university. We have been highly motivated by your passion, dynamism, and drive for excellence for the wellbeing of staff and students.

(a) Staff Discipline

The University pays zero tolerance to issues of misconduct and other behaviours of negative nature to official matters among its staff.

In this circumstance, following laid down procedures as provided in the University’s Human Resources Management Policy and Conditions of Service for staff, during the year under consideration, some erring members of staff were given various degrees of sanctions depending on the gravity of their offenses.  For instance, some have been relieved of their positions for offences ranging from absconding from duty, not complying with terms and conditions of employment, betraying trust placed on them by the University and engaging in acts detrimental to the interest of the University, while some were placed on suspension for specific period of time and some given letters of warning.

(b) Students Discipline

In like manner, some students that were found to have committed one act of misconduct or the other or that have violated their matriculation oaths were given various forms of disciplinary measures, ranging from outright expulsion, suspension for varying periods of time, fines, warning and reprimand.  I wish to state that in all disciplinary cases involving students, they were always given fair hearing before the matters is been referred to the Students Disciplinary Committee, which critically looked into the allegations and make appropriate recommendations to the Management. The decisions of Management on each case were then forwarded to the University Council for approval before conveying such decision to the concerned students.


  The bursary department is responsible for all the university’s financial and accounting functions. To this end the office of the Bursar is responsible for implementing all the financial policies of the university. The Bursar’s office contributed immensly to the progress of the university during the year and ensures that the financial management of the university is concerned with an effective internal control and management of financial affairs of the university in respect of policy formulations, planning and control of current and future events. The bursary department is under the auspice of a qualified Chartered Accountant.



The Lead City University library exists to facilitate knowledge creation and dissemination; and to provide support for the teaching, learning and research goals of the university. In line with the university basic mission, the library collects, organizes and provides effective access to up-to-date information resources (books, monographs, journals, audio-visuals, e-resources, etc) and serve as gateway to resources beyond our wall.

The following accomplishments were recorded in the year under review:

1. Successful renewal of subscription to Research4Life databases (Hinari; Agora; Oare) for another year.

2. Deployment of Turnitin software aimed at improving originality and integrity of scholarly and research writings in the university

3. Staff development: 2 library staff obtained Bachelor degree with 1st first class. 4 staff are currently undergoing Master degree in Library and Information Science, 3 Library staff are at different level of their doctoral programme. The university librarian has been very active, efficient and effective in his day to day’s activities towards the success of the all the accreditation exercise carried out by the NUC and other Professional bodies.


Many of our dedicated and resourceful academic staff carried out various cutting edge research that enhance life changing and value-based service in the year under review which resulted into notable inventions and innovations.  Quality teaching and learning is the hallmark of Lead City University and the University has continued to attract highly qualified academic staff to all departments in addition to the pioneer staff who have been working tirelessly to lay a solid foundation of excellence that has enhanced the status of the institution among its peers.  The University has also attracted a number of experienced senior academic staff from various Universities to take up lectureship position.  

There is a Quality Assurance Unit that monitors teaching to ensure that lectures and tutorials hold as at when due.  Co-teaching is also encouraged, at least two lecturers are assigned to teach a course to ensure quality. The University has a Centre for Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training. Students also graduate with at least two vocational skills based on their individual interests and choices.  

Linkages and Collaborations:

Linkages and international collaborations foster global competency and the sharing of experiences towards the attainment of global academic best practices. I am delighted to report that in pursuit of this, Lead City University has continued to explore partnerships and collaborations from across the world.  This is because of our belief that it is only through such partnerships and collaborations that the university can project itself within emerging global systems of higher education.  Besides, such collaborations and partnerships provide opportunity for our staff and students to work with the best of their peers and to gain access to complementary resources, equipment and knowledge. It is instructive to note that the University has several active Memoranda of Understanding with other Institutions both locally and internationally. 

The Lead City University, Ibadan has become a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The Association of Commonwealth Universities provides and administers scholarships, academic research and leadership on issues in the sector, and promotes inter-university cooperation and the sharing of good practice, helping universities serve their communities. This linkage was facilitated by Mrs. Ejumedia, Department of Economics.

Memoranda of understanding (MOUs) on academic collaborations were signed with the University College Hospital, Ibadan and Adeoyo State Hospital, Ibadan, under the terms of this Memorandum of Understanding; all the students of the university engaged in any research projects covered by this Memorandum of Agreement shall be permitted or allowed into the Hospital for necessary research information. They shall have access to facilities available at the Hospital for training, project supervision, research activities and for their clinical postings. 

I would like to inform you that Lead City University Health Research Ethics Committee (LCU-HREC) has been duly registered with National Health Research Ethics Committee (NHREC). Lead City University Health Research Ethics Committee have been authorized to review Phases III and IV clinical trials (excluding vulnerable populations); social and behavioral research; trials on alternatives and complementary medicines also epidemiological studies.

Also, I would like to inform you that the University is fully registered with National Institute of Health and has been given the Data Universal Numbering System. With this, we hope to start getting grants to foster research and development in the area of Public health, Medicine, Ethics and other contemporary issues, this linkage was facilitated by Dean, Faculty Natural and Applied Sciences, Prof O. Ladokun and The Acting Dean, Faculty of Public Health, Dr. Akinsolu.


Major Benefactions:

The Lead City University, Ibadan has enjoyed goodwill and benefactions from individuals, groups and corporate organizations too numerous to mention. I use this opportunity to once again express appreciation to all our benefactors, private and corporate who have at one time or the other extended hands of fellowship to the University. The various donations and awards had been duly acknowledged. 


Lead City University academic staff members continue to make remarkable and notable achievements in the research space which led to various awards and recognition of such.  

The University has acquired modern laboratory equipments to upgrade the current facilities for the use of students.  The University has also worked on the improvement of power supply which ensures that there is at least 20 hours of daily power supply from the national grid. We also have generators as back up to power supply. In view of the ever-increasing challenges in human capacity development and the need for effective and efficient performance to enhance productivity, with the support of management and council we encourage attendance at seminars, workshops and conferences. The commitment of majority of our staff must be commended as they regularly attend workshops, seminars and conferences both locally and internationally, with the Covid-19 pandemic travel restrictions, many of these conferences are now held virtually, with our staff still making remarkable participation and impactful contributions. Equally important, the University organized in-house workshops, seminars and capacity trainings are organized regularly for teaching, non- teaching staff and students.

1. Prof. Omolara Campbell and Dr. Esther Aderinto jointly participated and presented a paper titled. “Human Capital Development and Labour Market Outcomes in Africa: Evidence from Sub-Saharan African Countries”, at a conference organized by the Department of Economics, University of Ghana, Legon, between 29th to 30th July, 2021. The theme of the conference was “Contemporary Research on Economic Issues in Africa”.

Student’s Enrolment and General Performance

Student enrolment in all our programmes has increased during the session. This year alone, a total of 2,052 students gained admission into various undergraduate programmes for the 2020/2021 academic session. In general students’ academic performance has continued to be very encouraging. 

Postgraduate School

The Postgraduate School, in pursuit of its statutory mandate of graduating, training, and research, has been more innovative in achieving its mission. The PG School organized regular seminar presentations and ensured that students complied with all the internal control mechanism put in place by the University to make the quality of our student to be more robust and align with global benchmark.  The PG School had its First Postgraduate Induction Ceremony on Thursday, 14th March, 2021, while the 2nd Induction was held on Wednesday, 30th June, 2021 with the total number of 1086 students.

Distinguished Lectures:

We had the following lectures during the year despite the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. The Faculty of Engineering, in collaboration with the Nigerian Society of Engineers organized an Orientation and Career Talk event for Engineering students on October 27, 2021. The keynote speaker at the event was the former National President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Engr. Chief Alade Ajibola, FNSE, Chairman/CEO Intecon Partnership Limited, Ibadan.

2. On Monday 25th October, 2021, Faculty of Arts & Education in collaboration with the National Pastoral Counseling Conference held an International Conference in the university with the theme “Optimizing Pastoral Care and Human Connectivity for Sustainable Development”. The conference was well attended by Scholars, Clergymen and Professionals.

3. The First Edition of the Faculty of Environmental Design and Management Lecture and World Habitat Day 2021, was held on Tuesday 5th October, 2021. The theme for this year’s World Habitat Day is “Accelerating Urban Action for a Carbon-Free World”.

4. 2021 World Environmental Health Day which was organized by Environmental Health Scientist Association, Oyo State Chapter, in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Health Science, Lead City University, Ibadan, was held on Tuesday 28th September, 2021.

5. Dr. Aderinto also participated and presented a virtual paper at the International Global Climate Change Congress held in Turkey, between 3rd and 5th June, 2021.

6. On Monday 27th September, 2021, the 4h Biennial Multidisciplinary Conference was organized by the Faculty of Arts and Education, Lead City University was held with the theme "Harnessing Digitization for Contemporary Education Creativity"

7. The Faculty of Law hosted the 2021 Maiden Career Symposium of Law Faculty, on Monday 10th  May, 2021 with the theme “Beyond the Bench and the Bar”

8. The Faculty of Law organised a workshop designed to give the graduating. The theme of the workshop was “Life after Lead City University Law.” 

9. Department of Estate Management in collaboration with the Nigerian Institute of Estate Valuers and Surveyors (NIEVS), Oyo State Chapter organized the NIESV MCPD Seminar on Thursday 22nd April, 2021, with the topic “Impact of Civil Unrest on Real Estate Investments”. 

10. Raising Girls Ambition (RAGA) Annual International Conference was held from October 12-15, 2021. Scholars, Administrators and Students from within and other schools participated at the Conference. The theme of the conference was “ Gender and Power; Driving Force for Progress and Social Change or a Hindrance” 

11. The Institute of Personality Development and Customer Relationship Management (IPD – CRM) organized 2021 International Corporate Charisma Conference and Award, at Lead City University,  Ibadan on 17th September, 2021 with the theme “Personnel Development and Customer Relationship Management: A Roadmap to Unleashing Greatness in Corporate Leaders and Engendering Organizational Sustainability”

12. The Chapel of Peace & Joy of Lead City University, played host to the Ibadan Diocesan Youth Programme held on the 1st of October, 2021. Over 200 youths attended the life transforming programme which was highly rewarding.

13. A 2-Day Camp Meeting programme designed for the Fellowship of the Christian Community in our University took place on the 12th and 13th of October,2021 with the current PFN State Chairman–Rev. Samson Ajetomobi ministering. The programme was stream lived to other parts of the Globe.

14. The Annual Lead City University Ramadan Lecture, took place on Tuesday 27nd April, 2021 and it was well attended by Muslim Scholars, Clerics and Students of the University.

15. The Department of Politics and International Relations hosted the Society for Peace Studies and Practice.

Inaugural Lectures

As it is the practice in Universities all over the world, this University commenced its Inaugural Lecture Series in July 2012. The 11th in the series, entitled “Growing Our Digital World In Nigeria: Forensic and Tax Accounting Perspective” was delivered by Prof. Godwin Emmanuel Oyedokun. The 12th Inaugural Lecture in the series entitled- “Investment in Human Capital for Inclusive Growth: Limitata or Illumitata Accessum to Sustainable Development” was delivered by Prof. Omolara Campbell. The 13th Inaugural Lecture in the series entitled- “Publishing the Unknown Writers in Nigeria: Implications for Development and the Way Forward” was delivered by Prof.  Lambert Anaele Ihebuzor on 4th November, 2021. 

These lectures have been of tremendous benefits to academics, researchers and policy makers.

Covid-19 Protocol

Our university, in compliance with the Federal Government directives and NUC guidelines, the management ensured that staff and students strictly follow the safety protocols and health guidelines including; use of nose masks, face-shield, personal hand sanitizers, regular washing of hands with soap and running water, and physical distancing on our campus since resumption of academic activities, and to the glory of God, there has been no record of Covid-19 infection on our campus. A massive decontamination and disinfection operation was carried out within the campus at the beginning of the session.

Service to the Community:

The University has continued to keep to one of its cardinal objectives of providing quality social services to people within its immediate environment. To this end, we offer scholarships and financial assistance to indigent students to study in our institution. We have been able to sustain and develop recreation programmes that have fostered town and grown relationship with our host community as well as parents, government agencies and individuals. The University hospital serves the university community and the general public for Dental, Antenatal services and surgery operations. 


1. Lead City University received 2021 Corporate Charisma Award as a Preferred Student-Centric University in Nigeria from the Institute of Personality Development and Customer Relationship Management. 

2. The Chancellor, Prof. Gabriel B. Ogunmola was elected as an Emeritus Fellow of the Academy of Medicine Specialties of Nigeria.

3. The Pro-Chancellor and Chairman Governing Council, received two Fellowship Awards during the year, one from the Society for Peace and Practice and the other award was from the Nigerian Association of Pastoral Counsellors.

4. The Vice-Chancellor, received an International Outstanding Leadership Award from the Unicarribean Business School on 23rd January, 2021. 

5. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. K.A. Adeyemo and Registrar, Dr. Mrs. Oyebola Ayeni have been elected as Chairman and Secretary of the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Registrars of Private Universities in Nigeria, effective from January, 2022. The election was ratified at the meeting of the members of the forum which took place at Bowen University, Iwo, Osun state, recently.

6. The Registrar, Dr. (Mrs.) Oyebola Ayeni, The Bursar, Mrs Kumbi Taiwo-Taiwo and Director Academic Planning, Dr. (Mrs.) Adekolarin Adewole became Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Nigeria (ICSAN).

Major Achievements in the 2019/2020 Academic Session:

Permit me to outline some of the activities and achievements recorded in the area of academics since the last convocation programme:

1. The first set of our Nursing students had their final council examination in May 2021, a total of 27 students got to the final year, and 100% success was recorded by the Department of Nursing in the Nursing and Midwifery Council final qualifying examination and two students passed practical at credit level. They are awaiting Midwifery final examination coming up in the second week in March 2022.

2. An Induction ceremony was conducted by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria for our B.NSc. Nursing students. 

3. The Department of Performing Art and Film Studies conducted its 2021 Induction Ceremony for their students, on Thursday 6th May, 2021. 

4. A team from the Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria paid a courtesy call on the Vice-Chancellor, the visit was part of activities lined-up for the accreditation B.Sc. Radiography programme.

5. A team from Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria visited the University for the accreditation of our B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Science programme and it was successful.

6. A former graduate of LCU, Mr. Adewuyi Popoola a first class alumnus in the Department of Management and Accounting was appointed as the Bursar of the University of Ibadan.

7. In addition, a first, 1st class graduate from the Department of Physics also won a grant to study M.Sc. Biophysics in the United States of America and was also given a teaching assistantship position.

8. An Induction Ceremony was conducted by the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) for 109 students in the Faculty of Arts and Education.

9. The Department of Politics and International Relations is also working on a book titled: Politics and International Relations: A book of Readings. This is already in the press and will be out soon.

10. The hospital has had nine successful surgeries of which two were extensive multi-disciplinary abdominal surgery with specialized anesthesia

11. Expansion of vaccination coverage including hepatitis B, cervical cancer vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine. About 400 people have been vaccinated.

12. There is also an expanded and improved hospital laboratory care with state of the art equipments. 

13. Lead City University, Ibadan in collaboration with Space Tourism Society, Africa led some staff and students to the just concluded International Astronautical Congress in Dubia, United Arab Emirates.

14. National Institute of Office Administrators and Information Managers was founded in the Department of Information Resources Management. The activities of the Institute have been going on effectively.

15. Project Completed

Camp David 1- 4 (Halls of Residence).

Staff Quarters.

Expatriate Staff Quarters.

Faculty of Pharmacy Building.

Road Project Phase 1.

Drilling of additional boreholes to make life more comfortable staff and students on campus.

16. On-going Projects

We have the following projects under construction:

90% Completion of College of Medicine Building.

90% Completion of Exodus Hostel.

90% Completion of Hibiscus Hostel.

90% Completion of University Dinning Café.

50% Completion of Faculty of Environmental Design Management Building.

17. New Projects

Construction of Classroom Theatres for Faculty of Engineering.

Construction of 5 additional Lecture Theatres A – D  

18. Acquisitions 

The University purchased the following during the year for the use of staff and students to ease effective teaching and learning in the university.

4 Coaster Buses to ease Transportation of Student to Various Location for Clinical Posting.

Brand New Ambulance for Department of Anatomy.

5 Power Generating Plants.

2021 Convocation and Graduation Statistics:

Following the university’s conventional practice, the 14th convocation ceremonies of the university will take place on Sunday 14th November, 2021 for the award of degrees and higher degrees.

Last year we sent forth a total of 1004 graduates while this year a total of 1040 graduands will be conferred with first degree and 281 graduands will be conferred with higher degree awards.

(a). Total for Undergraduate programmes:1040

(b). Postgraduate programmes: 262, PGD 66, MSc 147, MBA 12, Mphil 1 and Ph.D 36

Total number of Graduating Student: = 1302

The breakdown of the Undergraduate Enterprise Class of 2021 is as follows:

S/N Faculty 1st Class 2nd Class Upper Division 2nd Class Lower Division 3rd Class Division Total Graduating Students

  M= 37 F=70 M=190 F=359 M=172 F=174 M=23 F=9  

1 Social & Management Sciences 10 19 52 88 47 33 3 1 253

2 Applied Sciences 6 13 23 36 34 20 8 0 140

3 Arts  And Education 3 6 39 60 29 48 2 3 190

4 Law 2 3 20 29 22 21 6 3 106

5 Environmental Design & Management 7 3 22 2 6 1 0 0 41

6 Communication & Information Science 7 10 22 61 27 34 4 2 167

7 Basic Medical & Health Sciences 0 5 7 33 4 5 0 0 54

8 Public Health 2 11 11 50 3 12 0 0 89

  Total 37 70 196 359 172 174 23 9 1040

  PERCENTAGE    34.58    65.42    35.32   64.68    49.71   50.29   71.88    28.13  

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, the Department of Computer &Information Science has produced the best Graduating student in the University this year with 4.94 CGPA in the person of KEHINDE ABIOYE MOSES, while the best graduating student female is OJEAGBASE GRACE OFURE with 4.91 CGPA from the Department of Criminology.

Message to our Graduands:   

I congratulate all of you, our graduands of today, on having successfully completed your programmes of studies and on having been judged worthy of receiving our degrees. The years of labour, hard work, persistence, endurance and determination have resulted in bountiful dividends. It is worth celebrating because despite the odds, our teeming graduating students at all levels have emerged successfully outstanding.

The attainment of a University degree is not the end of life, but be the beginning of a new life of service to your country and to humanity. Having obtained your degree, you are properly positioned and equipped to face the challenges of transforming the society through acquired knowledge, learning and competencies.  I enjoin you all to be good ambassadors of this University in whatever capacities or positions you may find yourselves while making positive contributions to the aspirations, growth and development of the Nigerian State. I also charge you to endeavour to galvanize the growth of our national economy with your dynamism and creativity.    We believe that you will be our good representatives and ambassadors wherever you find yourselves. I take this opportunity to welcome you into the fold of the Lead City University Alumni Association. We hope that you will maintain strong links with the University and assist it in building up an enduring reputation. Equally important, as alumni of this great institution, may I implore you to always remember your own, Lead City University, Ibadan, in all your endeavours, and contribute your own quota to her continued growth and sustainable development.  

It is my hope that you will positively impact the various sectors of the Nigeria economy and the challenges that we face as a nation as you begin another phase in your individual lives. May the Almighty God see you through in all your life challenges. 


      I specially thank the Chairman of Board of Trustees, Emeritus Prof. Aladekomo and Chancellor, Emeritus Prof. Ogunmola for their immeasurable support and wise counsel given to the university all the times.

Equally important, I like to use this opportunity to appreciate our Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council, Prof. Jide Owoeye, for his unwavering leadership support. By the grace of God, we shall continue to uphold the vision and dreams of Lead City University, Ibadan. 

The collective efforts of all and sundry has put us on a new pedestal and has given us recognition within the comity of Nigerian universities.

I appreciate the presence of visiting Vice Chancellors, and Rectors of Polytechnic across the nation and our eminent guests and personalities, who have found time to rejoice with us on this occasion,

I warmly appreciate the Management and members of the Governing Council of the University; Senate; Provost, College of Medicine and Deans of Faculties; Directors of Units and Centers; Heads of Departments; Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff; The Management and Staff of College Press; Security Personnel.

Distinguished ladies and Gentlemen, a tree, as the saying goes, does not make a forest. Lead City University as a Private University has enjoyed tremendous assistance, collaboration and goodwill from individual, organizations and institutions, such as National Universities Commission (NUC), Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), University College Hospital (UCH), Adeoyo State Hospital and Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP). We therefore use this opportunity to thank them all for their support and contributions towards realizing the vision of our University. I wish to express my appreciation to Professor Abubakar Adamu Rasheed, mni, MFR, FNAL, the Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC) a focused and dedicated supporter of Private University education in Nigeria. 

I want to appreciate and congratulate the 14th Convocation Ceremonial Committee for a job well done. I express my profound gratitude to invited guests, parents, guardians, friends and well-wishers of the graduating students for all the resources that have been deployed to see them through their noble aspirations. I appreciate your sacrifice of time, resources and energy to ensure their success. May you continue to witness their breakthroughs and progress. And to the graduating students, your success will know no limit; you will continue to blaze the trail in all areas of human endeavours. You will shine as stars among your contemporaries.

I thank you all for being part of today’s convocation. May God grant you journey mercies to your respective destinations. 

Thank you all for your attention and God Bless you. 


Professor Kabiru Aderemi Adeyemo,


NCE, B.Sc., MBA (Ife), M.Sc., MA (Ibadan), Ph.D (Acct.), LL.B, LLM(Ife), BL(Abuja), Ph.D Law (Nigeria), ACTI, FCNA, FFAR, MCIPM, FCE.

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